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TBGC Season One Episode Ten -- "Separation Anxiety"

Jan 18, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

After weeks of torturing Tracee, the twins were fed up with Kayleigh trying to play both sides. After ditching Shannon and Shannade, Kayleigh became public enemy number one after repeatedly fighting Tracee’s battles. After days of built up tension, things finally popped off, which resulted in Shannade being removed from the BGC house. Kelli and Roger sealed the deal, which caused Kelli to feel the butterflies inside. Tracee called Agnese’s bluff and pointed out her manipulative ways, but Agnese made it clear she wouldn’t back down.

Tonight, how will Shannon fare without her twin sister in the house with her? Plus, will a sprain in her relationship with Roger send Kelli spiraling? Plus, a new BGC rivalry begins to brew. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

It’s the day after the big fight between the twins and Kayleigh. Shannon is downstairs in the confessional. She is awake before any of the other girls.

Shannon: It’s the first morning waking up here without ‘Nade. I’m still not over what happened last night. Kayleigh probably thinks she got one up on us, but I’m still here bitch. I’m gonna ride it out for you Shannade. Know that.

Shannon exits the confessional. Agnese is outside the confessional door.

Agnese: Are you okay?

Shannon wipes a stray tear from her eye.

Shannon: I’m fine.

Agnese: Let’s go talk outside. Okay?

“Agnese CF: I have like not spoken more than three words to Shannon. I know the twins are very reserved and kept to themselves, but I want to get to know Shannon as an individual now that Shannade is out of the picture.”

Agnese and Shannon go sit out by the pool.

Agnese: Do you miss your sister?

Shannon: I do. I just feel bad for her leaving, like it’s my fault.

Agnese: How come?

Shannon: I swung on Kayleigh first and she jumped in to defend me. I didn’t ask her to, but she just did. And now she’s gone.

Agnese: Why didn’t you leave with her, then?

Shannon: She made me promise to stick it out for her, but the longer she’s gone the harder that promise is. And it’s only been like 12 hours!

Agnese: Why did you guys come to the Bad Girls Club?

Shannon: We wanted to try to become more open to females because we’ve never really had any close female friends before, but that all went down the drain as you can see *laughs*.

Agnese: Mhm.

Shannon: Tracee just makes my blood boil. And Kayleigh needed to mind her own business.

Agnese: I understand your frustrations with Tracee, because I have some of my own, but you can’t let some other bitch dictate how you feel or the way you act in this house. Sure, there comes a time to pop off, but do you want my honest opinion?

Shannon: Mhm.

Agnese: I feel like you and Shannade, the second you feel any animosity towards someone, just shut them out and want to pick at them to make yourselves feel bigger. Like the beef between you four never should have gotten to that point, but it did because you guys kept poking at her.

Shannon: I understand and like as far as issues go, I’m kind of over the drama with Tracee. We won’t be cool and I won’t be cool with Kayleigh either. It is what it is.

“Agnese CF: While I’m talking to Shannon, I realize that she’s completely lost here without her sister. And now that Shannade is gone, she wants nothing to do with Tracee and Kayleigh. Hmm.”

Shannon: Well thanks for talking to me.

Agnese: Yeah no problem.

The girls share a quick hug and go their separate ways.

Later that day, the girls are all getting ready to go to the beach.

Tracee: Do I look hot in this bikini?

Kayleigh: Hell fucking yes girl!

“Tracee CF: It’s been so nice now that Shannade is gone. Shannon has been on hush mode from the moment she walked out the door. And I thought Shannon was the big and bad one who wanted to fight everybody. She’s a PAB. A punk ass bitch.”

Aria: I’m ready to meet a cute boy, get a tan, and probably show my boobs.

Kelli laughs.


All six girls head downstairs and board the jeeps. Shannon rides with Agnese, Kelli, and Aria and Kayleigh and Tracee go solo.

“Shannon CF: I am going to the beach with the other girls today just to see if I can even try to get along with any of them. I have no intentions of actually befriending any of these girls, but if I have to fake it until I make it, I will.”

The girls arrive at the beach and split up into the two cliques. Shannon is moreso on her own, but closer to the threesome rather than Tracee and Kayleigh.

Aria: You guys have to let me know if you spot a cute boy!

Agnese: Over there!

Aria: Where?

Agnese points to a chizzles, tall, dark hair, handsome guy playing sand volleyball with some other guys and girls.

“Aria CF: I’m a people person. I love socializing and having a good time, especially with cute boys. I see a cute guy and I go for it *laughs*.”

Aria: Someone come with me! I need a wing woman.

Agnese: I’ll go.

Agnese and Aria head over to their court. Aria walks up to the cute boy.

Aria: Hey! Can we play volleyball with you guys!

Boy: Uh, sure! What’s your name?

Aria: Aria, what’s yours?

Boy: Ben!

Aria: Nice to meet you, Ben.

Ben: Nice to meet you too.

Agnese and Aria begin playing volleyball with them.

Kayleigh and Tracee are lying side by side working on their tans and discussing the house.

Kayleigh: Think a new girl will be coming through soon?

Tracee: Oh 100%.

Kayleigh: I hope she’s cool.

Tracee: Girl me too.

Kayleigh: How long do you think Shannon will last here without her sister?

Tracee: Not long. She knows she has nobody now.

“Kayleigh CF: I’m waiting for Shannon to leave. She clearly doesn’t have a backbone now that Shannade is gone, so I might just have to pick a fight with this girl so she hits me again.”

Kayleigh: I give her a week, tops. If that.

A little while later, the girls are ready to leave. They are heading for the jeeps, but Aria stays behind to get Ben’s number.

Aria: Maybe you can come by the house sometime.

Ben: I’d like that, for sure.

“Tracee CF: So it’s time to go and Aria is taking a little too long talking to some boy like no bitch we ready to go!”

Tracee: HURRY UP!


Ben: There ya go. I’ll call you.

Aria: Awesome. Have a nice day!

Aria begins walking towards the jeeps angrily. All of the other girls have gotten into the jeeps they rode in, but Aria walks past her jeep and goes to Kayleigh and Tracee’s jeep. She knocks on the passenger window and Tracee rolls it down.

Aria: If you have something to say, don’t say it when I’m all the way across the fucking beach.

Tracee: I said to hurry up because we were ready to leave.

Aria: Okay, well don’t run your mouth. I would stop and wait for any of you so you can kiss my ass with that shit.

Tracee rolls the window up.

Tracee: Anyways good night.

Kayleigh laughs.

“Aria CF: I’ve had my issues with Tracee in the past and she still annoys the shit out of me. She constantly gripes about the issues she has with other girls in the house well maybe the problem is you boo!”

Aria boards the jeep.

Kelli: What was that all about?

Aria: Fake ass bitch always starting drama!

The girls head home.

Later on that night, the girls all sit outside enjoying the warm air. Shannon stays inside.

Tracee: Aria, can I ask you something?

Aria: Sure, go ahead.

Tracee: Why do you insist on still having an issue with me?

Aria laughs.

Tracee: No! I’m being serious. We’ve been in this house together for almost two months and yeah I did some petty shit when you first got here, but damn like…

Agnese: Honestly Tracee that’s a bullshit question to ask.

Tracee: This doesn’t concern you.

Agnese: Well I’m just saying. You made a rude comment towards her today and she confronted you about it and now you want to ask why she has the problem? That makes no sense.

Tracee: How was my comment rude, though!

Aria: If anyone else in this house was pulling a boy and was late getting to the jeep or the limo because they were getting a number, I would not rush somebody and tell them to hurry up! That’s disrespectful and embarrassing.

Tracee: Girl, be quiet. Honestly--

Aria: Don’t tell me to be quiet!

Agnese: This is what I’m talking about! You always want to play the victim Tracee. When everyone wanted Kayleigh out you said the reason nobody fucked with you was because you were cool with Kayleigh, but it had nothing to do with you being a bully to Aria? Or being a bitch to Kelli? Stop blaming others and look in the fucking mirror for once!

Tracee: Agnese, you are the biggest shit starter here!

Agnese: Everything I have done is common knowledge, though! I don’t walk around here pretending to be cool with someone for weeks on end and then pop off randomly like you do! Your logic in that makes no sense in my opinion.

Tracee: Okay well your opinion is invalid. Good night.

Agnese: Okay fine. Good night to you too.

“Agnese CF: Tracee likes to put on this facade like she’s so hard, but in reality I know I could serve you. I don’t think this is the last time me and Tracee exchange words because this bitch is really starting to irritate me.”

The next day…

Kelli is in the computer room, looking at various social media outlets.

“Kelli CF: So I’m browsing through social media and I happen to see a post that Roger is tagged in with another girl. I thought Roger was someone I was forming a connection with, but this picture is making me question his motives.”

Kelli: Agnese! Come here!

Agnese enters the room.

Agnese: What?

Kelli: Look at this.

Agnese: Is that Roger?

Kelli: Yeah. With another girl at a fucking bar. And look his hand is around her waist.

Agnese: That does look shady.

Kelli: I’m calling him.

Kelli goes into the phone room and calls Roger.

Roger: Hello?

Kelli: Did I wake you up?

Roger: Mmm...Yeah.

Kelli: Did you have fun at the bar last night?

Roger: What?

Kelli: I saw that picture you were tagged in. With that other bitch.

Roger: Yeah?

Kelli: So who is she?

Roger: A friend.

Kelli: So you’re just gonna fuck me and then go skeeze on some other girl like three days later? I don’t think so!

Roger: You’re taking this shit too seriously, man,

Kelli: No I’m not! We hooked up and I thought I was actually starting to get to know you and really like you, but apparently I’m not the only girl who thinks so!

Roger: I don’t know what you want me to say.

Kelli: Do you want to keep seeing me or not?

Roger is silent.

Kelli: You know what, I’ll decide for you.

Kelli hangs the phone up and leaves the phone room.

Kelli: Fuck that shit. Roger is done. He’s cut off!

Agnese: You broke it off with him?

Kelli: He couldn’t even answer me when I asked if he still wanted to see me!

Aria: Yikes, sis. I’m sorry.

Kelli: Whatever. Fuck guys. I need a shot.

Kelli downs a shot of vodka.

Later on, Shannon goes into the phone room and dials Shannade.

Shannade: Hello?

Shannon: ‘Nade!!

Shannade: ‘Nannon! How’s it going, babe?

Shannon: Mmm...okay I guess. I hate all of these girls here Shannade. I want to leave.

Shannade: Don’t do it, bitch. If you leave, they win.

Shannon: Honestly, I just don’t see the point anymore. I’m in too deep and I’m clearly not gonna make any friends here and I don’t care, like I really don’t.

Shannade sighs.

Shannade: Look, just give it two more days. And if you still feel the same, come home, but beat a bitches ass first because they deserve it.

Shannon laughs.

Shannon: I will. Love you, ‘Nade.

Shannade: Love you, ‘Nannon. Bye babe.

Shannon: Bye.

Shannon hangs up and leaves the phone room.

“Shannon CF: I am really struggling to be around these girls. It’s to the point where it’s almost unbearable, but I made a promise to my sister and I’m gonna try to keep it.”

That night, the girls are all ready to go to the club.

“Aria CF: Tonight we’re going out to do what bad bitches do. It’s gonna be fun times.”

All six girls head into the limo. The limo ride there is awkward as hell for Shannon.

“Shannon CF: I’m going out with the girls tonight and I’m gonna try to have fun. It’s my first night going to the club without Shannade, so we’ll see.”

Once the girls arrive, they enter the club and are shown to the VIP section. Kayleigh and Tracee split off from the other girls and Shannon sort of chills by herself. She’s actually bringing very negative energy.

“Kayleigh CF: I don’t understand why Shannon is still coming out with us? Like, girl go home. Your time here is done.”

Shannon sits in the VIP and sips a margarita. She’s not feeling it.

“Shannon CF: This is such bullshit. I’m stuck in a house with a bunch of bitches that I can’t stand. I’m not having any fun. Honestly, I’m debating on if I even want to be here anymore.”

Shannon leaves the VIP area and heads back out to the limo, where climbs on board and proceeds to sit and wait.

Meanwhile, all of the girls are inside having a blast. Kelli, Aria, and Agnese are dancing when all of a sudden, Roger walks up.

“Kelli CF: I’m in the club feeling like fucking Britney damn Spears, when all of a sudden, I see Roger walk over to our section. Are you kidding me?”

Roger: Can we talk?

Kelli: No! Bye!

Roger: Please?

Kelli: You don’t get anymore of my time! Were you even in it for me or for the camera time?

Roger: What are you talking about?

Aria: Hey boo boo! She said to beat it. Bye.

Roger: Whatever.

Roger leaves. Kelli puts her middle finger in the air and Aria and Agnese cheer.

“Agnese CF: I am proud of Kelli. I feel like she’s really come into her own through this experience. It’s been a nice transformation to watch.”

The girls decide the turn up is over for the night and head back to the limo, where Shannon sits, patiently waiting.

Tracee: You been out here the whole time?

Shannon: Mostly.

Tracee: Aww. That’s so sad.

Shannon flips her hair.

“Tracee CF: It’s just funny that ever since Shannade left the house, Shannon has had nothing to say to me. Weak bitch.”

The girls begin the ride home.

Tracee: Shannon, when are you leaving? Don’t you miss your sister?

Shannon: Bitch, shut the fuck up. You’re whack! You’re fucking whack!

Tracee: Go home, Shannon!

“Aria CF: So we get back to the limo and of course, a fight breaks out. Typical night out for the BGC!”

Shannon: Bitch shut up! You aren’t even woman enough to face me 1 on 1, your little friend had to take that L for you!


Kayleigh: I didn’t take no L. Ya’ll didn’t do shit to me.

Shannon: Bitch, please.

Kayleigh: Look at my face. I fought you and your lame ass sister and you still didn’t even leave a mark!

“Shannon CF: My blood is boiling. I’m ready to leave, but I am not leaving without fucking this bitch up.”

Kayleigh: Bitch, you wish you fucked me up! But I’m not Tracee I will knock you the fuck out!

Without saying a word, Shannon leaps over and pops off on Kayleigh.

Jenn - Shannon
Rocky - Kayleigh

After the fight is separated by security, Shannon is pulled outside.

Shannon: Fuck this shit, I’m DONE! I’m out!


Agnese: Everyone chill out!

Outside, Shannon is standing by a production van talking to an executive producer.

Producer: So what happened?

Shannon: She was getting mouthy so I popped her. It’s nothing. I’m good. I’m going home.

Production: So you’re done here? You don’t want to stay?

Shannon: Nope. I’m ready to leave.

Production: Okay well, what we can do is take you back to the house in the van and let you pack your stuff, okay?

Shannon: Mmkay.

“Shannon CF; After the fight is over, I decide it’s my time to leave the Bad Girls house. I’ve had enough ratchet experiences here to last a lifetime.”

Shannon boards the production van and heads back to the house.

The limo arrives to the house first and the other five girls pile inside.

Kayleigh: Is she here?

Tracee; I don’t think so.

A few minutes pass and the production van arrives outside. Shannon exits and heads inside. She goes upstairs into her bedroom and begins packing her stuff.

Production calls Kayleigh and Tracee into the kitchen and holds them there.

“Tracee CF: Is this bitch leaving? Is she finally leaving?’

After Shannon finishes packing, she heads back downstairs and out to the production van.

“Shannon CF: Honestly, the Bad Girls Club was not a fun experience. I didn’t really learn anything except that the only friend I need is my sister. As long as we have each other, nothing else matters. To the girls, I couldn’t care less about pretty much all of you. Kayleigh and Tracee, you both have something coming for you when I see you again. Bye bitches. Clermont’s out.”

Shannon boards the production van and rides away.

The next day, the house is eerily calm. Only five girls remain and there’s only a few weeks left.

Kayleigh and Tracee lay in their bedroom.

Kayleigh: I can’t believe the twins are both gone.

Tracee: Man, bitches be dropping like flies. Vixen, Shannade, Shannon. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Kayleigh: I know. We only have a few weeks left, do you think we’ll get some replacements?

Tracee: Girl, hell yeah. Who else in this house has any current beef?

Kayleigh: I don’t know, girl. Agnese and Aria don’t seem to be too fond of you right now.

Tracee rolls her eyes.

Tracee: Them hoes? Please. I am not worried about them.

“Tracee CF: Now that Shannon is gone, it seems like the drama with me in the house might die down, but I’ve had a lot of tension with Agnese and Aria lately. I don’t really care, though. Aria is a fake bitch and Agnese is shady as hell.”

The two go downstairs and exit to the backyard where the rest of the girls are.

“Agnese CF: Tracee and I have had some words as of late, but I don’t want any animosity in the house. There’s not too much time left and I just want to enjoy every second.”

Agnese: Tracee! Can we talk?

Tracee: Yeah.

Tracee goes over to where the other girls are sitting.

Tracee: What’s up?

Agnese: Okay. So, I was thinking about what’s been going on between us and honestly, I don’t want to be involved in any drama our last few weeks. You were the one that had an issue with me. I want to hear you out and hopefully resolve it.

Tracee: I mean my issue with you is simple like, I feel like you are very manipulative and I feel like you try to play every angle in this house.

Agnese: How though? When I’ve been chilling with the same two girls for 2 months now.

Tracee: You’ve been cool with every single girl in this house, but have also been instigating shit, have you not?

Agnese: Every time I told someone to confront someone else, it was justified. The fact that you are getting so hiefe when I’ve never had a negative thing to say about you is what blows my mind.

Aria: That’s what she does though. She’s lame.

Tracee: Bitch, step out this has nothing to do with you.

“Aria CF: I cannot stand Tracee. Never have and never will. I’m tired of her creating drama for herself and then trying to play victim about it. And you wanna get buck with Agnese of all people? I don’t think so boo.”

Aria: Tracee this entire time, you have been a complete bitch to everyone besides Kayleigh. Literally, you have caused every bit of drama for yourself.

Tracee: Blah blah blah. Are you done?

Aria: No, bitch!

Kayleigh: Okay ya’ll chill. Tracee, let’s go back inside.

“Agnese CF: I have a feeling that something will go down between Tracee and I and I’m ready for it. I don’t know where or when it’ll happen, but I can feel it.”

Kayleigh and Tracee head back inside, leaving the other three girls annoyed and irritated.

The next day…

Another day comes in the BGC house. Not a lot is going on at the moment, but then the doorbell rings.

Tracee: Who the fuck is that?

Tracee gets out of bed and goes downstairs to answer the door. There’s a little box sitting at the front door step.

“Tracee CF: I see this box sitting at the front door. I’m hella excited to see what’s in it. I’m praying for some sort of trip.”

Tracee grabs the box and runs into the living room.


The other four girls stumble downstairs.

Kelli: What is it?

Tracee: Ready for me to open it?

The other girls nod.

Tracee opens the box and pulls out a note and a sombrero.

Tracee: We know you’ll miss that southern California glow, but pack your bags, you’re going to CABO!!!!

The girls instantly wake tf up and begin screaming and jumping around.


Tracee is now wearing the sombrero and dancing around the living room.

“Tracee CF: I am so stoked for this trip! Cabo baby YES!”

Kelli: Wait wait wait! Can we all promise one thing?

All of the girls bring their attention to Kelli.

Kelli: No drama while we’re in Cabo? For the sake of the trip?

Kayleigh: Hell yeah!

Agnese: Yes!

The girls begin running upstairs to pack, still overly excited about embarking on their journey south of the border.

Meanwhile, in Cabo…

A plane is seen landing. We get a side by side shot of two pairs of high heels walking down the pavement.

???: Cabo? Yes bitch!

???: I’m here bitches! Hope you girls are ready.




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