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TBGC Season One Episode Eight -- "Real Tea"

16thJan 16, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Shannon and Shannade entered the house and quickly made a name for themselves by picking a fight with Tracee. Kayleigh linked up with them, which drove a wedge between her and Tracee’s friendship. Kayleigh and Vixen shared a steamy hook up, which resulted in the separation of their early friendship, due to Vixen believing Kayleigh was bitchy and slightly homophobic. After weeks of not doing anything, Agnese convinced Vixen to stand up to Kayleigh and Tracee decided it was time to confront the twins after they constantly bullied her.

Tonight, what will the aftermath of fight night bring? What will become of Kayleigh and Tracee’s friendship? Plus, a shocking departure leaves the girls wondering what the future in the BGC house holds. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

Shannade: You’re delusional!

Tracee gets in Shannade’s face.

Tracee: What’s good Shannade? What’s good?

Shannon pushes Tracee back.

Shannon: Get out of her face!

Tracee: Bitch don’t touch me!

Tracee pushes her back.

Shannon swings.

Key - Shannon
Kiki - Tracee
Deshayla - Shannade

After the fight is separated, Tracee is pulled out of the confessional.

Tracee: You a lame ass bitch!

Shannade: Bitch you got fucked up!

Meanwhile, upstairs in the beauty room…

Vixen: You wanna fight?

Kayleigh: That’s up to you. You got the issue!

Vixen clenches her fist.

Kayleigh: Hit me, bitch. Go ahead.

Vixen swings.

Bri - Kayleigh
Fran - Vixen

Vixen: You’re a dumb bitch!

Kayleigh laughs.

“Kayleigh CF: Vixen thought she was gonna swing on me? That’s cute, boo. Take that ass whooping and move on.”

Vixen is pulled into the hallway.

Vixen: I wanna kill that bitch!

“Vixen CF: After the fight is over, I’m still so heated. I just want to fucking kill Kayleigh right now.”

Agnese: You’re good! You’re good, stop.

Vixen: No! I didn’t even get to hit her enough.

Agnese: You still swung first, you proved your point. You’re good.

“Agnese CF: It was nice watching the fight I created go down again. Vixen desperately needed to confront Kayleigh. She got her ass whooped, but at least she doesn’t look like a punk anymore.”

Vixen is escorted downstairs, where Tracee is being carried away by security.

Vixen: What the fuck happened down here?

Tracee: Those fucking twins! I hate them!

Tracee is escorted to her bedroom upstairs.

Tracee: KAYLEIGH!!!!

Kayleigh leaves the beauty room and goes into the bedroom.

Kayleigh: What happened?


Kayleigh: Did they jump you?

Tracee: No!

Kelli walks into the room.

Kelli: I was taking a shit what the fuck did I miss?

Kayleigh: I just fought Vixen.

Tracee: And I fought Shannon.

Kelli: At the same time?

Kayleigh: I guess so.

“Kelli CF: This house is a fucking nut house! I go take a shit for 5 minutes and 2 fights happen. Jesus, Lord.”

Tracee: Those twins are done! They’re gone!

Downstairs, Vixen is in the kitchen. She is leaning against the counter. Her body is shaking.

“Vixen CF: I am uncontrollably shaking. My nerves are through the roof. I don’t how much longer I can stand to be in this house. Kayleigh I guess “won” the fight and I just feel like I didn’t do enough to her physically, so I’m just thinking of what I could do right now.”

Vixen spots a pot of boiling water on the stove that has tea bags in it.

Vixen grabs the pot off the stove and rushes upstairs.

Vixen: Hey Kayleigh!

Kayleigh: What bitch?

Security rushes to the bedroom in an attempt to beat Vixen there.

Security: NO!

They don’t reach her in time. Vixen enters the room and tosses the pot of hot tea on Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: OW FUCK!

Security snatches up Vixen and carries her away.

Vixen: That’s what the fuck you get bitch!

The water seemed to get on her right arm and thigh mostly.


Production enters the room.



Production: Kayleigh! Stop! We’re gonna take you to the hospital. These burns could be serious.

“Kayleigh CF: This bitch THREW piping hot tea on me! This shit could leave a scar! Are you kidding me?”

Production: The van will be out front. We’ll pack a bag for you. You can stay in a hotel tonight.

Kayleigh: That bitch better be gone!

Kayleigh is escorted downstairs by security. Vixen is detained in the kitchen.

Kayleigh boards the production van and rides away to the hospital.

Production: Vixen, Shannon, and Shannade! Living room, now.

Vixen goes to the living room. The twins follow.

Production: Okay, tonight got crazy. Here’s what’s gonna happen. Shannon and Shannade, I need you guys to pack an overnight bag because you’re gonna go to a hotel for the night just to cool off. Okay?

Twins: Mmkay.

They exit and head upstairs.

Production: Vixen, what you did to Kayleigh, throwing the tea, was just unacceptable. Her burns could potentially be serious. You cannot stay in this house. You have to leave.

Vixen: Okay. I understand.

“Vixen CF: So production tells me that I have to leave. I may have went overboard with the tea, but my anger was definitely in control at that moment.”

Shannon and Shannade come downstairs with their bags and board a production van. They are taken to a hotel for the night.

Vixen is upstairs packing her things.

Kelli: Are you leaving?

Vixen nods.

Agnese: Like, you’re going home?

Vixen: Yeah.

Kelli gasps.

“Agnese CF: I feel bad that Vixen is leaving. I am the one that pushed her to fight Kayleigh, I guess, but I had nothing to do with her throwing that pot of boiling tea on her. Vixen, you dug your own grave, sis. Catch you on the flip side.”

Vixen is out front with all of her things. She hugs Kelli, Agnese, and Aria goodbye.

“Vixen CF: What I learned in the Bad Girls Club is that girls are catty, nasty, and just plain mean individuals, but I still love eating their pussies *laughs*. I am a strong woman mentally, but my anger can get out of control when things get really heated. Kayleigh, take care of those burns girl. I apologize for the tea, but I still don’t like you. Tracee, I don’t really know where we stand. The twins, I never spoke to ya’ll. Kelli, Agnese, and Aria, I’m glad I met you guys. I love you all and I will see you soon! Bye Bad Girls Club.”

Vixen boards the limo and is driven away, for good.

The other three girls go back inside.

Aria: Holy shit dude. That’s so sad.

“Aria CF: Shit went down tonight and now Vixen is gone. I am just floored, like I can’t believe it.”

Kelli: In the matter of like an hour all this shit has happened dude.

Aria: Fuck!

Tracee joins them downstairs.

Tracee: So Vixen went home?

Agnese: Yeah.

Tracee: Damn.

“Tracee CF: I was cool with Vixen, but her throwing the tea on Kayleigh was just to the extreme. Go take some anger management classes boo. Bye girl.”

Agnese: I feel so bad. All night I was like amping her up and telling her that she needed to confront Kayleigh.

Tracee: Why though?

Agnese: Because Kayleigh has gotten in her face multiple times and every time she just doesn’t really do anything and just comes to us and talks shit.

Tracee: Hmm.

“Tracee CF: Agnese tells me that she was stirring the pot a little bit. I’ve had my suspicions that Agnese is a shady bitch and this just confirms it for me.”

The girls eventually part their ways and head to sleep.

The next day…

The girl have been awake for a while now. Tracee is still lying in bed, but the other three are getting prepared to head out.

“Aria CF: After the shit show that was last night myself, Agnese, and Kelli are gonna go grab some lunch and just chill for a little bit.”

The 3 girls head out and board one of the jeeps and leave.

A little while later, a production van pulls up outside. Kayleigh exits with a bandage on her arm.

“Kayleigh CF: So I get back from my night at the hospital/hotel. Thank God my burns weren’t serious. I just have to keep it bandaged for a few days, but other than that I’m all good.”

Kayleigh enters the house. Tracee sits in the living room.

Tracee: Hey. How’s your arm?

Kayleigh: It’s good. It’s not serious so that’s good.

Tracee: Yeah.

“Tracee CF: I’m over the tension and awkwardness between me and Kayleigh, so I’m gonna take this opportunity while we’re alone in the house to just talk.”

Kayleigh: Where is everyone?

Tracee: Agnese, Kelli, and Aria went out. The twins are at a hotel and Vixen was sent home.

Kayleigh: She’s gone? For real?

Tracee: Mhm.

Kayleigh laughs.

Kayleigh: Good, bitch.

Tracee nods in agreement.

Kayleigh: So what exactly happened between you and the twins last night?

Tracee: Well, obviously you saw us arguing in the limo. Well, when we got home and I saw that they really did put the water in my Louis bag, I was pissed. I went downstairs and they were talking shit in the confessional. I walked in and got in their face. I was mainly arguing with Shannade because she was the main one talking all night. But Shannon pushed me and I pushed her back and she swung. That was that.

Kayleigh: So Shannade didn’t do anything?

Tracee: Nah.

“Kayleigh CF: I’m starting to see that the twins can’t really stand on their own two feet. They talk mad game, but at the end of the day, they just feed off of each other.”

Tracee: Are we good?

Kayleigh: *sighs* Yeah, we’re good.

Tracee: Thank God. I missed you, G.

Kayleigh chuckles.
Kayleigh: I missed you too.

The two go in for a hug.

Tracee: Wanna go outside and talk?

Kayleigh: Yeah let me just put my bag away.

Tracee: Ight.

A little later on, another production van pulls up. The twins exit.

“Shannon and Shannade CF: We’re back bitches!
Shannon CF: I had to beat a bitch up last night. It’s no big deal and if she wants to pop off again, we can go for round 2 *smiles*.”

Shannon and Shannade enter the house.

Shannade: Where are these bitches?

They head upstairs and set their stuff on their bed.

Shannon: Oh shit. All of Vixen’s stuff is gone.

Shannade: Good. I need my own bed bitch.

Shannon: Where is everyone?

They head downstairs into the kitchen. They look outside and see Kayleigh and Tracee talking by the pool.

Shannade gasps.

Shannade: Is she seriously hanging out with her?

Shannon: Nuh-uh.

“Shannon CF: I don’t understand why Kayleigh is hanging out with Tracee again like, Kayleigh is supposed to be my friend and she’s fraternizing with the enemy. I don’t fuck with bitches that fuck with bitches that I don’t fuck with. Period.”

Shannon: That’s some shady shit.

Shannade: Kayleigh’s being a shady lady!

Later on, all of the girls are back in the house. Shannon is on the phone with her older sister.

Shannon: Hey bitch!

Sister: Hey girl, what’s going on in the house?

Shannon: So I fought that nappy headed bitch I’ve been beefing with and I beat her ass.

Her sister laughs.

Shannon: BUT, the real tea is the girl Kayleigh that me and ‘Nade are cool with is cool with that bitch again. They’ve been hanging out all day.

Sister: Shut the fuck up.

Shannon: Exactly. That’s some shady ass shit. That’s why we haven’t talked to her all day.

Sister: It sound to me like she’s being wishy washy.

Shannon: Exactly!

Sister: She needs to pick a side. Give her an ultimatum.

Shannon: Mmkay sissy. Well, I gotta go. Talk to you later.

Sister: Bye, boo.

Shannon: Bye.

Shannon hangs up.

The next day…

All of the girls are awake. Kelli and Aria are in the computer room. Kelli is stalking someone’s social media profile.

Aria: Is that the dude you met the other night?

Kelli: Roger, yeah.

“Kelli CF: I met this dude named Roger the other night at the club. He was really cute and all. I’m kinda hoping to bump into him again, but stalking his facebook will just have to do for now *laughs*.”

Kelli: He’s so cute!

Aria reluctantly nods.

“Aria CF: I’m not one to question someone’s taste in men, but Roger looks really...dirty. I would not want his thing anywhere near my thing. Yuck.

Aria: Call him!

Kelli: I don’t want to seem desperate!

Aria: Bitch, it’s been almost a week. Call him!

Kelli: I’ll think about it.

Later that night, Kayleigh and the twins drive to a local outdoor restaurant to get some food and chat.

“Shannade CF: ‘Nannon and I decide to take Kayleigh out to dinner just to see where her head’s at. We don’t like shady ladies and Kayleigh has definitely been rubbing us the wrong way since the fight night.”

Shannade: So, Kayleigh…

Kayleigh: Yeah?

Shannade: We saw that you and Tracee are cool now.

Kayleigh: Mhm.

Shannade: Why though?

“Kayleigh CF: So I’m thinking that me and the twins are just going to hang out, chill, and eat some food, but it turns out they just wanted to get me alone so they could grill my ass. For real? Come on now.”

Kayleigh: I told ya’ll. She’s been my friend.

Shannon: Okay, but my thing is. We’re supposed to be your friends too and Tracee has proven, at least in my eyes, that she cannot be trusted and she’s a snake. I’m just looking out for you, boo. I don’t want you to have that type of friend in your life.

Kayleigh: Okay, well that’s my decision to make. Not yours.

Shannade: Don’t catch a temper, babe.

Kayleigh: It’s just irritating to me that ya’ll couldn’t have this conversation one on one. So now I have you both coming at me at the same, you feel me?

Shannon: Well we both feel the same way.

Kayleigh: And that may be the case, but still you guys coming at me one on one builds a sense of trust, whereas the 2 on 1 shit has me kinda feeling some type of way.

Shannade: That’s fine. You can feel some type of way, we don’t care.

Kayleigh: There we go again we the “we” shit. Let Shannon speak for herself.

Shannon: Well Shannon feels the same way.

Kayleigh: So what do ya’ll expect me to do? Just drop the girl?

Shannon: Put it this way. We will never be cool with Tracee. Ever.

Kayleigh: Mhm.

Shannon: As far as I’m concerned, you can’t be cool with all of us, it’s just not gonna work because we’re gonna keep fucking with her until she leaves and I don’t want you to get caught in the middle. So you need to choose her or us?

Kayleigh: Are you guys serious? This is so childish.

Shannade: It may be! But we don’t care and if you have an issue with the way we’re solving this problem then just see your way out of this friendship!

Kayleigh: Oh hell no, let me get my shit to go because ya’ll are really pissing me off.

Shannon: Oh same here sis!

The girls cover their bill and head back into the jeep. Kayleigh sits in the back and it’s a long, awkward ride.

“Kayleigh CF: The twins really want me to pick between them and Tracee? I’m starting to see the twins’ true colors come out. Tracee never made me pick between them and I was kind of a bitch to her. I see where my true loyalties lie and that’s where you can find me.”

Once the girls are back at the house, Kayleigh goes upstairs and instantly goes to bed.

Shannon and Shannade go into the confessional.

Shannon: So it kinda seems like we got our answer. Kayleigh, we’re wiping our hands clean of you.

Shannade: You just proved to us that you don’t know shit about loyalty!

Shannon: These hoes ain’t loyal! *laughs*

Shannade: It can be and my sister against this entire god damn house for all I care. Bring it on bitches. We’re ready for anything.

Outside, Tracee is listening in.

“Tracee CF: I overhear the twins talking shit about Kayleigh. I can’t wait to use this as ammunition. These girls will be leaving the house sooner or later. Mark my words.”

The next day…

All of the girls are awake. Some are lounging around, some are putting makeup on in the beauty room, etc. Kelli is in the phone room. She decides to call Roger.

“Kelli CF: I decide to give Roger a call. I’m a bit nervous, but I like him, I think. I don’t know him too well yet.”

Roger: Hello?

Kelli: Hey. What’s up?

Roger: Nothing you?

Kelli: Nothing I’m just chilling in the house. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to come over and have a few drinks today?

Roger: Yeah. Hell yeah. That’d be tight.

Kelli: Awesome! Okay I’ll email you the address.

Roger: Ight cool.

Kelli: Alright. See you in a bit!

Roger: See ya.

They hang up. Kelli leaves the phone room, giddy as hell.

Aria: Did you call him?

Kelli: Yeah he’s coming over.

Agnese: Hell yeah! Get that dick girl!

Kelli: No! I’m not gonna fuck him, yet.

The girls laugh.

Upstairs, Tracee and Kayleigh are in the bedroom.

Tracee: I have tea to spill, sis.

Kayleigh: Okay.

Tracee: So last night, the twins were in the confessional saying that they’re done with you and you’re so fake yada yada.

Kayleigh: Well yesterday when we went out they basically told me I had to pick between them or you. And I’m like, I’m a grown ass woman. I ain’t choosing shit. If ya’ll wanna be childish, then keep playing your childish games, but don’t involve me.

Tracee: Yeah.

Kayleigh: Like the more they’re here the more of their bullshit I do see. I’m done with it, I don’t fuck with them on that level anymore. I can’t.

“Kayleigh CF: It doesn’t surprise me that the twins were talking about me. They’re so quick to switch up on somebody over some petty shit.”

Later on, Roger comes over.

Kelli answers the door. He has a bottle of vodka in hand and brought a few friends along.

Kelli: Hey!

Roger: Hey girl.

They hug.

“Kelli CF: Roger comes over and I’m so excited. He brought some vodka and a couple friends. We’re just gonna hang out by the pool and have a fun afternoon.”

Everyone is out at the pool, all of the girls included. The twins are distancing themselves from everyone else.

Roger: You guys enjoying LA?

Agnese: Yes!

Aria: The weather is beautiful.

Roger: What’s been your favorite part?

Agnese: Well hers is meeting you!

Kelli blushes.

Aria: She’s been talking about you non stop since you guys met.

Kelli: Shut up! Oh my goodness!

The girls laugh.

Roger notices the twins have isolated themselves.

Roger: What’s the deal with those girls?

Kelli: They don’t really hang out with us.

Kayleigh: They’re stuck up. That’s it *laughs*.

Shannon and Shannade glare at the other girls.

“Shannon CF: I’m having an epiphany. Kayleigh wants to sit and make smart ass comments, but this bitch clearly has never faced off with a Clermont. Kayleigh, you might have been running things before, but the Clermont’s are taking over. It’s gonna be a rough time for you here.”

“Kayleigh CF: Me severing ties with the twins is what needed to happen at this point. They may think I’m intimidated by them, but I fear no bitch. Whatever they think they have coming my way, is no match for what I have in store for them if they try anything with me. The Bad Girls house is about be turnt all the way up.”

Kayleigh and Tracee head inside.

Kayleigh: I’m not getting a good vibe.

Tracee: What do you mean?

Kayleigh: The twins are plotting. I know they are. It’s crazy how they can just switch up like that.

Tracee: Are you worried?

Kayleigh: No, just cautious.

What is to come for the girls?...




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What's to come next week???? O_O
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Hate the twins!
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Twins suck!
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