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TBGC Season One Episode Twelve -- "Veni, Vidi, Didici"

Jan 24, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Los Angeles provided a safe haven for our first set of bad girls, but not all of them seemed to feel too comfortable. Helen, Taylor, Vixen, Shannon, Shannade, and Aria have all parted ways with the BGC, leaving the remaining four originals with a lot of pent up aggression. The girls took a trip to Cabo, where two new replacements, Autumn and Perri, joined the club for a short stay. Autumn seemed to vibe with Kayleigh, while Perri and Kayleigh were like oil and water. After a rocky few days in Mexico, Kayleigh confronted Perri, but it quickly backfired when she realized that Perri was not the one.

Tonight, on the season finale of the Bad Girls Club, the remaining girls prepare to head back to their lives, but some have unfinished business that needs to be settled first, resulting in a shocking and unprecedented early departure. Which girls will make it all the way to the end? And who will fall flat at the finish line? All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

The girls have arrived back in LA and are moving back into the house for their final days.

Autumn: Aww the house is so nice! Sucks I’m only here for a few days.

Perri: Where are we sleeping?

Tracee: There’s 2 beds in the room with me and Kayleigh and 1 bed in the room with Agnese and Kelli.

Perri: I’ll room with Agnese and Kelli.

“Perri CF: There’s a lot of tension in the air between me and Kayleigh. She attacked me the other night in Cabo and I let her have it.”

Perri and Autumn put their things in the bedrooms, but don’t really unpack.

A little bit later, Autumn is downstairs with Agnese, Kayleigh, and Kelli.

Autumn: I have to cram a whole lot of touristy LA things in like four days. It’s gonna be hard.

Kelli: We can go out today if you want.

Autumn: Hell yeah!

Kelli: Agnese? Kayleigh? You guys in?

Agnese: Nah I’m gonna sit this one out. Jet lag.

“Agnese CF: Now that we’re back from Cabo, I’m ready to get shit cracking. Tracee thinks that just because Aria jumped in our fight, I can’t take her one on one. You’re about to be proved wrong bitch.”

Kayleigh: Yeah I’m gonna stay home.

“Kayleigh CF: Perri. Watch your back, sis. Because I am coming for that head.”

Upstairs, Tracee and Perri are chilling in the bedroom.

Perri: Isn’t Kayleigh gonna be mad that you’re up here with me?

Tracee: No. I’m cool with you. It is what it is.

“Tracee CF: I actually really like Perri. I think she’s cool as fuck and she’s got a dope ass personality. I want to take the remaining few days in the house to try and get to know her.”

Tracee: Let’s go out tonight.

Perri: Just me and you?

Tracee: Yeah.

Perri: Alright. Sounds good.

A little later on, Tracee and Perri are getting ready to go out. Autumn and Kelli have left to do their own thing for the day.

Tracee and Perri walk downstairs where Agnese and Kayleigh sit on the couch.

Kayleigh: Tracee.

Tracee walks over to Kayleigh, while Perri waits at the front door.

Tracee: Yeah?

Kayleigh: You going out with her?

Tracee: Yeah. We’re gonna go to the bar for a bit. I know ya’ll ain’t cool, but I don’t have an issue with her and I know you didn’t want to go out tonight, so.

Kayleigh: Okay.

“Kayleigh CF: Tracee! What the fuck? How are you just going to go out with the girl who has only been here for like five days and took off on me the other night? That is some fake shit.”

Tracee and Perri leave and take a cab to the bar.

Back at home, Agnese and Kayleigh are discussing the events that unfolded in Cabo.

Agnese: I’m not over what happened in Cabo.

Kayleigh: With Aria jumping?

Agnese: Yeah. Moreso the fact that she has been talking shit ever since, like Aria jumping in the fight is the only reason I got one up on her.

Kayleigh: Has she?

Agnese: Yeah. Little subliminal shit. It’s annoying.

Kayleigh: Perri is on my shit list too. I cannot believe they went out together.

Agnese: I’m fighting Tracee tonight. I just want to give you the heads up.

Kayleigh: You gonna go home?

Agnese: I mean, if it comes to it.

“Kayleigh CF: So Agnese is telling me her plans to fight Tracee tonight. I’m feeling some type of way towards Tracee for going out with Perri. I could have her back and give her a heads up, but she doesn’t have my back in this moment so she’s gonna have to catch this L.”

Kayleigh: I might take advantage of this opportunity then and pop on Perri. I can’t go out like that. I have to redeem myself.

Agnese: Yeah, I understand. I’m just not worried about going home at this point.

Kayleigh: Right? Like, I’ve had my experience and now I’m ready to go.

“Agnese CF: Me and Kayleigh are talking and we both have some unfinished business. Kayleigh agrees not to get in the way of me dealing with Tracee and I don’t know Perri that well to really interfere with Kayleigh, so tonight is about to be tragic for these two.”

At the bar, Tracee and Perri are TURNT. They are taking shots, dancing with boys, etc.

“Tracee CF: Tonight is lit! Perri is a fun time, she’s cool. I can definitely see myself vibing with her these last few days.”

Perri: Do you think Kayleigh is gonna try and fight me?

Tracee: I don’t think so! We really is trying to make it to the end! Ain’t nobody really been fucking with us this whole time. And to be honest, Kayleigh has fought the most in this house and you were the first L she’s taken.

Perri laughs.

Tracee: I think she’ll be cool just for the sake of there only being a few days left.

Perri: Cool.

Perri and Tracee continue dancing and having a good time, but some random ass hoe makes her way over to them with her ratchet looking friends.

???: Bad Girls Club my ass!

“Perri CF: Tracee and I are having a good time in this bar, when these people come over to us and start fucking with us, specifically this one girl. Little bitch.”

Tracee: Go away! You don’t want it!

???: You’re scared! You’re whack!

Tracee: Bitch you just want camera time!

The random girl throws a drink in Perri and Tracee’s direction. BGC security quickly intervenes and pulls Tracee and Perri away.

???: HOES!

Tracee: Bitch you lucky!

Perri: You grotsky ass bitch!

“Tracee CF: Sometimes it seems like we can’t go anywhere without bitches trying to get their camera time. Perri and I just decide to leave the hostile environment of this bar and go back to the safety of our home.”

Tracee and Perri board a cab and begin their ride back to the house.

Back at the house, Agnese and Kayleigh have changed into fighting clothes and are waiting upstairs, peering out the window, waiting for the girls to get home.

Kayleigh: Can they hurry up, please?

Agnese: I know, right?

A few moments later, Autumn and Kelli arrive back at the house and go upstairs to see Tracee and Kayleigh ready to throw down.

Kelli: What is this?

Agnese: Come here baby.

Autumn and Kelli go into the bedroom.

Agnese: Tonight, I’m fighting Tracee and she is fighting Perri. There’s just been too much shit talking and there’s no more words to be spoken. It’s all action now.

“Autumn CF: I am ready to see this big fight. I have my popcorn and my front row seat ready for this shit.”

Kelli: I’ll be sad if you go home.

Agnese: I’ll only leave if they send me out.

A few moments later, a cab pulls up out front.

Agnese: They’re here.

Kayleigh: Let them come up here.

Tracee and Perri get out of the cab and head inside.

Tracee: We’re home bitches!!!!

Perri: I am so ready for bed *laughs*.

Tracee and Perri head upstairs.

Tracee: Where the fuck is everyone?

Perri walks in front of Tracee and heads straight for her bedroom.

Agnese exits the first bedroom and meets Tracee in the hallway, while Kayleigh follows Perri into the bedroom.

Agnese: What’s good, Tracee?

Tracee: Bitch, if you--

Agnese swings and it’s on from there.

Seven - Agnese
Kiki - Tracee

Meanwhile, at the same damn time…

Kayleigh enters Perri’s bedroom right behind her. Perri hears the commotion in the hall and turns around only to see Kayleigh rushing at her.

Key - Kayleigh
Bri - Perri

After both the fights, Kayleigh and Agnese are pulled downstairs, while the other girls are left in shock upstairs.


“Perri CF: I cannot believe this girl just caught me off guard and fought me. What a weak ass bitch! Kayleigh, you’re fucking dead.”

Perri and Tracee are both trying to run past security to get downstairs.

Tracee: Let me get HA! LET ME GET HAAAA!

“Tracee CF: I’m so overwhelmed with emotions. Agnese attacked me and Kayleigh attacked Perri. It’s all just too much right now.”

Downstairs, production has sat Agnese and Kayleigh down in the living room.

Production: That was...a lot. That was very intense. Basically, this is what we’ve decided. Agnese, we are going to send you to a hotel for the night to cool down. Kayleigh, this is like your tenth physical altercation. You started the fight by catching her off guard and you were hitting her pretty brutally, so you will be going home.

“Kayleigh CF: Surprise! I finally get sent home after a season full of beating bitches asses. It took them long enough, shit.”

Production: We’re gonna hold the girls in the beauty room. You guys can both grab your stuff. Agnese, we’ll have a van waiting to take you to a hotel and Kayleigh a van waiting to take you home.

Agnese: Okay.

Agnese and Kayleigh head upstairs to pack their things. Agnese finishes packing her bag and exits the house to head to her hotel for the evening.

Tracee is allowed to go into the bedroom with Kayleigh.

Tracee: Are you leaving?

Kayleigh: I am.

Tracee: Is Agnese?

Kayleigh: No she’s just at a hotel for the night.

Tracee seems to think for a moment.

Tracee: Fuck it. I’m out too.

Kayleigh: What?

Tracee: You my ride or die! If you’re leaving, I’m leaving too!

“Tracee CF: After all of this madness, I decide that it’s not worth it for me to stay here these last couple of days. I’ve done everything I wanted to do and I’m leaving with my girl Kayleigh. It’s been a good ride.”

Tracee begins packing her things alongside Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: This is nuts.

Tracee: Ayyee. I fux witchu bish.

“Tracee CF: My experience in the Bad Girls house was insane. It was lots of drama, heartache, tears, hook ups, scandals, and fighting. I’ll miss all of it. I learned that I am crazy, real, and just a downright bad bitch. I don’t have anything to say to any of these girls. All of my talking will be saved for the reunion.”

Tracee and Kayleigh bring their bags downstairs.

“Kayleigh CF: My time in the BGC house is OVER! I am so happy I made it as far as I did with literally like no friends. I had one friend and was cool with one other girl like the entire time in the house. I think I proved that I don’t let people walk all over me, I speak my mind whenever, and I’m not afraid to go there with a bitch. I know I’ll have a lot of people gunning for me at the reunion, so I’m just ready for it. Ya’ll couldn’t handle me inside the house and you won’t be able to handle me outside of it. Bye for now Bad Girls Club! The queen is leaving!”

Tracee and Kayleigh load their bags onto a production van and board it, driving away into the night.

The next day…

Only four girls remain. The final four girl in the house are all awake and downstairs, still pondering what happened last night.

“Kelli CF: Kayleigh and Tracee are both gone. It’s still a bit of a shock, but at the end of the day, I was never really friends with them and I wanted them to leave for the longest time. We leave in 2 days and I want to live it up here in LA.”

Agnese: I’m glad I didn’t end up having to go home. I get to stay here and party it up with you ladies for the next 48 hours!

Perri: I don’t know if I can even go out tonight.

Autumn: Why?

Perri: My eye is bruised, you see that?

Perri points to right under her right eye, where it’s slightly a shade of dark blue.

“Autumn CF: This bitch literally has a black eye. That’s what you get Ma for coming in here acting like you run the show.”

Kelli: Put some makeup on that shit and get ready because we’re spending the day out!

Autumn: Hell yeah!

The girls get ready and head out for the day. They go to lunch, tour around LA to show Autumn and Perri around and end the night at Playhouse, a favorite club of many of the girls this season.

They end the night back at home where the girls fall fast asleep and wait their last full day in the house.

The next morning…

Kelli is awake fist and is running through the house, screaming and yelling to wake the other girls.


Kelli gets on Agnese’s bed and twerks until she wakes up.


Once all of the girls are awake, they all meet downstairs to discuss the day’s game plan.

Perri: I wanna meet some cute boys. I just want to makeout!

Kelli: The boys out here in LA are douches! Trust me!

Agnese: Yup! *laughs*

Autumn: Ya’ll we have a big ass mansion. Why don’t we stay in, order some food, and just tear this shit up!

Kelli: Honestly, I’m game. That sounds litty.

“Autumn CF: i suggest to the girls that we live our last full day here in LA by just hanging out in this giant ass mansion, swimming in the pool, and ordering some good food.”

The girls proceed to spend the day out by the pool, eating wings, and skinny dipping.

Kelli: Bad Girls Club Season One! We fucking killed the game!

Agnese: Can you believe that out of all seven originals, we’re the ones who made it to the end?

Kelli: No! There were honestly so many times that I wanted to leave.

Agnese: I’m glad you didn’t bitch!

“Agnese CF: Kelli is the closest friend I’ve gotten from this experience. We were both judged by our looks on day one and now here we are on the last day. The baddest bitches of the season.”

Autumn: I know I just came in a week ago, but I enjoyed getting to meet you girls!

Autumn hugs Agnese and Kelli.

Kelli: Perri, you too bitch! You’re very cool.

Agnese: Perri, you good?

Perri: I’m good!

“Perri CF: I’m trying to shake off this anger I have towards Kayleigh for the other night. I want to enjoy the last day here, but just knowing that it’ll be months before I see this bitch again is killing me on the inside.”

The four girls gather together at the table outside the house and toast to their season.

Agnese: Thank you guys for making this an enjoyable experience for me. Kelli, you’ve been riding with me since day one. Autumn, Perri, you guys haven’t been here for long, but you’re some pretty cool chicks.

Autumn: Cheers to that!

Kelli: Let’s pour a shot out for all the fallen homies!

Agnese: Kayleigh and Tracee, bye girls.

Kelli: Vixen!

Agnese: Shannon and Shannade.

Kelli: Aria! I miss you so much baby girl!

Agnese: Taylor!

Kelli: Is that everyone?

Agnese: I think so.

Kelli: Oh Helen! The girl who left on day one.

Agnese: Who?

Kelli: …

“Agnese CF: I literally don’t remember a Helen.”

Kelli: Bad Girls Club Season One! That’s almost a wrap!

The girls cheers and chug some champagne. All is well in the final hours in the house.

The next day…

The girls are awake early in the morning. It’s move out day.

Autumn: At least I never fully unpacked *laughs*.

“Autumn: It’s move out day! I’m so sad. I wish I got to enjoy this experience in the fullest, but I’ll always be grateful for what it was.”

Kelli: No! I don’t want to leave!

Agnese: Bitch, I do. I’m ready to get back to my life.

The girls all convene downstairs, waiting to be called to leave.

The phone rings.

Perri: Damn already?

Autumn: I’ll answer it.

Autumn goes into the phone room and answers the phone. She comes back out moments later with a sad look on her face.

Autumn: I’m leaving you guys!

Kelli: Aww Autumn!

Agnese: It was so nice meeting you!

Autumn goes around and hugs the other three girls before heading outside to the limo.

“Autumn CF: My time in the Bad Girls Club was amazing! Very short lived, but I had so much fun. I definitely made the most out of my time here and I feel like I did make a couple friends along the way. I wish I would have started from the beginning, but I feel like I got to experience it all in my week here. My definition of a bad girl hasn’t changed. I definitely think you have to have the total package and not be afraid to stick up for yourself. I’ll see you all later! This baddy is outty!”

Autumn boards the limo and rides off into the sunset.

The remaining three girls in the house all sit and wait for the next phone call.

Perri: It’s gonna be me next.

Agnese: Perri. I didn’t really get to know you all that well, but I respect you. You came in here fearing no bitch and proved that you belonged.

Kelli: Yeah and you kinda helped get the two lemmings out of the house *laughs*.

Perri: Well, you know I just do what I do. If you don’t have haters you ain’t doing something right.

The phone rings.

Kelli answers.

Kelli: Perri! You’re leaving!

Perri: You guys! I’ll miss you both!

The three girls group hug. Agnese and Kelli watch as Perri walks towards the door, waving goodbye to them one last time.

“Perri CF: My time in the Bad Girls Club was a little crazy! I did not expect to get into two fights in my short time here, but I feel like I handled my own and when push came to shove, Kayleigh, you looked like a weak bitch. My definition of a bad girl is someone who can grind for what they want and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I don’t hate on other bitches’ shine, but haters always flock to me, even in the BGC house. Kayleigh, when I see you at the reunion, I hope you’re ready for what’s coming your way. Other than that, I’m done here! BGC, it’s been real.”

Perri boards the limo and rides off towards the airport.

Agnese and Kelli are the final two girls in the house are getting super emotional.

Kelli: I don’t want to leave you!

Agnese: I know!

The phone rings.

Kelli: No!

Agnese answers it this time and a sad look spreads across her face.

Kelli: It’s me?

Agnese: No, it’s me.

Kelli goes in for a giant embrace.

“Agnese CF: The Bad Girls Club is a crazy experience. Emotional roller coaster is an understatement. I definitely feel like I was underestimated in the beginning, but I found my own here and I’m leaving here a stronger person because of that. I learned that I am a leader, not a follow. I can stand on my own. I’m a nice person, until you push me over the edge. I have a lot of love in my heart for Kelli, it was so nice seeing her transform into her own person throughout this experience. I love you girl. Stay classy.”

Agnese and Kelli walk outside. They hug once more before Agnese boards the limo.

Kelli: I love you!

Agnese: I love you too!

The limo drives away, leaving Kelli all alone.

Kelli heads back inside and does one final walkthrough of the house she has spent the past 3 months in.

Kelli: I’ll miss you house!

She winds up back in the living room, where she sees the limo pull up again in front of the house.

Kelli: Guess it’s my time to go!

“Kelli CF: I cannot believe I actually made it to the end of the Bad Girls Club. There were so many time when I wanted to leave. I made some very genuine friendships in Agnese and Aria. We’re like the three musketeers. My definition of a bad girls definitely changed. I think this experience transformed my way of thinking into more of a bad bitch way. I learned to not let people fuck with me. I learned to stick up for myself when it matters most. Most importantly, I learned to embrace me for me and to not let anyone else define who I am or judge me for who I am.”

Kelli boards the limo.

“Kelli CF: Peace out Bad Girls Club! It’s been such a great time and I can’t wait to see these girls again! Well...some of them *laughs*.”

The limo drives away one final time, as the final bad girl departs from sunny Los Angeles.





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Started the season with the first fight and ended it with the last fight

iconic season
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Kayleigh is one weak ass bitch
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Lol iconic waits till final episode to leave!! Yass Tracee
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