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TBGC Season One Episode Five -- "A Dolla Make Me Holla"

Jan 12, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club....

New girl Aria entered the house to a less than thrilling welcome from originals Kayleigh and Tracee. From that point on, Aria vowed to never befriend either of them. Taylor came to the Bad Girls Club hoping to fix her drinking problem and bff’s Agnese and Kelli were there to help her along. However, that didn’t stop Agnese from playing puppet master and instigating a fight between high school enemies Taylor and Vixen. After a failed attempt to kick Kayleigh out of the house, Taylor turned back to alcohol, which spiraled into a drama filled evening as she got into it with Aria and Kelli. After coming back from a hotel, Kayleigh confronted Taylor for throwing a beach ball at her and gave her a “splash” of her own, which sent Taylor into a frenzy.

Tonight, what will the consequences be for Taylor after popping off on Kayleigh? Will Kayleigh and Tracee continue weaseling their way into the other side? And will Vixen confront Tracee about spilling the tea regarding her and Taylor’s drama? All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

Taylor: Walk off bitch.

Kayleigh throws water in Taylor’s face.

Kayleigh: I can throw things too, bitch. Enjoy.

“Kayleigh CF: I throw water in Taylor’s face because she thinks she’s with the business but every time we fight, I serve you. I’m just gonna embarrass the fuck outta this bitch.”

Kayleigh laughs and turns to walk out of the room, but Taylor has other plans.

Janelle - Taylor
Gigi - Kayleigh

After the fight is separated, Kayleigh is pulled out of the room.


Taylor: Fuck you bitch! I’m done!

Tracee runs into the room, past security.


Security tackles Tracee to the ground before she can get to Taylor.

“Taylor CF: People can think what they want about me hitting Kayleigh from behind, but that bitch has low blowed me so many times that I honestly don’t care at this point.”

Agnese: Why would you do that Taylor?

Taylor: She was in my face.

Agnese: But you hit her while she was walking away! You want this experience to change you, you shoulda let that shit die!

Taylor: What else are you supposed to do when a bitch keeps coming at you?

Agnese: Taylor you threw that ball at her last night! You didn’t have to do that!

“Agnese CF: Taylor has been my friend, but I know that I can’t back her up at this moment.”

Taylor: What’s done is done dude. It’s done. It’s over.

Agnese sighs and leaves the room.

All of the other girls have convened in the living room.

Tracee: She a punk ass bitch for that! Let me fight that hoe! Let me get her!

Kayleigh: Tracee! It’s good boo I handled her. Again. It’s fine.

Kelli: *crying* I don’t even know why she did that it’s like I don’t even know her anymore.

“Vixen CF: So in a matter of like 12 hours, Taylor hits me in the face, destroys the house, and sucker punches Kayleigh. Taylor, you’re going out looking like a weak bitch.”

Vixen: It’s done. She’s out. She’s going home. End of story. Next chapter.

Up in the bedroom, Taylor sits on her bed, staring at the ground. Production enters.

Production: Hey. Eventful day so far, huh?

Taylor: Yeah.

Production: Okay so here’s the deal. Because of the way this fight went down, you hit Kayleigh from the back and because of the severe hit you gave to Vixen’s head, we’re gonna send you back to Houston.

Taylor: *sighs* Okay.

“Taylor CF: So production tells me that I’m going home. It’s very bittersweet. I did want to stick around for as long as I could and work on myself. Unfortunately, I got caught up in drama and fighting. As far as I’m concerned, I’m leaving this house the way I came in. Completely alone.”

Production: We’re gonna gather all of the other girls in the beauty room. We’ll tell them there and meanwhile you can gather your things and we’ll have a car waiting outside.

Taylor: Sounds good.

Downstairs, all six of the other girls are sitting in the living room. Production comes downstairs.

Production: Hey ladies. Can I have all of you come to the beauty room, please?

“Agnese CF: So production calls us all up to the beauty room. Taylor isn’t there so I already know in the back of my mind that she was sent home or chose to leave.”

The girls all sit down in the beauty room.

Production: So just to let you guys know, Taylor will be leaving the house due to the two fights with Kayleigh and Vixen. She hit someone from the back and that hit she gave to you Vixen was pretty rough. She doesn’t want to speak with anyone and just for the safety of the house and out of respect for her, we’re gonna ask that you guys all stay here until she is out of the house.”

Kayleigh: No problem!

“Kayleigh CF: Taylor baby. You lost. How does it feel to go home? I am ecstatic right now.”

Taylor continues packing her things in her bedroom and then carries her luggage downstairs.

“Taylor CF: My time in the Bad Girls Club was definitely not what I expected. I never thought I would walk in the house on Day 1 and see a bitch that I had beef with in high school in the house too. I learned that I can stand alone, I don’t need an army to back me up and never trust bitches from jump, because at the end of the day, they won’t have your back. Kayleigh, you’re a fake bougie bitch. Vixen, I’m washing my hands clean of you. Tracee, you can only act hard when Kayleigh is there to have your back and you’re the biggest flip flopper in the house. To the other girls, I thought we were friends, but I kind of understand how my downfall was my own fault, but I still kind of thought you’d all have my back. Guess I was wrong. Peace out Bad Girls Club!”

Taylor boards a production van outside and rides away.

Back in the house, the other girls are still processing what has happened today.

“Aria CF: Taylor is gone and honestly she has no one to blame but herself. We tried to help her and she threw it back in our faces.”

Kelli is crying.

Aria: Kelli stop crying!!! Why are you crying for her?

Kelli: She was my friend! *sobs*

Aria: Clearly not she didn’t even want to say goodbye to you or anyone else in this house!

Kelli: This whole situation is so fucked up.

Aria: Well I’m not moping over a bitch who clearly doesn’t give a shit about me.

“Kelli CF: I wish people would have given Taylor a chance to show who she really is. Yeah I was mad at her drinking, but she is genuinely a good person and I feel like she was just very misunderstood by a lot of the girls.”

The phone rings.

Tracee answers the phone. It’s Mike the stripper.

Tracee: Hello?

Mike: Is this Tracee?

Tracee: It is! Is this Mike?

Mike: Girl whatchu know.

Tracee: Ayyeeeeee!!!

“Tracee CF: Mike is this male stripper that I met a little bit ago. I’m not sure if he’s gay or not, but he’s really hot so I gave him my number just to see if he’d call.”

Mike: What are you and the girls doing tonight?

Tracee: I don’t know yet. You got something for us to do?

Mike: Yeah I have the night off so I was thinking ya’ll could stop by Playhouse and get that VIP treatment.

Tracee: VIP Treatment, huh?

Mike: Hell yes only the best for the bad girls.

Tracee: Alright, sounds good. I’ll let the girls know.

Mike: Ight. Holla.

Tracee: Bye.

Tracee hangs up and exits the phone room.

Tracee: Bitches! We goin’ to Playhouse tonight!

Agnese: Are we?

Tracee: Yeah Mike called and said he’s gonna get us hooked up with the whole VIP treatment, baby!

Agnese: Nice!

A bit later on, all of the girls are getting ready in the beauty room, except Aria.

Kelli: Where’s Aria?

Agnese: I’m not sure. She said she wasn’t coming.

Tracee: She ain’t coming?!

Tracee gets up and heads to Aria’s room. Aria is in there, lying in bed.

Tracee: Bish you ain’t comin’ out with us tonight?

Aria: No.

Tracee: Why?

Aria: Because I don’t want to.

Tracee: Oh.

“Aria CF: I can not stand Tracee. I’m not gonna be fake and go hang out all night in a VIP paid for by her little sugar stripper.”

Kayleigh: The limo’s here!

The five girls board the limo, leaving Aria behind.

Once the girls arrive at Playhouse, they enter the club and begin looking for Mike.

Tracee: Where the fuck is he?

Kayleigh: I don’t know!

Agnese: Oh bitch look! Over there!

Agnese points to a nearby VIP section, where Mike and a few of his friends are seen. A banner hangs on the wall behind them that reads “Bad Bitches Only”.

Tracee: Ahhh shit!

The girls head over to the section and are greeted by Mike.

Mike: Ladies! Glad ya’ll came!

Mike and Tracee hug.

Tracee: Damn boy you went all out with this shit!

Mike: Only the best for the bad girls, I told you that.

There are bottles upon bottles at their table and the bad girls are ready to get it crackin’.

Shots are being poured, the girls are dancing with Mike’s crew and everyone seems to be having a good time.

Mike: So what’s the game plan after this?

Tracee: Whatchu tryin’ to do?

Mike: I’m tryin’ to come back to the crib, ya know?

Tracee: Alright I see you.

“Tracee CF: So Mike says he wants to come back to the house. No other girl has gotten any action so far in the house and I’ve been craving male attention.”

The girls head back to the limo and ride back to the house.

Tracee: I got to put on some perfume girl, Mike’s coming over.

Kayleigh: Is he bringing any of his friends?

Tracee: I don’t think so, sis.

Tracee runs to the bathroom and puts on perfume and is getting ready to be dicked down.

A little bit later, the doorbell rings and Kayleigh answers. It’s Mike.

Mike: Wassup shawty?

Kayleigh: Hey Mike. Tracee!!

Tracee runs downstairs and greets Mike with a hug.

Tracee: Hey boo.

Mike: Damn girl you lookin’ fine.

Tracee: Let’s go upstairs.

“Kayleigh CF: I’m staying clear of the bedroom for a while because I know Tracee is getting it in tonight. *laughs* Go Tracee.”

Tracee and Mike go into the bedroom and after just a few more minutes of talking, find themselves under the cover.

Tracee: OhhhhH!!!! Nshdjsfuialjkdxcmndl

“Aria CF: I’m lying comfortably in bed and from the next room over I can hear Tracee having sex. There is no way that stripper Mike is that good in bed. He isn’t even that good looking.”

After a little bit of fooling around, Mike and Tracee drift off into a deep slumber.

“Tracee CF: Mike is definitely not gay. *laughs*.”

The next morning, Mike and Tracee are up early. Tracee walks Mike to the door and gives him a kiss goodbye.

Tracee: Call me.

Mike: Oh I will. See ya, Trace.

Tracee: Bye.

Tracee shuts the door behind Mike and goes back into her bedroom.

Several hours later, all of the girls are awake and most are in the beauty room getting ready for the day. Kayleigh and Tracee are downstairs in the kitchen.

Aria: I could hear her moaning for like an hour. Fucking grossing me out.

Kelli: Was it really that long?

Aria: I don’t know, but she needs to not have sex in the house if she’s gonna be that loud.

“Aria CF: Every day that passes in this house I lose a little bit more respect for Tracee. I just think she’s vile.”

Downstairs, Kayleigh and Tracee are eating some food and Vixen walks into the room.

Vixen: Hey can I talk to you guys outside please?

Kayleigh: Uhm..sure.

“Vixen CF: I’m still not over the Taylor situation. She knew what I was saying about her, but the only people who knew were Kayleigh and Tracee. So one of them was talking shit.”

Outside, the three girls sit near the pool.

Vixen: Okay, so the whole altercation that went down between me and Taylor the other night. She came out and she had said that I was talking shit about her and making up lies and saying that her cheating on my cousin was a lie. My point is, the only two people I said anything about that to are you two.

Tracee: Oh.

Vixen: You see so I mean it just seems like one of you probably said something to her. Kayleigh, I know you and I haven’t been cool in a while, so if you told her anything to get her to come after me, I’d appreciate it if you just said so.

Kayleigh: Well first of all, I didn’t say a damn thing to her. You can ask anyone in this house I never shared words with Taylor except for when we were arguing. Second of all, are you sure you didn’t tell anybody else? Or maybe someone overheard a conversation you were having?

Vixen: I guess it’s possible, but…

Tracee: I mean, I’ll be honest I told Agnese about it.


Vixen: Why?

Tracee: It was the day the four of ya’ll went out and came home arguing. I told Agnese I thought it was funny that you and Taylor were so cool after the story you told us. She told us Taylor’s side of the story, so I told her yours.

Vixen: Okay well I just feel like that was something I told you guys in private when we were friends and I didn’t want that getting spread around. And now you know why, like me and Taylor got into a fight.

Tracee: Well neither of us said anything to Taylor about it, so I’m just saying Agnese is the only other person who knew.

Vixen: Okay well I’ll go grab her.

“Vixen CF: I decide to go grab Agnese because I’m getting to the bottom of this. Somebody is a snake and I’m gonna find out who.”

Vixen goes into the living room where Agnese is.

Vixen: Hey Agnese. Can you come outside for a few?

Agnese: Sure.

The two girls head back outside.

Agnese: What’s up?

Vixen: Alright. So the whole situation with Taylor. How it went down and she called me out for basically telling the truth about how she cheated on my cousin and whatnot.

Agnese: Mhm.

Vixen: Taylor found that out from someone in the house. The only people that I thought knew were Tracee and Kayleigh, but they told me that they told you. So I was wondering, like did you tell Taylor or did you tell someone else in the house?

“Agnese CF: So Vixen pulls me outside and basically I’m thrown into the lions den and I’m being thrown under the bus by Tracee. I’m not worried though, a real bitch can always handle her own.”

Agnese: No I didn’t tell anyone else, I told Taylor what was said and here’s why.

Vixen: Okay.

Agnese: From day 1 the two people I was closest with in the house were Taylor and Kelli, correct?

Vixen: Mhm.

Agnese: And in the beginning it was you three. After Tracee had told me what went down I never took it as she was talking shit about you or this and that, you know what I’m saying? But I felt an obligation to tell Taylor because that’s my girl. And me and you are cool, Vixen, but I’ve been with Taylor from jump while you were with these two and then not. That’s my girl. So yeah I’m gonna have her back!

Vixen: I understand that I just wish you wouldn’t have because it kicked off a whole bunch of drama that wasn’t needed. I got punched in my face.

Agnese: I understand but at the end of the day everyone here is a grown ass woman. I cannot or should not be able to influence anyone to do a specific thing or make people do things they don’t wanna do. Did I know she was gonna come back for more that night and hit you? No. I can apologize on her behalf, but you two had pre-existing beef before I even got involved and before these two even got involved. You feel me?

Vixen: Yeah. For sure.

“Tracee CF: So I’m watching this whole conversation and Agnese is starting to look a little funny to me. I have a good bullshit detector so like why you lyin’ boo? You was tryin’ to get the drama on and poppin’ in here and your homegirl got sent home. Yikes.”

Agnese: Yeah so like I don’t want to have any problems with anyone. We’re cool.

Vixen: We’re cool.

“Vixen CF: At the end of the day, I just decide to let the whole thing go because Taylor isn’t here anymore and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have any genuine beef with anyone.”

The next day, the house is calm, quiet, too quiet. Aria and Kelli are in the beauty room discussing the future of the house.

Aria: So when do you think we’ll get the new girl?

Kelli: I don’t know. It could be any time now.

Aria: I hope she’s cool.

Kelli: Me too.

Aria looks around a moment.

Aria: *whispers* I feel like me and Tracee are gonna end up beefing.

Kelli: You think?

Aria nods.

“Aria CF: At this point I can’t stand the shit out of Tracee because she’s just fake, obnoxious, loud, dirty, gross, etc. I thought I was gonna hate Kayleigh the most but this broke bitch takes the cake.”

Aria: I’ve just been annoyed by literally everything she does lately and I’m gonna end up popping off on her ass.

A bit later on Aria, Kelli, Agnese, and Vixen head out for some lunch.

They pull up to a cute Mexican restaurant and are seated inside.

Agnese: Ari your nails are cute girl.

Aria: Thanks boo.

Kelli: So what was that conversation you two were having with Kayleigh and Tracee yesterday?

Aria: UGH! Can we not talk about those irrelevant hoes today, please?

Kelli: Oop okay, chill out.

Aria: I’m sorry, but is it just me that’s tired of everything being centered around them? It’s boring.

Agnese: It wasn’t really anything, to be honest.

Vixen: Yeah.

“Agnese CF: The house is in a weird place. It seems like now that Taylor is gone, everyone wants to flip back to hating Tracee and Kayleigh. I’m staying as neutral as possible because nobody has given me a reason to dislike them.”

Kelli: I’m just waiting for the new girl. When do you think she’s coming?

Aria: No idea. I hope she’s cool.

Back at the house, the phone rings. Tracee answers.

Tracee: Hello?

Mike: Hey girl how you doin’?

Tracee: Hey Mike! What’s up?

Mike: Nothing girl. I was wondering if you guys wanted to stop by Sound tonight. Bottles and strippers, what more can you ask for?

Tracee: You gon’ be stripping on the pole? *laughs*

Mike: I mean if you willing to throw the dollars I’ll consider it *laughs*.

“Tracee CF: Mike invites all the girls out again. I’m smittin’ at this point so I’m ready to see him again.”

Later that night, all of the girls are getting ready to go out.

“Aria CF: I decide I’m actually gonna go out with these girls tonight. I’m just not gonna hang around Kayleigh and Tracee and you damn sure won’t see me frontin’ for some bottles with this guy she’s fucking.”

The girls board the limo and head to Sound. They go inside and are greeted by Mike and his goon squad. They are taken to a VIP table where they are once again greeted with bottles and food.

Tracee: This shit is lit!

All of the girls are partying and having a good time. Aria is sitting at the booth, sipping on a drink she paid for herself and is glaring at the other girls.

“Aria CF: I’m not enjoying myself kissing ass to Tracee just because I’m not gonna stoop to being fake for some free drinks.”

Agnese: Why aren’t you dancing?

Aria: I’m not dancing with them! Not doing it.

“Agnese CF: I notice that Aria isn’t having fun. She’s moping around and sitting at the booth. We kind of scurry out the door tonight because the energy is just getting dragged down.”

Outside of the club, Tracee is saying goodbye to Mike.

Tracee: I’ll see you again, right?

Mike: For sure baby.

They kiss.

Back in the limo, the other girls are waiting for Tracee.

Aria: Can she hurry up?

“Aria CF: Tracee is taking forever to get back in the limo. I’m irritated and ready to leave so hurry your ass up.”

Aria: *yelling outside the limo* CAN YOU HURRY UP PLEASE? THANK YOU!”

Tracee hears Aria calling for her and goes back to the limo and boards.

Tracee: Alright I’m here. Let’s everybody chill out.

Aria: What do you mean? I’m chill.

“Tracee CF: I could tell that Aria was having a little attitude all night and she wanna make smart ass comments in the limo. Well now I’m here in your face, so let’s see what she has to say now.”

Tracee: Aria you were miserable tonight.

Aria: Okay honestly I did not want to be in a section with that many people and drinking the bottles.

Tracee: It was all free though, like they did that for us and they didn’t have to.

Aria: Well I don’t like you so I’m not gonna be fake and pretend like I’m having fun with you or with your friends.

Tracee: So why did you even come out if you’re gonna be miserable?

Aria: It doesn’t matter like I learned my lesson and I won’t be coming out with you and your friends anymore!

Tracee: It does matter! It does matter bitch! Cuz you was dragging the energy down the whole night! You could have stayed your negative ass at home!

Aria: Don’t yell at me bitch! Don’t!

Kelli: Guys, chill!

Tracee: Fuck you bitch! You a weak ass hoe anyways!

“Aria CF: This is the aggression towards Tracee that I’ve been waiting to release. I’m gonna let her have it.”

Aria: Bitch! You don’t know me! I’m not your friend! If I don’t wanna have fun with you and your nasty ass stripper fuck buddy then I won’t!

Tracee: Bitch shut the fuck up before I reach over there and smack the fuck outta you!

Aria: Do it!

Kayleigh: No no no!

Tracee: Bitch try me! Try me!

Agnese: Hey! Hey!

Agnese gets in the middle of the two.

Agnese: We’re not fighting in the limo you guys need to chill the fuck out.

Aria: Bitch.

Tracee: Right back at you.

“Tracee CF: This broke bitch never should have opened her mouth because now, every time I see her, it’s gonna be a problem and eventually I’m gonna wild out and go HAM on that ass.”

The limo finally arrives back at the house. Tracee and Kayleigh are out first and run to the house confessional.

Tracee: So this lame ass bitch wants to open her mouth talking shit, bitch shut up! Lucky I ain’t bust your ass then hoe!

Kayleigh: Where was that energy when we were throwing shit at you on your first night? Like, you wanna start a problem two weeks later? Girl, bye.

Tracee: Everyday is gonna be an issue for you baby girl, because you’re a jealous ass bitch! Watch what you say to me hoe because the next time I’m gonna fuck you up. Point blank and the PERIOD. BITCH!

To Be Continued...



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Tracee and Kayleigh are killing it!!
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