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TBGC Season One Episode Seven -- "Big Reputation"

16thJan 15, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Kayleigh came into the house and instantly was made a target due to her overly bitchy personality and her IDGAF attitude. Tracee was her only friend in the house and the two vowed to stick it out until the end. New girls Shannon and Shannade came to the house, ready to run it. However, most of the girls weren’t feeling their uppity attitudes. Kayleigh, however, seemed to click with the twins, which rubbed Tracee the wrong way and she began picking a battle with them, which led to a huge argument in the house.

Tonight, the twins and Tracee continue to clash, leaving Kayleigh in a very rough spot in the house. Tracee’s past in the house comes back to haunt her. Vixen decides to finally speak her mind and chaos ensues. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

A couple of days have past since the twins and Tracee’s argument. The house has been calm, but tension is on its way to the surface.

Kayleigh and the twins are heading out to grab some lunch, leaving the other girls behind.

“Kayleigh CF: I’ve been getting along with the twins pretty great so far. They’re a little bougie yeah, but so am I so we’re all good there *laughs*.”

They board one of the jeeps and head out to an outdoor restaurant.

Once seated, the gossiping begins.

Shannon: So these bitches are boring.

Shannade: Oh I know all they wanna do is sit by the pool.

Kayleigh: I know. I’m glad I have ya’ll to hang out with.

Shannon: Can I ask you a question, babe?

Kayleigh: Sure.

Shannon: Why are you friends with Tracee?

Kayleigh: Well at the beginning when the whole house was against me, Tracee had my back and held it down with me. She is a really loyal person. I wish ya’ll would just give her a chance.

Shannade: sis.

Shannon: She’s ugly! And she wears cheap clothes.

“Kayleigh CF: The twins are fun and all, but they can be really petty sometimes. Like, insanely petty.”

Kayleigh: Alright fine, but ya’ll can’t say I didn’t try.

Back at the house, the other girls are in the beauty room, getting ready.

Aria: I am ready for some good food!

“Aria CF: Tonight, me and some of the other girls are gonna go grab some really good dinner and then head out to the club. We’re not inviting Kayleigh and the twins, either. Tracee is coming because Kayleigh has basically ditched her for the twins, which I’m not excited about.”

Vixen struts into the room wearing a sexy black dress.

Vixen: Does this look good you guys?

Agnese: Hell yeah. Sexy as fuck.

Vixen giggles.

Tracee sits at her vanity, silently doing her makeup, slightly distanced from the other girls.

“Tracee: I’m going out with the other girls tonight. It’s about to be hella awkward. I’m cool with Vixen and I’m cool with Agnese. Kelli and Aria can choke.”

The girls finish getting ready and head off in the limo.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh and the Twins head back to the house in the jeep.

Upon entering the house, they see that they girls are gone.

Kayleigh: Did they go out?

Shannon: It seems like it.

Kayleigh: This early?

Shannade: They’re lame ass hoes.

“Kayleigh: I’m surprised that Tracee went out with the other girls. They don’t like her, but she’s been pressed that I’ve been spending time with the Twins.”

Shannade: I feel like being mischievous tonight!

Shannon: Bitch...spell mischievous.

Shannade: ...Anyways. What should we do?

Kayleigh: Ya’ll do what you want. I’m staying out of it, especially if it involves fucking with Tracee.

Shannon: C’mon Kay, please be bad with us!

Kayleigh: I’m good! Ya’ll do your thing.

“Shannon CF: It’s hard when ‘Nade and I are feeling naughty and Kayleigh doesn’t want to do anything with us. Don’t these girls hate you?”

Meanwhile, the other girls are out at a nice dinner, enjoying good food and expensive wine.

Kelli: This is nice. This is the shit I’ve been waiting to do.

Agnese: Bitch we’re in a nice establishment don’t curse *laughs*

All of the girls laugh, while Tracee plays with her food.

Vixen: You good Tracee?

Tracee: Yeah, I’m fine.

Vixen: You’ve hardly touched your food. You’ve drank quite a bit of wine though.

“Aria CF: I don’t know why this bitch decided to come out with us if all she was gonna do was mope around and be a Debby Downer. Someone please help me figure this out because I’m confused.”

Tracee: I’m good. I promise.

Vixen: You don’t seem to be in a club mood.

Tracee shrugs.

Agnese: Do you miss Kayleigh?

Aria snickers and Tracee glares at her.

Tracee: I miss home. Just feeling really homesick tonight.

Agnese: Do you want to take a cab home?

Tracee: No, I’ll go out.

Agnese: Are you sure?

Tracee: Yeah.

“Tracee CF: I am feeling really down as of late. I don’t know where my friendship with Kayleigh stands and the Twins have just been making this experience really unenjoyable for me.”

The girls wrap up dinner and head to the club.

Back at the house, the Twins have decided to pour water in Tracee’s Louis bag.

Shannade: She’ll get a nice surprise when she opens that up *laughs*

“Shannader CF: Fucking with Tracee is a lot of fun. She’s definitely gonna learn that you never fuck with a Clermont.”

Back at the club, the girls are partying and having a good time, even Tracee. She’s dancing with Vixen and Agnese and taking body shots off of hot guys.

“Tracee CF: The more alcohol I consume the more fun I’m having with these girls, but my anxiety levels also keep growing as well. I’m dying to get home and talk with Kayleigh.”

A little later on, the girls are finished partying and ready to head home. They board the limo and head back to the house.

Inside the house, the twins and Kayleigh are sitting in the living room. The other girls walk in the house, chatting and giggling.

Agnese: Hey girls!

Twins: Hey…

Tracee: Hey Kayleigh, can I talk to you in the bedroom privately?

Kayleigh: Sure.

Shannade: We left you a little surprise too. Good luck finding it.

Tracee rolls her eyes and walks upstairs. Kayleigh follows.

Tracee sits on her bed and Kayleigh joins her.

Kayleigh: What’s up?

Tracee: Alright so. I have a little bit of liquor in my system, so I really just want to get this out in the open now.

Kayleigh: Okay?

Tracee: I feel like ever since the Twins have came in the house, you have ditched me for them. You go out with them, you party with them, and you drink with them more than you do me.

Kayleigh: I just have a lot in common with the twins, that’s all.

Tracee: But I feel like ever since they’ve been here, it’s just been like “Oh, fuck Tracee.”

Kayleigh: It’s never been like that, Tracee! At all!

“Kayleigh CF: So Tracee is telling me that she feels as if I have been ditching her for the twins and that I don’t have her back anymore. Wtf Tracee?”

Kayleigh: At the end of the day, it’ll always be me and you. I have your back 100%.

Tracee: You don’t though!

Kayleigh: Excuse me?

Tracee: I just don’t feel like you do.


Tracee: Like, when they was yelling at me the other night, you didn’t say anything.

Kayleigh: That had nothing to do with me!

Tracee: And what did they do tonight? Was you in on it?

Kayleigh: What the fuck? Of course I wasn’t in on it! Are you serious?

Tracee: You fuck with them bitches and they hate me! They’re rats! I don’t know if I can trust you!

Kayleigh: Me? YOU can’t trust ME?

Tracee: I don’t know, I mean I--

Kayleigh: Okay, well where were you when the house was trying to get me out? Where were you when Taylor hit me from the back? Where were you the night I got sent to a hotel because Aria tried to fight me? You didn’t have my back in any of those situations! And you’ve been cool in this house with Taylor and Vixen! Two bitches I don’t fuck with, but you wanna try to drag me over some petty ass bullshit?

Outside of the room, Agnese and Aria are eavesdropping.

“Agnese: Are the BGC BFFs really fighting right now? I knew there friendship was doomed. Knew it.”

Tracee: Can I talk now?

Kayleigh: NO! You got me so heated up in this bitch! Like, are you actually fucking kidding me right now Tracee???

Tracee: No I’m serious! I want to be your friend, but--

Kayleigh: Well I don’t know if I want to be yours anymore! I need some space. I need space.

Kayleigh gets up and leaves the room.

“Kayleigh CF: Tracee coming at your only friend in the house was not a smart move. I have the twins and you’ll have nobody. So, good luck with that.”

The next day…

It’s the usual mid-morning wake up fest. All of the girls are rising from their slumber and trying to look cute for the day. Kayleigh sits at her vanity in the beauty room and the twins sit next to her.

“Tracee CF: I’m feeling really stupid for how I came at Kayleigh last night, so I definitely feel like I owe her an apology right now.”

Tracee walks into the beauty room.

Tracee: Kayleigh…

Kayleigh: What?

Tracee: I just wanted to apologize for last night. I came at you wrong.

Kayleigh: Shove your apology up your ass.

Tracee: Huh?

The twins chuckle.

Kayleigh: Honestly, Tracee. You tried to play me last night. And I don’t deal with that shit. You wanted to sit there and say that I never have your back, but you have proven not to have mine in the past either. I’ll accept your apology on my own terms because it’s just a word. I need time right now.

Tracee: Okay.

Tracee leaves and the Twins bust out laughing.

Shannon: You told her!

Shannade: What a dumb bitch.

“Kayleigh CF: I feel bad for yelling at Tracee, but she needed to be knocked down a peg. Hopefully in a few days this will all blow over.”

Downstairs Agnese, Kelli, Vixen, and Aria are all in the kitchen discussing what unfolded the night before.

Kelli: Do you guys think they won’t be friends at all?

Aria: No I think they will. Weak bitches need other weak bitches to feel strong, so.

Vixen: Kayleigh is such a flip flopped. I mean, I feel like Tracee is pretty justified to be honest.

Agnese: You think?

Vixen: Yeah. Kayleigh flipped on me after we hooked up and now she’s flipped on Tracee for the twins. She’s the common denominator in all of it. She’s fake.

“Vixen CF: I haven’t been cool with Kayleigh since the hook up, so I have no problem letting everyone know that I think she’s a fake ass bitch.”

Aria: Oh sweetie we’ve been knew. They’re both cunts.

Vixen: I don’t mind Tracee, but Kayleigh is a homophobic whore.

Just then, Kayleigh walks in.

Kayleigh: Excuse me?


Aria starts laughing.

Vixen: I said you were homophobic.

Kayleigh: A homophobic whore is how you put it, I believe.

Vixen sips her drink.

Kayleigh: When will you let that shit go?

Vixen: Honestly Kayleigh I wanted to be cool with you after that.

Kayleigh: But you’ve talked shit about me every day since, so…

“Kayleigh CF: I walked in on Vixen talking shit about me. If you have something to say behind my back, let’s see what she has to say in front of my face.”

Vixen: That’s not true, actually.

Kayleigh: Vixen, don’t lie. Don’t lie now.

Vixen: I’m not lying!

Vixen turns to Kelli.

Vixen: Am I lying?

Kayleigh: Don’t look every which way! Talk to ME.

Vixen: I have nothing else to say to you!

Kayleigh: So then don’t run your mouth.

Vixen: I can run my mouth all I want to.

Kayleigh: So you trying to get down?

Vixen is silent.

Kayleigh: Exactly. Just running your mouth.

Kayleigh leaves the room.

“Agnese CF: I think Vixen being quiet when Kayleigh was approaching her in a confrontational kind of way just proves that she is scared of going there with her.”

Aria: She’s such a bitch. Literally all the time. Anyways.

Later that day, Agnese, Tracee, and Kelli are sitting out by the pool.

Agnese: So Tracee what’s up with you and Kayleigh?

Tracee: She don’t want to talk to me or anything.

Agnese: So are you guys like friends still or…?

Tracee: Honestly. I don’t know.

“Kelli CF: Tracee and I have never been the best of friends in the house by any means, but it hurts me to see her so down in the dumps. We’re in LA. Enjoy your time.”

Kelli: Well you’re always welcome to chill.

Tracee: Thanks.

Agnese: We’re going to Playhouse tonight, you wanna go?

Tracee: Are the other girls going?

Kelli: Yeah I think we’re all going.

Tracee: I don’t know then.

Agnese: It’ll be fun. Just come out.

“Tracee CF: I can only sit around and mope for so long. The other girls are right. It’s time to let my freak out and Playhouse is the perfect place to do so.”

Later that night, all 8 girls are ready to head to Playhouse. They all board the limo and head out.

“Aria CF: This is the first time all 8 of us have gone out in a hot minute so I’m just expecting drama to pop off at any moment.”

Once at Playhouse, the girls head inside and instantly split into two cliques. Kayleigh and the twins and then Agnese, Aria, Kelli, Vixen, and Tracee.

Kayleigh and the twins find their own VIP and sit with their cocktails to discuss the house dynamic.

Kayleigh: I’m not gonna lie, it’s weird seeing Tracee with them!

Shannade: Forget her sis!

Shannon: Yeah, she’s whack.

Shannade: And you have us!

Shannon: Cheers to that bitch! *laughs*

On the other end, the girls are mostly having fun, except Vixen who is glaring over at Kayleigh.

Agnese: What’s up?

Vixen: She’s just such a fucking bitch, dude. Getting in my face like that earlier.

Agnese: We’re gonna talk back at the house.

“Agnese CF: I do feel like Vixen is afraid of confrontation, but she kinda needs to learn that if she’s gonna have that mouth she needs to be able to back it up.”

Kelli is dancing with a guy who looks like a mix between Seth MacFarlane and Kevin Federline.

“Kelli CF: So this guy is giving me a lot of attention at the club. He’s pretty cute definitely my type. We exchange numbers and I’m excited to see where this goes.”

Kelli goes back to the group.

Kelli: I just met a boy!

Aria: What?! No way!

Kelli nods.

Aria: What’s his name?

Kelli: Roger!

Tracee: Okay girl! Go ahead.

Agnese: Hey! The other girls are ready to leave, let’s bounce.

All of the girls head back to the limo, where the fun begins…

Kelli: Should I call Roger tonight? Or like wait a couple days.

Aria: I mean, are you wanting dick tonight?

Kelli: I don’t know, maybe *laughs*.

Aria: Then call him!

Shannon: Was Roger that sleazeball you were talking too?


Shannon: We saw you talking to a really crusty guy, was that him? With the brown hair and white Adidas jacket?

Kelli: Why are you being rude?

Shannon: Hmmm...Just asking a question, babe.

Kelli: Yeah, but it was rude!

Shannade: Don’t have a temper, babe! It was JUST a question.

Kelli: You know what, whatever.

Tracee: Nah, why ya’ll being rude?

“Tracee CF: I’m already feeling some type of way towards the twins so let’s just get this over with. I’m standing up to ya’ll.”

Shannon: Why are you involved?

Tracee: Because you’re picking on the damn girl! Chill out ya’ll always acting like rude ass bitches for no reason, like..

Shannade: Like nothing bitch! Shut the fuck up and know your place.

Tracee: My place, bitch? What? My place as an original? Oh, okay.

Shannon: Oh okay, bitch. We’ll see who’s the baddest if you want.

Tracee: Ya’ll aren’t staying for long.

Shannade: Really? Mad because we stole your best friend? *laughs*

Kayleigh: Ya’ll chill.

Tracee: No fuck these bitches. I can handle them.

Shannade: Really bitch? Do something then!

Shannade stands up.

Kayleigh: No, ‘Nade sit down.

Shannade: I’m done wasting breath on this dumb ass bitch!

Shannon: Save it for the house babe.

Shannade sits back down.

Shannade: That’s why we put water in your Louis bag anyways.

Tracee: I see you bitch.

Once the limo gets back to the house, Tracee runs out and runs upstairs.

Agnese: Vixen, let’s talk in the bedroom.

Vixen: Okay.

Agnese and Vixen head to their bedroom. Vixen sits on the bed and Agnese remains standing.

Agnese: I’m gonna be real with you.

Vixen: Mhm.

Agnese: Earlier today when Kayleigh was in your face and you didn’t do anything, you looked hella weak.

Vixen: Weak? How?

“Vixen CF: Agnese sits me down and is saying that I look super weak for not standing up to Kayleigh. Kayleigh does not intimidate me in the slightest so I am not afraid of getting loud with her.”

Agnese: Because you were talking mad shit and then we she came in the room it was just like silence!

Vixen: It wasn’t even that serious, though.

Agnese: So? That wasn’t the first time she’s been in your face! And every time there’s an altercation it seems like you run back to us and talk shit instead of saying it to her!

Vixen: Hmm..

Agnese: Kayleigh does not give a fuck about you! And if you got such an issue with her step up! Be like “Hell yeah I got a problem bitch, what’s good?”

Vixen: You’re right.

Agnese: So tell her! Don’t let her punk you out!

“Agnese CF: I kind of ‘nudge’ Vixen to confront Kayleigh because I’m tired of having to constantly listen to Vixen talk shit behind her back instead of saying it to her. It gets old after a while.”

Vixen: I’ll say something right now. I don’t care.

Vixen leaves the room and begins searching for Kayleigh. She walks into the beauty room to see Kayleigh standing there, taking off her makeup.


Tracee is in her bedroom. She finds her Louis bag and opens it. Sure enough, there’s still water in it. She dumps the water out and then walks out of the room.

“Tracee CF: The twins have disrespected me one too many times. It’s game over for them. I’m stepping up.”

Shannon and Shannade are in the house confessional.

Shannon: So this weak ass bitch really thinks she’s gonna get tough in the limo?

Shannade: I wanted to knock that bitch in her face! So bad!

Shannon: I wanted you to as well babe, but Kayleigh was like “NO. Sit down!” Like, what the fuck?

Shannade: I know. I don’t understand why Kayleigh still has her back. She’s fugly.

Just then, Tracee walks in.

Tracee: So what’s up?

Shannon: Get the fuck out bitch! This is our mother fucking confessional!

Tracee: I don’t care! I’m ready hoes! What you wanna do?

Shannon stands up.

Shannon: You wanna do this now? Really?

Shannade stands up as well.

Tracee: I ain’t afraid of ya’ll. You were getting buck in the limo so what’s really good?

Shannon: You have an issue so swing!

Back in the beauty room….

Vixen: So earlier when you were in my face.

Kayleigh: Mhm.

Vixen: I just wanted to say that I have a problem with you because I honestly feel like you’re a fake, homophobic bitch.

Kayleigh: Bitch ain’t nobody homophobic! And if you have such an issue then do something!

Agnese stands in the door frame, watching.

Vixen: I’m right here in your face!

Kayleigh: Vixen, bitch I will wash you. I’d think twice before swinging.

Vixen: Don’t be a pussy.

Kayleigh laughs.

Kayleigh: Bitch that’s funny!

Vixen: What’s funny?

Kayleigh: That.

Vixen clenches her fist.

Kayleigh: Are you swinging? Or just wasting my time?

Vixen: You wanna fight?

Kayleigh: That’s up to you! You got the issue!

Back downstairs, it’s getting heated in the confessional.

Shannade: You’re an ugly bitch! Get the fuck out of here!

Tracee: Bitch you’re a replacement! Get the fuck outta my house!

Shannade: I live here too bitch!

Tracee: Not for long, my n*gga! You’ll be out soon!

Shannade laughs.

Shannade: That’s funny bitch! You’re so delusional!

Tracee gets in Shannade’s face.

Tracee: What’s good, Shannade? What’s good?

Shannon pushes Tracee back.

Shannon: Get out of her face.

Tracee: Bitch don’t touch me!

Tracee pushes her back.

Shannon swings and it’s not pretty.

Back upstairs…

Kayleigh: Hit me, bitch. Go ahead.

Vixen swings.

Key - Shannon
Kiyanna - Tracee
Bri - Kayleigh
Fran - Vixen




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