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TBGC Season One Episode Thirteen -- "Reunion: Part 1"

Jan 27, 2018 by joey96
Anna Jones: Tonight on part one of a special two part Bad Girls Club reunion, the bad girls of LA are back in sunny California to discuss all of the drama that went down this season. There will be tears, heartbreak, emotional breakdowns, fights, and more. Will these girls be able to put aside their differences and finally come together? Or will drama win the day once again? Find out tonight on the Bad Girls Club reunion!

Anna Jones stands on stage in a lavish red dress as the crowd goes wild, awaiting the arrival to the girls of season one.

Anna: Hello everybody and welcome to the Bad Girls Club reunion! I’m your host Anna Jones and I am here to make sure you get the scoop on what really went down in Los Angeles this season. So, without further ado, please welcome the last four bad girls in the house; Kelli, Agnese, Autumn, and Perri!

The four girls enter the stage. Kelli is wearing a simple black dress, Agnese has on a white gown, Autumn has on a dress, and Perri is wearing a black jumpsuit.

Anna: Fabulous!

The girls take turns hugging Anna before sitting down. Kelli, Agnese, and Perri all sit in the middle couch next to Anna and Perri sits on the furthest left couch next to Anna.

Anna: Welcome ladies! It’s so nice to see you guys! I just want to congratulate you all on making it to the end of your season! God knows it wasn’t easy.

The girls nod their heads in agreement.

Anna: Kelli, Agnese, you two were the only originals to make it to the end. How did that feel?

Kelli: It felt really good! I feel like Agnese and I were instantly the outcasts whenever we walked into the house and for us to be the last two standing? It felt great.

Anna: Agnese?

Agnese: I mean, yeah. I agree with what Kelli said I think the other girls definitely underestimated us and thought we wouldn’t last, but we proved everyone wrong.

Anna: Autumn, Perri. You guys were the last two replacements to enter the house and the only replacements to make it to the end! Now, you guys were there for a short amount of time. How long were you guys there for?

Autumn: Eight days.

Anna: Girl, only eight days? Perri that must’ve felt like an eternity to you! You had enough drama to last a month.

Perri laughs.

Perri: I mean, when you’re the baddest bitch, people are always gonna hate so.

Autumn rolls her eyes.

Anna: What did you guys expect walking in as replacements?

Autumn: Honestly, I had no idea. I knew my time was limited and that the other girls had already formed bonds, but I feel like they accepted me, especially these two *points to Agnese and Kelli*.

Anna: Aww that’s nice! Perri?

Perri: It’s the Bad Girls Club. I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best.

Anna: You got in two fights during your eight days there, correct?

Perri: Yes.

Anna: So did that hinder your experience or what?

Perri: Not at all. I still had fun, I went out every night like I was never just sitting there being miserable. I enjoyed every second of it, even the fighting. It is what it is.

Anna: You seem to have kind of a somber attitude towards all of this.

Perri: I mean, I was in the house for a very short time. I only came to see one person and she’s not out here yet, so.

Anna: Who?

Perri: Kayleigh.

Anna: Oh.

Autumn: I never understood why you guys even had beef, though.

Perri: Umm...she snuck me on her last day do you not remember?

Autumn: Well, yeah, but what I remember is you saying shit about her behind her back the entire time we were in Cabo.

Perri: Me? Boo, she was the one hating on me from jump and then she wants to pull that weak ass shit after I beat her ass the first time?

Autumn: Perri, you went in there trying to prove yourself and be the baddest bitch. If you would have went in calm, cool, and collected, you would have been fine.

Perri: Who are you? Why are we talking to this bitch? Irrelevant.

Autumn: Irrelevant? Really?

Perri: You just decided to have an issue with me because you were stuck up Kayleigh’s ass for five days and you wanted your relevancy in confessionals. You’re no better than I am by your logic.

Autumn: Girl bye.

Perri: See ya!

Anna: Okay ladies. Is there genuine beef here because I thought ya’ll were cool?

Perri: She wanted to cosign Kayleigh and have a problem with me. She talked a lot of shit about me in the house, but I never knew that. I didn’t know until I saw the confessionals.

Anna: Autumn, what’s your issue with Perri?

Autumn: I just feel like she’s fake. She wanted to put on for the camera and it backfired on her.

Perri laughs.

Autumn: What’s funny?

Perri: That. Anyways, moving on.

Autumn rolls her eyes.

Anna: Agnese, you also got into some drama during the Cabo trip as well. We kinda saw a side of you we hadn’t seen before.

Agnese: Yes.

Anna: How do you feel looking back at it?

Agnese: I mean, I don’t necessarily like fighting, but if someone starts with me I will let them have it and Tracee found that out the hard way.

Kelli: Yeah she did.

Agnese: I whooped her ass not once, but twice and she still was running her mouth on social media, so we’ll see if she has anything to say today.

Kelli: Kayleigh and Tracee were the biggest shit talkers after the show, seriously.

Anna: Who they talk shit about?

Kelli: Everyone!

Perri: Well, Kayleigh talked about me, but Tracee hasn’t.

Anna: That’s right you were cool with Tracee.

Perri: Mhm.

Kelli: I mean, they have this chip on their shoulder for no reason. If they were supposedly “beating everyone’s asses” all season long, they shouldn’t be concerned with us outside of the house.

Anna: Well I say we get their side of the story. These two bad girls spent the entire season with the house against them and almost made it to the end. Please give it up for the dynamic duo, the BGC BFFs, Kayleigh and Tracee!

Tracee enters the stage first, with Kayleigh following behind. Both girls are dressed moreso to fight than look cute.

Tracee: Hi ladies!

Perri eyes Kayleigh as she walks on stage.

Anna: Hi ladies! How are you?

Kayleigh: So good!

Tracee and Kayleigh sit on the empty couch furthest to the right.

Anna: You guys look good! How does it feel to see some of these ladies again?

Kayleigh: What ladies?

Perri takes off her shoes.

Tracee: I only know my bestie! Kayleigh and Tracee the baddest bitches on BGC! Jughfyun

Perri: But wait! I thought we were cool though.

Tracee: We were. Are…

Perri: So which is it?

Tracee: This my bitch! I’m gonna have her back!

Perri: That’s not what I asked you.

Tracee: …

Perri: Okay. Cool.

Anna: Tracee, Kayleigh. This is the first time you girls are seeing Agnese and Perri since the last night in the house when Agnese, you ran up on Tracee and Kayleigh, you ran up on Perri. Is there still a lot of bad blood between the four of you? What’s the status on that?

Kayleigh: I don’t give a fuck about her. She can call what I did a sneak attack, a bum rush, unfair, whatever…

Perri: It’s all of the above.

Kayleigh: But at the end of the day, me and this bitch only lived together for five days, so I have no thoughts on her.

Anna: Perri?

Perri: You hated on me from jump for no reason. I never did anything to you! That night when I fucked you up in the kitchen in Cabo, you were coming at me with a knife in hand. I felt threatened. And you swung first, I just served you.

Anna: Kayleigh do you feel like Perri came in the house kind of seeking attention?

Kayleigh: Of course. She was there for a week. She needed to do something to get her shine and she decided to pick a fight with me that didn’t end well for her.

Perri: Because you snuck me you bitch!

Kayleigh: Snuck where bitch! Shut the fuck up!

Perri: Stand up then!

Perri stands up. Kayleigh goes to stand up, but is pushed back down by Tracee, who then stands up.

Tracee: Nah it’s not going down like that tonight! If anybody got a problem with Kayleigh, they gonna have to see me!

Perri: Let her fight her own battles!

Anna: Wait! Everybody calm down. Tracee, what is this?

Tracee: Honestly Anna, there were times in the house where I felt like I didn’t have Kayleigh’s back as much as I should have. I was a bad friend at times, I admit it. But not tonight. I have her back 110%.

Anna: Agnese you said in the house you felt like Tracee and Kayleigh’s friendship was doomed from the start, right?

Agnese: Yes.

Anna: Why did you feel that way?

Agnese: Because Tracee is too much of a selfish bitch to have any real friends.

Tracee: Excuse me?

Agnese: Tracee and I were cool in the house for a long time. When I saw her not have Kayleigh’s back in certain situations, that’s when I removed myself.

Tracee: No you were just too busy instigating shit in the house!

Agnese: It is what it is, but this bitch got jumped for you! She got jumped for you and what did you ever do for her? Not a damn thing!

Anna: Kayleigh, what do you think? Was Tracee a loyal friend to you in the house?

Kayleigh: Near the end, yes. Tracee and I had this conversation in the house. I did feel like it was fucked up that I had to go through a lot of that shit in the house alone. When I got snuck by Taylor, Tracee was nowhere to be found, when the whole house wanted me out, she was AWOL. We talked it out, so I don’t understand why it’s an issue and why everybody feels the need to talk about our relationship.

Perri: I just think it’s stupid that she feels like she has something to prove now because she didn’t do it in the house!

Agnese: Exactly because even when Kayleigh was cool with the twins, she would tell them to stop fucking with Tracee and ultimately she ditched the twins for her! And got jumped for it. I felt terrible for Kayleigh in that moment because I never felt like Tracee had he back, so why should she get an ass whooping for somebody that doesn’t give a fuck?

Tracee: I did give a fuck! Fuck you mean?

Kelli: But you didn’t though! This shit is stupid! You’re a bad friend, we get it, can we move on?

Tracee: Bitch ain’t nobody was talking to you! Sit yo ugly ass down!

Agnese: Don’t call her ugly!

Kelli: I’m not gonna sit here and let this reunion be the Kayleigh and Tracee show! I refuse!

Kayleigh: Oh like you guys did in the house? Oh, okay.

Kelli: Shut the fuck up, Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: Oooh but where was that mouth in the house? What are you trying to prove right now, how an ugly bitch get her ass beat in 2.5?

Kelli: I’m not gonna get my ass beat, bitch!

Kayleigh: Keep talking!

Anna: Ladies!

Kelli stands up.

Kelli: I’m not afraid of you Kayleigh! What’s up?

Tracee stands up.

Tracee: On some real shit, you need to sit down shorty.

Kelli: No! She wants to talk shit?

Tracee: She ain’t talking shit but you came at her feeling some type of way when this conversation had nothing to do with you! Sit the fuck down.

Kelli: No!

Tracee: YES!

Kelli: NO!

Mehgan - Tracee
Falen - Kelli

After the fight is separated, security escorts Tracee and Kelli back to their seats.

Tracee: That’s right! Have a seat you irrelevant ass hoe!



Anna: Ladies have a seat!

Kelli and Tracee sit down in their seats.

Anna: Is there any actual beef between you two? What just happened?

Kelli: She put her hands on me!

Anna: Kelli, she did, but you got loud with them. We didn’t really see that in the house! Where did that come from?

Kelli: Because these bitches think they can talk to anybody a certain type of way and it’s ridiculous. Nobody liked them the whole show for a reason.

Tracee: And we’re the stars! And we’re the stars!

Agnese: Oh my God, can someone get her a fucking muzzle?

Tracee: Shut up bitch!

Anna: Okay ladies! Clearly we aren’t going to solve this today. Moving on.

The audience claps.

Anna: Now another bad girls who fell victim to the chaos that was Cabo was Aria. Now I have been informed that Aria has decided not to attend the reunion tonight. We are wishing her the very best with whatever she’s got going on.

Tracee: No we’re not.

Anna: Tracee you had a lot to say to Aria, I bet right? She did jump into the fight between you and Agnese in Cabo.

Tracee: Yeah. Lame ass bitch.

Agnese: Can I say something about that?

Anna: Go ahead Agnese.

Agnese: I did not know Aria was going to jump in that fight. People can look at it and call me a jumpahoe because she did, but after that fight, Tracee walked around talking so much shit saying that I was exposed as a jumpahoe and I really wasn’t about that life which is why I decided to fight her again. Because of the shit talking.

Anna: I wish Aria would’ve came to the reunion to speak her piece, but unfortunately she didn’t. She was a big part of the house and one of the main reasons why everyone turned on Kayleigh and Tracee. You two decided you would play a prank on the new girl and you threw eggs and flour on her when she first got to the house. Why?

Kayleigh: Because it was funny. Call it hazing or whatever, but it was never meant to be more than a simple prank. She’s the one who took what happened and ran with it. If she would have just took it as a joke and been lighthearted about it, we would have been fine.

Kelli: But how was she supposed to know it was a prank? She didn’t know you guys.

Kayleigh: Okay, but she didn’t try to talk about it with us either. She destroyed our shit when we were gone and you helped her!

Anna: Kelli, you did join in on the action when it came to fucking with Kayleigh and Tracee’s stuff. That’s really the only time we saw you get involved with the drama all season.

Kayleigh: Because she caught an ass whooping and didn’t want anymore after that.

Tracee laughs.

Perri: Like how you caught an ass whooping and ran out of the house?

Kayleigh: Actually I was sent home for fucking a bitch up, don’t get it twisted.

Perri: Bitch shut up.

Kayleigh: Anna! This bitch was on Twitter talking about her and her girls were gonna come to my city and jump me in the streets and shit.

Perri: What!? I never said that shit! I never said that! You saw fake tweets sweetie!

Kayleigh: Okay, Perri. Okay, if that’s your story.

Perri: That’s the damn truth is what it is. I don’t need to jump somebody to beat their ass!

Kayleigh: Neither do I bitch!

Perri: Yeah you just have to sneak a bitch.

Anna: Alright girls! This beef is clearly not gonna get squashed anytime soon. But while we’re on the subject of jumping, I think it’s time we bring out the next piece of the BGC puzzle. These next two bad girls came in and completely flipped the house upside down. If you fuck with one of them, you fuck with both of them! Please welcome to the stage, Shannon and Shannade!

Shannon and Shannade enter the stage. Shannade is wearing a high pony with a sleek black dress on and sneakers. Shannon, however, is wearing an elegant dress with wavy long hair and beautiful jewelry. She is also sporting something new; a baby bump!


Shannon: Hey babe!

Shannon and Shannade sit next to Perri.

Anna: Shannon! YOU’RE PREGNANT!

Shannon: I am!

Anna: How far along are you?

Shannon: 16 weeks. It happened pretty much as soon as I got home *laughs*.

Anna: And you’re showing that much already, wow!

Shannon: I know! I wanted to find a dress that concealed it better, but this was the cutest one so..

Anna: And Shannade! You look gorgeous as ever! I’m loving the pony tail!

Shannade: Thanks babe!

Anna: You’re a bit more dressed down though, how come?

Shannade: Because bitches love to talk shit online and Shannon can’t really defend herself today, so I’m ready for whatever.

Anna: So you’re prepared to fight?

Shannade: If I have to.

Kayleigh rolls her eyes.

Anna: Okay. Shannon, Shannade, I have to keep it real with ya’ll. When you guys were in the house, I felt like you guys were big fat bullies.

Shannon: Oh that’s fine sweetie! You’re entitled to your opinion!

Shannade: I mean we bullied the bullies so I feel like it’s not really that bad though.

Tracee: Bitch ain’t nobody was a bully in that house except ya’ll.

Shannade: Shut the fuck up bitch! My sister beat your ass in the house shut up before I do it too bitch!

Kayleigh: Well your sister was about to get her ass whooped by me is that why you jumped me?

Shannade: Excuse me?

Kayleigh: You heard me bitch!

Shannon: Bitch ain’t nobody talking to your ass! Be quiet!

Kayleigh: Don’t strain yourself babe! It’s not good for the baby.

Anna: Kayleigh! You were friends with the twins at one point. What happened? Why did you ditch them?

Kayleigh: I told the twins repeatedly to stop fucking with Tracee the way they were. They knew Tracee had been my girl and even though we were kinda getting into it at the time, I still had her back. So when they gave me an ultimatum and told me to choose between them or Tracee, that’s when I was like fuck ya’ll. Because a real friend would not have made me choose. Period.

Shannon: We were much better friends to you than she ever was though!

Kayleigh: Ya’ll picked and picked and picked at her for no reason. At the end of the day, there’s only so much negative energy you can take from somebody.

Anna: What are some of the other girls’ thoughts on the twins?

Agnese: The twins didn’t really interact with anyone in the house besides each other so I mean, they are who they are and no one's gonna change that.

Autumn: I feel like if I was in the house with them, we probably would have gotten along. They just seem like the kind of girls I would kick it with back home.

Perri: Oh so you could cosign another fight that had nothing to do with you?

Autumn: Oh my goodness just shut up!

Perri: No! Don’t be a fake bitch, what these two girls next to me did in the house was dirty. I don’t even know where me and Tracee stand right now, but what these girls did to her was bullying! It was ugly to watch!

Anna: It was definitely hard to watch.

Shannade: But ya’ll still tuned in though! Ya’ll still tuned in!

Anna: But does that make it right?

Shannon: Listen, I can say this. I’m not gonna apologize for not liking you because I feel like you’re a fake ass bitch. I can say some of the things we did in the house went overboard and it’s stuff my child is going to see one day and I don’t want them to think it’s okay. Shannade and I know that we could’ve toned it down, but fuck! It’s the Bad Girls Club, it happened and we can’t take it back.

Anna: So what do you have to say about jumping Kayleigh?

Shannon: She should’ve known! If you fuck with one you fuck with both. Period.

Kayleigh: But Shannade didn’t jump in when you were fighting Tracee in the confessional! You knew I was about to whoop that ass so you decided to be captain save-a-hoe!

Perri: But you snuck me because you knew I whooped that ass!

Kayleigh: Bitch ain’t nobody talking to you!

Perri: I’m talking to you BITCH!

Shannon: Oh my goodness. She’s loud.

Shannade: Mmmm I know.

Kayleigh: Bitch you’ve been talking about this like it’s an issue the whole time I’ve been on stage! Do something then if you have a problem!

Perri stands up and begins walking towards Kayleigh.

Perri: Stand up!

Kayleigh goes to stand, but is again pushed down by Tracee, who then stands up.

Shannade is also seen standing up in the background.

Perri lunges at Tracee, but Kayleigh is not having any of that.

Susan - Perri
Fran - Tracee
Kiki - Kayleigh



Perri picks up on of her shoes and throws it at Kayleigh. It slightly misses.

Perri: BITCH!

Shannade: Why did you run up on both of them sweetie? Rookie mistake.

Perri: Bitch I don’t know you shut the fuck up!

Security comes and escorts Kayleigh and Tracee backstage.

Shannon: Don’t talk to my sister like that!

Perri: I don’t know her! She needs to stop making slick ass comments!

Shannade: Bitch you called us bullies earlier sit the fuck down!


Perri: I’m not fucking sitting with them. I’ll sit over here next to you, Anna.

Kelli, Agnese, and Autumn scoot down and Perri sits next to Anna on the middle couch.

Shannade: Good! No peasants over here bitch!

Meanwhile, backstage…

Tracee and Kayleigh are in their dressing room.

Kayleigh: Why is she swinging on you, though? Bitch if you got a problem with me swing on ME!

Tracee: She didn’t want another fade!

Kayleigh: That bitch is lucky I just snatched her off! I could’ve really fucked a bitch up again let’s be serious!

Tracee: These bitches weren’t ready! I told them I had your back all the way!

Back on stage…

Perri is visibly shaking after the fight.

Anna: Alright ladies. Tracee and Kayleigh are gonna cool off backstage for a minute. Perri, you good?

Perri: No bring that bitch back out here. I’m gonna fuck her up.

Anna: Perri, we can’t have you guys fighting the whole time. I need to ask ya’ll questions. We need to keep the reunion moving.

Perri: I am fading her on sight! I don’t care! If ya’ll don’t like it you’re gonna have to remove me! Plain and simple! This bitch has punked me one too many times!

Anna: Perri, just calm down.

Perri: No fuck this. As a matter of fact --

Perri gets up and begins running backstage. Security grabs her as soon as she exits the stage.


Security: Stop!

Anna: PERRI!



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melindaMrskk this isnt even accurate I was the one that threw the first punch in the Tracee fight and beated her up for quite a while before she even fought back yet they make it as if she threw the first punch and just straight up beated me. Like alright I get that you (the producers) wanna give a bad bitch a good edit but for fucks sake stay true to the events and dont make everyone look bad and edit shit to their side when shit didnt happen that way. This is honestly frustrating and thats all I am saying.
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