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TBGC Season One Episode Four -- "A Tale of Many Truth's"

Jan 10, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Kayleigh proved to be a monster in the house, demolishing anyone that steps to her. And when it became 5 on 1, she showed that she still wasn’t backing down. Taylor became the new house leader and led a revolution against Kayleigh, which quickly backfired. Upon entering the house, Taylor and Vixen shared their backstory with the girls, but told two completely separate tales. Tracee began mending her broken relationships with the other girls, but ditched them as soon as Kayleigh returned to the house. Upset by Tracee’s flip floppy ways, the girls made it known that Tracee officially chose her side.

Tonight, will Taylor continue to try and get Kayleigh out of the house? Will Taylor and Vixen officially squash their beef thanks to their common enemy? Plus, one girl’s downward spiral leaves many in the house shocked. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

It’s mid-morning. Some girls are still in bed. Others, just waking up. Taylor, however, is outside, having been up for hours, and drinking a beer.

“Taylor CF: I’m not over what happened with Kayleigh the other day. This bitch is still leaving this house. It just might take some time.”

In the kitchen, Agnese and Kelli are now awake and watching Taylor from a distance.

Agnese: Is she outside drinking a beer?

Kelli: Is she?

Agnese: Yea. It’s 10:30.

“Agnese CF: I’m worried about Taylor. She’s enduring a lot of stress here and she is still trying to relieve that stress by drinking alcohol.”

Agnese: I just don’t want night one Taylor to make a return, you know?

Kelli: Oh yes I completely agree. I just know she was really wanting to work on her drinking problem and she’s struggling a lot.

Just then, Kayleigh enters the kitchen. Agnese and Kelli watch in silence. She grabs a bottled water from the fridge and exits.

Agnese: Awkward *laughs*

“Kelli CF: There’s a lot of tension between Kayleigh and I. She punched me in my face, but I could honestly not care less about her at this point.”

Kelli: I’m over the beef. If she wants to walk around with a stank attitude that’s on her. I’m done making this the Kayleigh show.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh is standing outside the kitchen listening and smiling.

“Kayleigh CF: I know I’m the baddest bitch in the house because all you girls can talk about is me. Get a life, you irrelevant hoes.”

Later on, Aria, Taylor, Kelli, and Vixen are all sitting in the beauty room, ready to go out for the day. Shop, eat, and drink. The normal.

Aria: Is Agnese staying in with them?

Kelli: Yeah she isn’t feeling good. Who’s driving?

Taylor: Not me.

Vixen: I can.

Kelli: Sweet.

“Aria CF: Myself, Kelli, Taylor, and Vixen are all going out just to hang out for the day, relax, and get away from Kayleigh and Tracee aka the whack pack.”

The four girls exit the house and board one of the jeeps, heading off for the city.

Back at the house, Kayleigh and Tracee are chilling in their bedroom.

Tracee: They leave?

Kayleigh: Mhmm.

Tracee: All of them?

Kayleigh: Nah I think Agnese stayed in.

Tracee: Oh, what you think of her?

Kayleigh: I mean she’s cool with the other side, but I don’t have an issue with her personally.

Tracee: Yeah me neither.

“Kayleigh CF: I decide that I’m gonna go talk to Agnese. We haven’t necessarily been friends so far, but she’s also the only girl from that side that hasn’t came for me. Who knows? She might be cool.”

Kayleigh and Tracee go into the next room over where Agnese is lying in bed.

Kayleigh: Hey, Agnese.

Agnese: Hey.

Tracee: How you feeling?

Agnese: I’m fine, just a headache was all.

“Agnese CF: So I’m laying in bed and Kayleigh and Tracee come in the room. At first I thought they were gonna try to start shit with me, but they ended up just wanting to talk.”

Kayleigh: Like I was telling Tracee, like you are the only bitch from your side of the house that hasn’t fucked with me.

Agnese: Mhm.

Kayleigh: So like I don’t understand why maybe we couldn’t be cordial at least.

Agnese: Oh for sure. I mean the other girls aren’t gonna like it, but I have no issue with you so I’m not gonna cosign their issues with you, you feel me?

Kayleigh: Yeah.

Agnese: But at the end of the day you also know the two girls I’m closest with in this house are Taylor and Kelli. And I’ll have their backs 100%.

Kayleigh: Yeah. I respect it.

“Kayleigh CF: Agnese is a bad bitch. She’s actually really cool and I’m glad I sat down to talk to her.”

Tracee: How fucked up do you think the other girls are gonna get tonight?

Agnese: I don’t know. Taylor’s been on one lately so she might get a little...extra.

Meanwhile, at the other girl’s outing seems to be going well. They are at a sit down restaurant and have just finished their food. Taylor is on her third drink already.

Aria: This food was so yummy.

Vixen: Oh it was.

Kelli notices that Taylor is getting a bit droopy eyed and is zoning out. Her drunk face.

Kelli: I think you should slow down on the drinks dude.

Taylor: Why?

Kelli: …’Cause you’re drunk.

Taylor: I am so not even drunk what are you saying.

Kelli: No for real. You turn into an asshole when you drink.

Taylor: An ASSHOLE?

“Kelli CF: We’re out to dinner and Taylor has had one too many strawberry daiquiris. I can see her eyes glazing over and just that same look from night one spreading on her face. Here we go again.”

Taylor: We all just had a great time why are you calling me an asshole?

Kelli: Because when you drink, you’re rude to people and you want to fight.

Aria: Not this shit.

“Vixen CF: Here Taylor goes making a scene in a public area. I’m embarrassed and just ready to leave at this point.”

Taylor: Do I wanna fight you? No! Do I wanna fight you? No!

Aria: Taylor, chill.


At this point, most people in the place are looking.

Vixen: Ugh can we get the check please?

Kelli: I don’t wanna fight with you!

Aria: Fuck this, I’m out.

“Aria CF: What was a great day/night has turned into a complete shit show because Taylor cannot hold her damn liquor.”

The girls are asked to leave the restaurant and do so.

Aria is speaking to the manager outside.

Aria: I do want to apologize. None of us realized she was that drunk. We asked her to stop drinking and she popped off.

Manager: I appreciate the apology, but I can’t have the Bad Girls Club back in this establishment.

Aria: Okay, I understand.

Aria walks back in the car and gets in the passenger seat.

Aria: Taylor, what the FUCK?

Taylor: Don’t yell at me ARIA!

Aria: No! I will because thanks to you we are not allowed back at this restaurant. Do you understand that nobody wants to go anywhere with you because all you want to do is drink! You want to work on your drinking problem, well STOP FUCKING DRINKING!

Taylor: Okay. Okay. OKAY! I GET IT SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Aria: Don’t tell me to shut the fuck up! I’m just letting you know that you embarrassed the fuck out of me tonight.

Vixen: Aria, chill. She’s not worth it.

“Taylor CF: My anxiety levels are at an all time high. Aria is screaming at me. Kelli was screaming at me. Don’t be in my face like that.”

Back at the house, the girls are gossipping about Taylor and the other girls.

Tracee: I’m surprised as hell that Taylor and Vixen been so cool so far.

Kayleigh: Right? Especially after what Vixen told us about how they became enemies and shit.

Agnese: Oh about the Vinny situation?

Tracee; Her cousin? Yeah. Taylor fill you in?

Agnese: Yeah she said that when her and Vixen’s cousin were dating, Vixen was like weirdly protective of him and basically acted like a psycho ex-girlfriend and was a raging bitch to her all the time.

Tracee: For real?

Agnese: Yeah.

Kayleigh: See, Vixen told us a completely different story.

Agnese: What did she say?

Tracee: She said that Taylor and her cousin Vinny were like madly in love or some shit and Taylor cheated on him and that’s why Vixen ain’t fuck with her.

Agnese: Seriously?

Kayleigh: Yep.

“Agnese CF: So Tracee is spilling the tea about Vixen’s side of her issues with Taylor. Both Taylor and Vixen have given different perspectives on the issue, but I definitely feel like I’m gonna tell Taylor tomorrow just so we can “clear the air”.”

Kayleigh: That’s crazy. That both of those stories are so different.

Tracee: Exactly. One of them is a damn liar.

Agnese: Maybe they’re both true, who the fuck knows.

Just then, the front door to the house flies open, and girls can be heard yelling downstairs.

Kayleigh: Is that the girls?

Agnese: Yeah.

They head downstairs….

Taylor is in the living room, throwing things on the ground, yelling, screaming, etc.

Kelli: Taylor calm down!

Taylor: No! Fuck you!

Aria: Go the fuck upstairs, bitch!

“Aria CF: Taylor has been pissing me off all night and I’m through with it. Go the fuck upstairs bitch, you’re drunk.”


Aria: Yo, what are you clapping in my face for!!!

Kayleigh and Tracee are watching from the top of the stairs, while Agnese comes downstairs and grabs Taylor.

Agnese: It’s just me! It’s just me, baby! I’m gonna take you to your room, okay?

Taylor: I wanna go to my bed and sleep with my blanket! That bitch isn’t invited she yelled at me.

“Kayleigh CF: Ugh. Another drunken Taylor outburst. Miss me with that one.”

In their bedroom, Agnese is putting Taylor to sleep.

Agnese: Just lie on your side. You’re okay. It’s sleep time.

Taylor is crying.

Taylor: Agnese those hoes don’t like me they yelled at me in the restaurant for no reason *sobs*.

Agnese: It’s okay talk it out tomorrow.

Taylor: Fuck everyone except for you I love you only.

Agnese: Goodnight baby.

“Agnese CF: Seeing how upset Taylor is with everyone just makes me want to tell her what Agnese said even more. Let the games begin.”

The next morning….

The girls are awake, it’s nearly noon, but Taylor has still not made an appearance.

Aria: Is she still sleeping?

Kelli: I think so.

Aria: Who the fuck sleeps for this long? We got back at 1:30…

Agnese: I’ll go check on her.

Agnese goes upstairs and into the bedroom. Taylor is still in bed. Very much awake, but still under the covers.

Agnese: Hey sleepy head. How you feeling?

Taylor: I feel fucking awful.

Agnese: Yeah you were smacked last night.

Taylor: I remember it too.

Agnese: Do you?

Taylor: Yeah. I drank way too much and Kelli tried to stop me and I went off on her. I went off on everyone.

“Taylor CF: I’m definitely embarrassed about the way I acted. I hope it’s not too late for apologies.”

Taylor: But how was your night?

Agnese: Interesting. I talked with Kayleigh and Tracee pretty much the whole night until you guys got back.

Taylor: Ew why?

Agnese: They approached me and wanted to talk. I don’t have an issue with them. But, I did find out some interesting information about some shit that Vixen has said about you.

Taylor: Vixen?

Agnese: Mhm.

Taylor: What did she say?

Agnese: Apparently she told them that the reason ya’ll ain’t cool is because you played with her cousin’s emotions and then cheated on him. Basically saying that you are the reason they aren’t cool.

Taylor: That’s a fucking lie.

Agnese: *shrugs* I don’t know girl. That’s what she said, though.

“Taylor CF: So here I am thinking Vixen and I are cool, but apparently she’s been popping off at the mouth this whole time. Stupid bitch.”

Taylor gets up from her bed.

Taylor: I’m saying something. That’s so fucked up.

Agnese: No no no!

“Agnese CF: I definitely am stirring the pot with this, but I’m tired of it being the house against Kayleigh. Give me some new tea to sip on, please!”

Taylor goes to the beauty room, where Vixen sits alone. Agnese follows.

Taylor: So what is this about me cheating on your cousin?

Vixen: Excuse me?

Taylor: You’ve been telling people that I fucked with Vinny’s heart and then fucked another dude apparently, right? Right.

Vixen: You did, though!


Vixen: Don’t lie, Taylor. Don’t lie.

Taylor: I’m not lying! What the fuck would I lie to your stupid ass for?

“Vixen CF: Taylor decides to come at me because she heard through the grapevine that I said she cheated on my cousin. The only people that knew that information are Kayleigh and Tracee.”

Vixen: You want to pop off? Pop off when I’m not doing my makeup, bitch!

Agnese: Taylor, come on.

Taylor: Alright, I’ll catch you later bitch.

Taylor and Agnese leave.

Vixen: Stupid whore.

Downstairs, Tracee and Kayleigh are exiting the house.

“Tracee CF: Today me and Kayleigh are gonna go grab some lunch and just have some quality bff time.”

They get in the jeep and ride to an outside sit-down place.

Tracee: So did you hear Taylor and Vixen arguing earlier?

Kayleigh: Yeah. Taylor needs to stop thinking she all big and bad, like. I don’t think Vixen is that tough either, but she needs to chill.

Tracee: I think they’re gonna be the next two to pop off, I can feel it.

Kayleigh: I’d be fine with it. At least it ain’t me this time *laughs*

Back at the house, Taylor is alone in the kitchen. She gets a bottle of vodka down  from the cupboard and proceeds to take two shots.

“Taylor CF: At this point I feel like I really have no one and vodka is my only confidante, so I take a couple of shots just to feel a little nice today.”

In the backyard, the rest of the girls are all sitting by the pool, chilling, and talking.

Aria: So you guys are officially beefing again or what?

Vixen: I mean we never stopped to be honest. We just were bonding over a common enemy. But she wanna come in the room on some other shit. It is what it is.

“Vixen CF: I don’t give a fuck about Taylor. I haven’t given a fuck about Taylor since sophomore year of high school. She wants to bring up old shit and make it an issue because we’re in the bad girls club? Like, okay.”

Kelli: I like Taylor, but she’s been going crazy the past couple of days!

Aria: Exactly! Like if she keeps getting in my face and I get to the point where I decide I’m not gonna fuck with her anymore like, it’s a wrap for you.

Agnese: I’m just gonna let her simmer down. Hope she doesn’t act too crazy.

“Kelli CF: We all can’t stand the shit out of Taylor when she’s drunk. Hopefully she gets her act together and if not, we’ll see how long she’ll last here.”

Kelli: Anyways, it is so fucking nice out.

Aria: Oh, bitch I know. I’m staying by the pool all damn day.

Vixen: Can we? Get some tans in, swim.

Agnese: Hell yeah.

“Agnese CF: We decide that we’re all gonna spend the day outdoors and just relax and have fun. I’m gonna invite Taylor to come along. I don’t think she will, but she’s gonna have to face the music at some point.”

Agnese heads inside. Taylor is still in the kitchen, drinking cranberry juice now.

Agnese: Hey, so we’re all gonna change into our bathing suits and shit and just chill out by the pool all day. You in?

Taylor: No. I don’t want to be around them right now.

Agnese: Not even Kelli? Why?

Taylor: Agnese, I got in all of their faces last night and with what happened between me and Vixen earlier, I can’t.

Agnese: I just don’t want you to feel like it has to be weird or awkward for you. You have to face them at some point.

Taylor: I’m good.

“Taylor CF: I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to be around anyone. I don’t want to even be in the same vicinity as everyone. As far as I’m concerned, I have no friends here. No one here cares about me and it’s getting to the point where I’m almost ready to go home.”

A little bit later, Kayleigh and Tracee arrive back at the house. Taylor is still in the kitchen and the other girls are all outside. Agnese comes back inside and runs upstairs to their bedroom.

Agnese: Ya’ll come chill with us.

Kayleigh: For real?

Agnese: Yeah the other girls will be cool, I promise.

Tracee: Ight girl let me change into comfy clothes.

Agnese: Are you gonna go in the water?

Tracee: Hell nah I can’t get my weave wet.

Kayleigh: Yeah I’m not gonna go in, but I’ll go out.

“Kayleigh CF: Just a few days ago the entire house was against me and Taylor was the ringleader of that shit. But now, me and Tracee are getting invited to hang out with them and Taylor is stuck inside being a little bitch about it. I love the Bad Girls Club *laughs*.”

Kayleigh and Tracee head outside to be with the other girls.

“Aria CF: I don’t know why Agnese wants to hang out with Kayleigh and Tracee. Just because we aren’t that cool with Taylor right now doesn’t mean we’re gonna be buddy buddy with those two trainwrecks.”

The girls begin drinking, swimming, chatting, etc. A few hours pass and things seem to still be going strong.

Back inside, Taylor has taken a couple more shots and glares at the other girls out of the window.

“Taylor CF: I cannot believe that these girls are hanging out with the enemy. The bitch we tried to kick out of the house? Really? I’m about to raise hell up in this bitch.”

Taylor goes outside. Kayleigh and Tracee are sitting at a table near the house. Agnese and Vixen are sitting on the edge of the pool and Kelli and Aria are night swimming. Taylor glares at Kayleigh and Tracee and makes her way to the pool.

Taylor: Vixen.

Vixen: What?

Taylor: Tell me, you really think the whole situation is my fault?

Vixen: I think it’s 100% your fault.

“Vixen CF: Here comes Taylor trying to start a problem. I can tell she’s had a little to drink and it’s just not gonna be a good time with her out here.”

Taylor: So why didn’t you come to my face in this house, you made me think we were cool?

Vixen: Bitch. Look, if we were cool on that level, I woulda been cool with you on that level. It ain’t no secrets from Vixen. Stop playing.

Taylor: Call me another bitch, Vixen. Seriously. I’m not in the fucking mood, right now.

Kelli: Taylor, just chill out dude! Have fun!

Taylor: You shut the fuck up!

Agnese gets up to try and pull Taylor away from the situation.

Taylor: No fuck that! This bitch said to come at her later and here I am. What’s good?

Vixen: Get out of my face bitch.

Taylor: Get out of the fucking pool, bitch! Come on!

Vixen stands up.

Vixen: Bitch you don’t want it!

Taylor: Oh, but I do bitch! Hit me!

They are in each other’s faces now.

Vixen: You got the problem so do something, hoe. What’s good?

Taylor: Yeah what’s good you punk ass bitch.

Vixen slightly pushes Taylor away and it’s on from there.

Christina - Taylor
Rima - Vixen

After the fight is separated, Agnese leads Taylor back towards the house.



Taylor picks up a beach ball sitting in the yard and chucks it at Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: Really bitch?

Agnese: Taylor stop! Come on!

Once inside, Taylor sits at the kitchen table. Production enters.

Production: We need you to pack a bag. We’re sending you to a hotel tonight.

Taylor: Fine.

“Agnese CF: There’s only so much you can do for a person. Taylor feels like nobody has her back when I’ve had her back this whole time. I really don’t think Taylor is gonna last much longer here.”

Taylor packs a bag and heads out to the production van. She leaves for the night.

Back outside, all of the girls are talking about the drama that just unfolded.

Vixen: I can’t believe she hit me in the face.

Kayleigh: Did you see her throw that ball at me? Like what the fuck was that?

Aria: She’s psycho. Like, she has literally lost her mind.

Tracee: EL LOCA!!!

“Kayleigh CF: I know Taylor thinks she’s big and bad because she punched Vixen in the face and then threw a ball at me, but I’m not Vixen and she has another thing coming if she thinks she’s gonna fuck with me and I’m not gonna do anything. But since she’s not here, all of us just decide to go to sleep and wait for tomorrow.”

All of the girls head inside and go to sleep.

The next day, the girls are awake. Everything is calm.

But not for long, the production van rolls up around midday and Taylor exits.

“Taylor CF: I left the house for a night just to calm down. But now I’m back and I know there’s a lot of unfinished business for me at the house.”

Taylor goes straight to her bedroom, avoiding eye contact with Tracee along the way.

Tracee goes into the kitchen where Kayleigh and Agnese are.

Tracee: She’s here.

Kayleigh: She is?

Tracee: Yes girl!

Kayleigh grabs a plastic cup from the cupboard and fills it with water.

Kayleigh: I’ll be back.

Agnese: Kayleigh don’t do it!

“Kayleigh CF: Taylor thought she was gonna throw a ball at me and then just walk back into this house and get off free? You thought wrong bitch. If you wanna play these games, well so can I.”

Kayleigh goes to Taylor’s bedroom, with Agnese and and Tracee trailing her.

Kayleigh: You wanna throw shit at people? Really?

Taylor: Walk off bitch.

Kayleigh throws the water in Taylor’s face.

Kayleigh: I can throw things too bitch. Enjoy!

Kayleigh laughs and turns to walk out of the room, but Taylor has other plans.

Janelle - Taylor
Gigi - Kayleigh




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