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TBGC Season One Episode Three -- "Dog Eat Dog"

14thJan 9, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club…

Taylor entered the house determined to change her drinking habits and make a better life for herself. However, that all failed on night one, which resulted in a physical altercation with Kayleigh. As the days went on, Taylor grew closer with Kelli and Agnese, who pushed her to become the person she wants to be. Kayleigh, Tracee, and Vixen were a clique, but a drunken hook up between Kayleigh and Vixen stirred the pot and created mass tension between the two. New girl Aria entered the club to an icy reception from Kayleigh and Tracee, who threw eggs and flour on her. While they were away, Aria sought out her revenge with Kelli’s help. When the girls got back to the house, all hell broke loose as Kayleigh and Tracee confronted Aria and Kelli.

Tonight, will Aria manage to make amends with Kayleigh and Tracee, or will she continue treading in dangerous waters? Also, how will Kelli fare when Kayleigh sets her sights on her? All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

It’s the day after the fight between Aria and Kayleigh. Kayleigh is at a hotel, and the house is recovering from the previous night’s activities. Vixen, Agnese, and Kelli sit in the backyard discussing the events.

Kelli: When do you think they’ll bring her back?

Agnese: I have no idea. Maybe today? Maybe not.

“Kelli CF: So last night I helped Aria put Tracee’s bed in the pool and throw out Kayleigh’s makeup. I know they’re both pissed at me and I’m fully prepared to feel the wrath of Kayleigh when she gets home.”

Vixen: Are you worried about her coming at you?

Kelli: I’m not really a confrontational person, but I can handle my own. I’ll be fine.

Agnese: Good. You need to be able to handle your own in this house.

“Agnese CF: Kelli is my friend. I don’t want to see her get her ass beat, but Kayleigh has hands and Kelli isn’t a fighter, but she stuck her nose in drama that had nothing to do with her, so I can’t really back her up on this one.”

Back inside, Aria walks into the kitchen to find Taylor and Tracee eating breakfast.

Aria: Good morning Tracee!

Tracee: Morning hoe.

Aria: Sleep good on your non-existent mattress?

Tracee: I slept in Kayleigh’s bed you dumb bitch.

“Aria CF: I am not scared of any of these bitches. Tracee, you’re illiterate and you look like a fucking sock monkey. Get out of my house with your halitosis breath too, bitch.”

Aria goes into the backyard leaving Tracee and Taylor alone.

“Taylor CF: There’s tension between Tracee and I because she’s friends with Kayleigh, but me and Tracee don’t have any actual beef. I would like to squash it so it’s not as awkward for me in the house.”

Taylor: So, Tracee. Why don’t you like me?

Tracee: Who says I don’t like you?

Taylor: I mean, you give me the cold shoulder whenever Kayleigh is around. I’ve seen you
laughing with her making fun of me and stuff, but I never did anything directly to you.

Tracee: My whole thing with you Taylor is that I felt like you were being a bop on night one. You didn’t have no respect for the people that you live with…

Taylor: I mean yeah but are those Kayleigh’s thoughts or yours?

“Taylor CF: Honestly I can’t tell where Kayleigh’s ass ends and where Tracee’s head begins sometimes.”

Tracee: Look at the end of the day, don’t no bitch affect my thought process or how I feel about people in this house. I make my own judgments and I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do. I never gave you a chance and that was wrong of me. I would like to fix it if you give me a chance to.

Taylor: Of course!

“Tracee CF: I do have tension with most of the girls, but the only girls I have beef with are Aria and Kelli. I’m guilty by association a lot of the time because I hang out with Kayleigh. I’m gonna show these girls that Tracee is her own person and she don’t need nobody to have her back.”

Tracee: I know me and Kayleigh seem like the mean girls of the house, but I do have a good heart.

Taylor: And I want you to feel like you can show that and not have to worry about Kayleigh jumping down your throat.

Tracee: It’s just hard when someone you’re close with is so aggressive and on the outs because you get associated with them and then before you know it, you’re on the outs too.

Taylor: And I apologize if I had anything to do with you feeling left out in this house.

Tracee: Can we hug it out?

Taylor: Of course *they hug*.

“Taylor CF: Tracee is basically telling me that she feels obligated to be friends with Kayleigh because Kayleigh has no other friends in the house and it’s almost as if Kayleigh has brainwashed Tracee to believe that she is Tracee’s only friend. What a mess.”

Taylor: We’re gonna all go grab some lunch, you wanna go?

Tracee: Hell to the yeah!

Taylor runs to the backdoor and shouts for the other girls.


Kelli: Yaaaaaaassss!!!

“Kelli CF: We’re gonna go grab some lunch and Tracee is coming along. I’m not sure how this will end up going but it’s very possible that drinks will fly.”

The six girls board up in the two jeeps. Vixen/Kelli/Aria in one and Taylor/Tracee/Agnese in another.

They go to a cute mexican restaurant and order margs and chips w/ guac as they sit at the table for quality time.

Vixen: Tracee, we haven’t hung out in days. I miss you, dude.

Tracee: I miss you too bitch, honestly.

“Vixen CF: Tracee and I haven’t hung out in a while because of the animosity that Kayleigh and I have. It sucks, but she chose her loyalties as far as I’m concerned.”

Tracee: Like, it sucks that I’ve missed out on hanging out with most of ya’ll. I regret not getting to know ya’ll the first few days we was in the house.

Taylor: Exactly girl well now is your chance! Kayleigh isn’t here, it’s almost like your freed *giggles*.

“Aria CF: Some of these girls are kissing Tracee’s ass, but I’m not going to. Bitch, I put your bed in the pool for a reason. I don’t like your ass.”

Tracee: Aria, I want to apologize for throwing all that shit on you. That wasn’t cool of me and I shouldn’t have went along with it.

Aria: So it was Kayleigh’s idea?

Tracee: Yeah.

Kelli: And I’m sorry Tracee for helping throw your bed out. Our argument wasn’t that serious and I shouldn’t have involved myself.

Tracee: And that’s some real shit, I accept your apology.

“Kelli CF: So we’re all hanging out with Tracee and we kind of start to realize that she’s a pretty cool chick! And then we also realized it’s because there’s one person missing from the equation right now...Kayleigh.”

Kelli: I’m just throwing it out there because I feel like we’re all thinking it. We’ve all gotten along and had a great day because Kayleigh isn’t here. Right?

Agnese: That seems to be the case.
Taylor: I agree 100%. All of the drama in this house has been revolved around her, has it not?

Everyone: *agrees*

Taylor: And she tried to paint me out as the troublemaker the first night because she thought I was weak and wanted an easy target to get out. Well guess what bitch, the tables have turned.

“Taylor CF: I’m using every single second of this outing to my advantage. If I can flip this
entire house against Kayleigh and get her the hell out of here, I will literally cry tears of joy.
Kayleigh, your time in the Bad Girls Club is tick-tick-ticking.”

Later on, the girls are back at home getting beautified for the club.

“Aria CF: So we’re all going out tonight as this one big happy family. A part of me wishes
Kayleigh would come back and start shit because this is boring and disgusting, but another part of me wants some sanity and calmness in the house because we do all need to stick together and get this bitch the hell out of here.”

Agnese: Ladies! The limo is here!

All six girls pile into the limo and head to club Moxie. Once there, they get their VIP table set up, bottle service on deck, and cute guys in the section.

“Agnese: We’re all dancing, having a good time! Taylor is actually not drinking that much so I’m super proud of her. The energy is just amazing tonight.”

Tracee: WE are the bad girls club! We poppin’ bottles we gettin’ money! We gettin’ all the cute boys! We gettin’ all of dat good shit sjdfhdufh.


Kelli does a body shot off of Tracee.

“Kelli CF: Just yesterday I thought me and Tracee were gonna fight, but now we’re here and she’s cool as fuck. I love Tracee as an individual.”

At the end of the night, the girls get back into the limo, all drunk except for Taylor.

Taylor: I’m the only sober bitch up in this house tonight!

Agnese: So proud of you BITCH!!!!

Kelli: My baby!!

“Taylor CF: I didn’t drink that much tonight. I’m sober and it feels great. I learned that I can go out and party and not get shit faced every single night.”

Back at the house, the party doesn’t end. Aria and Agnese get in the jacuzzi. Meanwhile,
Tracee and Kelli go skinny dipping.

Aria: You bitches are crazy!

Tracee: Ya’ll this water is freezing on my vagina!

Kelli: My nipples are hard!

“Tracee CF: What a fun ass night yo. For real.”

Taylor: I’m putting all you bad bitches to bed! Good night! *laughs*

The next day….

It’s mid morning. Girls are finally starting to awaken. Tracee and Aria are in the beauty room.

Aria: Last night was fun.

Tracee: It was.

Aria: Listen, I’m sorry for throwing your bed in the pool. That wasn’t cool.

“Aria CF: If someone is gonna make an effort to be nice to me, I’m not gonna be an asshole about it.”

Tracee: I shouldn’t have kicked off the drama. It is what it is.

Aria: Agreed. We’re cordial.

Meanwhile, a van pulls up outside. Kayleigh exits.

“Kayleigh CF: So I’m finally back at the house after having a couple of days to cool off. However, I didn’t really cool off at all. I’m still coming for these bitches.”

Kayleigh enters the house and first sees Agnese.

Agnese: Oop. Hey girl.

Kayleigh: Hey.

Kayleigh beelines past her and heads upstairs.

“Agnese CF: Kayleigh is back in the house. I just know that drama is about to pop off and I’m ready for the show.”

Kayleigh enters the beauty room where Aria and Tracee are still at.

Kayleigh: Hey Trace!


Tracee gets up and hugs Kayleigh.

“Aria CF: So this nasty ass bitch walks back inside the house and Tracee is acting all buddy buddy like she wasn’t just talking shit about her with all of us yesterday. Flip flop hoe!’

Tracee: I missed you boo!

Kayleigh: I missed you too, sis.

Kayleigh sets her sights on Aria who still sits at her vanity, doing her makeup.

Kayleigh: What’s up, Aria?

Aria: What’s up?

Kayleigh: You got beef or you gucci today?

Aria: I’m fine. Move along.

Kayleigh: *snickers*

“Kayleigh CF: I’m back in the house and I’m ready to fight. I already whooped Aria’s ass, so I’m looking for the other culprit that was involved in touching my shit. Kelli, where are you boo?”

Kayleigh exits the beauty room and goes downstairs into the kitchen where Kelli, Agnese, Taylor, and Vixen are all chilling.

Kayleigh: So who all exactly touched my shit the other night?

Vixen: Aria.

Kelli: And me.

Kayleigh: Anybody else?

Kelli: Nope.

Vixen: What are you gonna do, Kayleigh?

Kayleigh: Kelli you aren’t gonna keep touching my shit, bitch.

Kelli: Okay and I won’t touch your shit anymore, but…

“Kayleigh CF: Kelli is a weak ass bitch. I already know I can beat her ass no problem, but she needs to learn that if she’s gonna play with the big dogs, you’re gonna get bit. It’s time to teach this hoe a lesson.”

Kayleigh: So the next time you have a fucking PROBLEM, bring it to me, okay? Because you--

Kelli: I told you I had a problem with you bullying Aria!

Kayleigh: But ya’ll weak ass bitches had to wait until I was gone to do shit! Do something TO
ME. I’m right here!

Kelli: And I’m right here too bitch!

Kayleigh shoves Kelli away.

Kayleigh: Get up outta my face BITCH.

Agnese attempts to restrain Kelli, but to no avail. Kelli is determined on getting to Kayleigh.

Agnese: Kelli stop!

Amy - Kayleigh
Mimi - Kelli

After the fight is separated, Kayleigh is pulled into another room.

Kelli: Do you see this? She needs to go home.

Taylor: She’s done. She’s out.

“Taylor CF: My day was ruined when Kayleigh walked back inside this house and the fact that she hit Kelli of all people just solidifies how much of a piece of shit she really is. Operation get Kayleigh out of this house is now in full effect.”

Outside, Kelli, Agnese, and Vixen are sitting. Kelli is icing her forehead.

Kelli: She put her hands on me.

Agnese: I know babe.

Vixen: She’s always quick to put her hands on someone.

“Vixen CF: I think Kayleigh should leave this house. We’re all miserable when she’s around and she’s lowkey homophobic. Don’t forget *giggles*.”

Kelli: And I mean if she wants to fight again I’m not gonna back down. I’ve never fought in my entire life but I will go rounds with that bitch.

Agnese: I think what you need to do is just chill because the drama didn’t have anything to do with you in the first place. The last thing you need right now is another fight.

Kelli: She’s a fucking bitch, Agnese! Somebody has to stand up to her!

Vixen: She won’t be here for much longer, babe. I think Taylor said something about calling a house meeting and trying to vote her out.

Kelli: Good. She needs to GO!

Back inside, Kayleigh and Tracee are in their bedroom, discussing what just went down.

Kayleigh: I told that bitch to get out of my face.

Tracee: You need to chill on hitting people first though. Fo’ real. They all want you to leave. That’s all they was talking about yesterday.

“Kayleigh CF: I’m flattered that these girls have nothing better to do than talk about me even when I’m not here, but I’m not leaving this house. They have a lot of work ahead of them if they think it’s gonna be that easy.”


“Taylor CF: I decide to call a house meeting because we’re all on the same page and we need to let Kayleigh know that she’s no longer welcome in this house.”

All of the girls gather downstairs. Kayleigh sits alone, but Tracee sits close. It’s odd. Kelli is still icing her forehead.

Taylor: So I called this house meeting to address the elephant in the room.

Kayleigh smiles.

Taylor: Kayleigh, you’ve gotten into fights with me, Aria, and Kelli now. You’ve gotten in
Vixen’s face also. Basically, we’re done with your bullshit and we want you to leave.

Kayleigh: Since when do you ride for Vixen? Thought ya’ll hated each other?

Vixen: Well right now we have a common enemy.

Kayleigh: Ya’ll can vote all you want. I’m not leaving. Period.


Kayleigh: Correct.

Taylor: So you’re making this experience unenjoyable for the rest of us!

“Kayleigh CF: I leave the house for one day and Taylor thinks she’s biggy badass. Girl, sit down.”

Kayleigh: At the end of the day, who am I to dictate how ya’ll spend your time here! You’re in LA! Go get a tan, find a man, DO SOMETHING! Ya’ll worried about me!

Aria: Oh but you were worried about me when I came in throwing eggs and shit on me, bitch!

Kayleigh: I wasn’t the only one though now was I?

Aria: Bitch your friend snitched on you! We all know it was your idea!

Tracee looks at the ground.

Aria: That’s right! She spilled all the tea yesterday talking about your lame dirty ass with us, so don’t think she is all innocent.

“Aria CF: I’m taking the house meeting time to call out Tracee. Girl, you are the biggest flip
flopper in this house. You can stay on Kayleigh’s side all you want, but don’t be riding our dicks when she isn’t here to protect you.”

Tracee: When was I talking shit about her?


“Vixen CF: Just when I start to feel sorry for Tracee and try to rekindle a friendship with her,
she proves to me that she will always have her mouth stuck to Kayleigh’s vagina. It doesn’t even taste that good to be honest.”

Tracee: I never said anything malicious about her! Don’t get it twisted!

Taylor: You did say the house energy was better when she was gone.

Tracee: BECAUSE YA’LL WAS ALL FIGHTING WITH HER! There was no fighting when she wasn’t here because she’s been in all the fights, so yes the energy felt better! That’s all I meant by that!

“Agnese CF: I’m surveying the situation. Tracee, we all know what you were saying last night. Her and Kayleigh’s friendship is doomed. I’m calling it. Tracee is too much of a backstabber to have any real friends.”

Tracee: I’m sorry if ya’ll thought I wasn't gonna fuck with her anymore, but at the end of the day I do fuck with her! And I want to be cordial with ya’ll too!

Aria: Me and you will never be cool if you’re gonna keep going to bat for her.

Tracee: We just made up this morning, the fuck?

Aria: Yeah and how long before you ditch me to go along with another one of her little plans, huh?

Tracee: Girl, bye.

Kayleigh: Look, I have one more thing to say and then I’m done talking. Agnese, I have no issue with you. Vixen, you’re irrelevant to me I just want to make that very clear.

Vixen: *scoffs* Okay.

Kayleigh: Kelli, I honestly think you’re a weak ass bitch and I’m not gonna hit you ever again because that’s just like hitting a puppy because you were defenseless.

Kelli glares.

Kayleigh: Aria, there was never any real beef until you fucked with my shit. And until I get an apology, there will always be beef.

Aria: Wait, I owe you an apology? I don’t think so.

Taylor: Seriously you bullied her and she owes you an apology? Your morals are fucked up.

Kayleigh: Taylor please be quiet girl because you have not had shit to say to me since we fought the second day until I had to leave the house the other day.

Taylor: You’re irrelevant to me, bitch! I don’t care about you that’s why!

Kayleigh: Oh you don’t care about me? But you held an entire house meeting in my honor, so…

Taylor: Bitch, you know what…

Taylor stands. Kayleigh remains seated.

Kayleigh: What?


Kayleigh: Or what?

Kayleigh stands.

Vixen: Seriously, Kayleigh. Just stop.

Kayleigh: I’m not gonna touch her.

“Kayleigh CF: If Taylor wants me out of this house so bad, she can put me out of this house. I’m only fighting if I have too from now on because I am not going anywhere.”

Taylor: You’re fucking boring. All you wanna do is fight and you’re not gonna continue living in MY HOUSE bitch!

Kayleigh: I always wanna fight, but who’s in whose face right now?


Kayleigh: *smiles* Exactly bitch. Exactly and that’s--


Kayleigh: Then do it! Be about it.

Taylor: Kayleigh, I could literally slam you to the ground and pound the fuck--

“Agnese CF: They’re getting in each other’s faces. It’s getting intense. Are they gonna fight?”

Kayleigh: Then do it, baby! It’s space and opportunity. SPACE. AND. OPPORTUNI--

Kayleigh is cut off because Taylor rushes her.

Andrea - Kayleigh
Ashley - Taylor

The other girls break up the fight rather quickly.

Taylor: You bitch!

Kayleigh: Run up on me again, bitch.

“Kayleigh CF: Taylor really thought she was gonna run up on me? Hit me first? And it was gonna be a different result? *laughs*”

Kayleigh is escorted upstairs and Tracee follows her.

Aria: And there goes Tracee. Biggest fucking follower in this house.

Vixen: You good Taylor?

Taylor: I’m fine.

“Taylor CF: I’m upset that Kayleigh managed to piss me off so much to the point where I put my hands on her, but honestly I would do it again in a heartbeat. She needs an ass whooping.”

Upstairs, Kayleigh and Tracee are in their room again.

Kayleigh: I flipped that bitch on the floor. They’re all mad because I was hitting first. Well look. One of ya’ll touched me first and she still got served! Learn to fight!

Tracee: They’re being ridiculous.

“Tracee CF: I definitely want to clear the air with Kayleigh and tell her that these girls are all delusional. Tracee ain’t never been no flip flopper and she ain’t starting now.”

Tracee: I just want you to know as my friend that what they were saying downstairs was complete bull bull. I’m not switching up on you like you my ride or die chick in this house.

Kayleigh: No I believe you. Why would I believe them hoes?

“Kayleigh CF: I actually don’t know if I believe Tracee 100%. We really haven’t known each other for that long and I never trust bitches fully when I first meet them. I’m gonna let it slide though because the whole house is against me and it never hurts to have an ally.”

Tracee: Girl you know you’re my bitch. Can I have a hug?

Kayleigh and Tracee hug.

Back downstairs, the other five girls are still in the living room.

Kelli: So she’s not even leaving? She’s been in four fights now.

Vixen: Yeah but none of them have even been that bad. She’s acting like she’s been beating everyone’s asses when she really hasn’t.

Agnese: Look everyone just needs to chill. Tomorrow is a new day. She’ll go home eventually. I know bitches like her. She won’t be able to handle the whole house not liking her for much longer.

“Agnese CF: I’m going along with the other girls on this “We hate Kayleigh” parade, but I kind of like Kayleigh. She’s entertaining to watch. However, I am getting bored of watching her beat people up all damn day like I need some new drama in the house to satisfy my cravings.”

Taylor is very quiet.

Kelli: You okay Taylor?

Taylor: Oh I’m fine. Just...thinking.

“Taylor CF: Kayleigh. Just know that this isn’t over. Shit is gonna continue popping off until one of us goes home and it sure as hell ain’t gonna be me. Keep thinking you run this house, bitch. Because eventually, I’m going to run you out. And that’s just the facts.”




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