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TBGC Season One Episode Two -- "Eggs, Flour, and Everything Sour"

12thJan 7, 2018 by joey96
Previously on the Bad Girls Club….

Seven self-proclaimed “Bad Girls” moved into their new luxurious mansion in sunny Los Angeles to begin the journey of a lifetime. Instantly, the girls singled out Agnese and Kelli based on their different sense of style. When Vixen entered the house, she realized that she was living with a former high school foe, Taylor and made it clear that there was still some bad blood between the two. Kayleigh, Tracee, and Vixen separated themselves from the girls and formed the first clique of the season and Kayleigh made it known that Taylor was not welcome into the group. After spending a whopping six hours in the BGC house, Helen decided that her family was just too important to leave behind and left the house, opening a spot for a new bad girl.

After awakening from a drunken slumber, Taylor realized that she made a fool of herself and when Agnese spilled the beans about Kayleigh making fun of her, the first clash of the season began.

Tonight, how will Taylor and Kayleigh coexist in the house? Will Vixen confront Taylor? What other relationships will form...or fracture? Plus, a new girl enters the BGC house to an icy reception from some of the girls. All of this and more on tonight’s episode of Bad Girls Club!

Day 2. After a chaotic night one, everyone is dealing with hangovers, headaches, and...yelling?

Right where episode one left off, Taylor is confronting Kayleigh about the comments she had made regarding Taylor’s drunken ways the night before.

Kayleigh: ...You don’t have no respect.

Taylor: It doesn’t matter! I apologized for that shit! Don’t sit up here and talk about me. If you have a problem, say it to my face!

Kayleigh stands up from her chair.

Kayleigh: Okay, listen bitch…

Taylor: Really, you wanna call me a bitch? For what????

Rima - Taylor
Mehgan - Kayleigh

After the fight is separated by security, Taylor is led out of the beauty room.

A crowd has gathered of the other girls in the house, all in awe that the first fight of the season has just happened.

Tracee: The fuck was that about?

Kayleigh: The bitch wanted to start some shit, like don’t come in my face if you don’t want slapped.

“Kayleigh CF: Taylor decided to address some comments I made about her. Bitch, everything I said is true and if you get in my face about it again, I will beat your ass.”

Kayleigh is tying her hair up.

Kayleigh: Ain’t nobody concerned about your broke dirty ass.

“Agnese CF: It was fun watching the fight I created go down. I definitely added fuel to the fire by telling Taylor what Kayleigh was saying about her, but drama was bound to pop off sooner or later.”

Taylor has been escorted to her bedroom after the fight, where she sits on her bed, crying.

Kelli enters and sits next to Taylor, comforting her.

Kelli: What’s wrong?

Taylor: I just don’t want it to be like this. I don’t want to feel like I have to constantly defend myself or my actions in this house. I just want to have fun.

“Kelli CF: I’m a good person and I can see that Taylor is extremely hurt by this entire situation so I’m gonna sit down and talk to her.”

Taylor: She was talking shit about me, what else was I supposed to do?

Kelli: It didn’t need to go that far. I’m on your side she should have just said what she had to say to your face.

Taylor: Like, I know I fucked up last night. I shouldn’t have drank too much. I came here to work on my drinking problem which is why I’m so eaten up by this.

“Taylor CF: I feel like this entire fight is my fault for getting as drunk as I did. I was acting crazy and throwing up in the yard. I was out of control.”

Kelli: Don’t let this get you down. It’s only the second day, just see where it goes from here.

Taylor: You’re right. Thanks.

Taylor and Kelli hug.

A bit later on…

“Tracee CF: Myself, Kayleigh, and Vixen are gonna go out today. We’re gonna do some shopping, eat some din din and then head over to Poppy’s Bar for some drinks.”

The three girls enter the jeep and begin driving.

Tracee: Ya’ll both lucky I offered to be the DD tonight.

Vixen: I got it next time don’t worry.

Back at the house, the other three girls sit around pondering what the future holds for them in the BGC.

Agnese: When do you think we’ll get a new girl?

Kelli: Who knows. In the next couple of day probably.

Agnese:  hope she’s cool.

“Kelli CF: Since Helen is gone we’re expecting a new girl in the house. A lot of these bitches are insane so I need someone who is just normal.”

Taylor: What do you guys think of the other girls?

Kelli: They’re not really my cup of tea. I think they know that.

Agnese: Yeah Vixen seems cool, but Kayleigh and Tracee are a bit much for me.

Kelli: You know Vixen, Taylor. What’s she really like?

Taylor: Honestly, she’s kind of a bitch. When I was dating her cousin, she was always like weirdly protective of him. She acted more like a girlfriend to him than I did and she was always super rude to me.

Agnese: Damn. Is that why you and her cousin broke up?

Taylor: Yes! I couldn’t handle her bullshit anymore, it was too much. Seeing her here brought back all of those memories, which is why I think I drank so much last night.


The other three girls are now at dinner, chatting about life and the other three girls as well.

Kayleigh: Taylor needs to not get in my face again. Everything I said about her was 100% true was it not?

Vixen: Oh it definitely was, she’s the messiest person I know.

Kayleigh: I really wanted to call her a heartless cheater after the fight, but I held back *laughs*.

Vixen and Tracee cackle as well, Kayleigh sips her margarita.

Tracee: You gettin’ an early start tonight, girl?

Kayleigh: Yes bitch. I’m gonna show Taylor I can drink as much as she did and not be a sloppy mess *laughs*.

“Vixen CF: I really enjoy hanging out with Kayleigh and Tracee. The fact that they don’t like Taylor too just solidifies that these girls will be my friends for the long haul in this house.”

Kayleigh: I’m ready to go to the bar.

Vixen: Me too.

Tracee: Yeah yeah, let’s go bitches.

Back at the house, the other 3 girls are now sitting by the pool.

Taylor: I just don’t want this experience to turn me into something that I’m not.

Agnese: You getting into one fight isn’t gonna do that, sis.

Taylor: Kayleigh is going to keep picking at me though, I can feel it.

Agnese: So you know what? There comes a point where you need to stick up for yourself and say that enough is enough. I understand where your anger is coming from, but don’t let a bitch continuously fuck with you over some stupid ass shit. You won’t look crazy if you’re defending yourself.

Kelli: Yeah. There were so many times in my life where I should have stuck up for myself and I didn’t. I don’t want that to be the same case here.

Taylor: You guys are right. I’m just ready for this new girl to come in. Fresh meat will be nice.

Agnese: I still can’t believe Helen left six hours in. What a weak bitch.

All the girls laugh.

Meanwhile, at the club....

Kayleigh and Vixen are drinking and dancing, while Tracee is drinking Red Bull and flirting with one of the strippers.

“Tracee CF: There’s this stripper at the club named Mike. He’s super sexy. Not quite sure if he’s gay or not, but I decide to give him the house number and maybe he’ll call and can show me if he’s gay or not *laughs*”

Tracee: Girls! Let’s roll!

“Vixen CF: So Kayleigh and I are having a great time in the club. We’re both drunk and I think with all of the drama that went down today, we’re looking for a way to relieve stress.”

Once in the car, Vixen climbs in the backseat with Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: What are you doing?

Vixen: This.

Vixen plants a big ‘ole kiss on Kayleigh.

Tracee: The hell? Ya’ll got me feeling like a chauffeur so you can get it in???

“Kayleigh CF: I’m not into girls like that, but with this much liquor in my system it starts to take control, so Vixen is looking pretty okay right now.”

Once home, the girls exit the car and Tracee guides the two drunken love birds back into the house.

Vixen: Where you wanna go?

Kayleigh: hjds the bedroom i guess ?

Vixen leads Kayleigh to their bedroom, where Taylor lies asleep.

“Taylor CF: So I’m woken up by the sound of girls stumbling in and giggling. It’s Vixen and Kayleigh who are both clearly drunk. I think they’re going to bed, but then Vixen climbs into bed with Kayleigh. What the hell were these girls drinking tonight?”

Kayleigh and Vixen get under the covers and begin making out. Tracee watches from the doorway and Taylor watches from her bed.

“Tracee CF: Kayleigh and Vixen are getting it in right now. I think. They were under the covers but I’m pretty sure someone went down on someone else *laughs*”

The next morning…

Kayleigh wakes up, hungover as fuck and notices that Vixen is lying in bed next to her.

“Kayleigh CF: So I wake up in the morning and I notice that Vixen is in bed with me. I remember kissing her last night, but I hope it didn’t go any further than that.”

Kayleigh leaves her bed and goes downstairs, where the other housemates have joined in the kitchen.

Kelli: There she is!

Tracee: How you feelin’ today?

Kayleigh: Like shit. Why is Vixen in my bed?

Tracee: Girl you was feelin’ a little lesbihonest last night

Kayleigh: We didn’t fuck. Right?

Tracee: Girl I stood at the door and watched, there was definitely something brewing down there *laughs*

“Taylor CF: It’s satisfying to know that Kayleigh had a drunken hook up with Vixen that she didn’t want to happen. Sucks for you bitch.”

Kayleigh: I’m gonna shower.

Kayleigh exits. Taylor and Agnese begin laughing.

“Kayleigh CF: I’m really hoping I didn’t hook up with Vixen last night. I’m not into girls like that.”
A little while later, Kayleigh walks into her bedroom after showering to find that Vixen has just woken up.

Vixen: Hey.

Kayleigh: Hi. I have a question.

Vixen: What’s up?

Kayleigh: Did we fuck last night?

Vixen laughs.

Kayleigh: No I’m dead serious.

Vixen: I mean, we did some stuff.

Kayleigh: You know I don’t fuck with girls like that, right?

Vixen: Well you sure seemed like you did last night.

Kayleigh: Vixen! I’m serious I don’t have sex with women that’s not my style.

“Vixen CF: Kayleigh is getting all worked up about about this mini hook up we had. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s funny to watch her freak out so of course I’m gonna keep going.”

Vixen: I made you cum, I’m pretty sure.

Kayleigh: Vixen!!!

“Kayleigh CF: This isn’t a joke to me. I do not need to be on TV having my pussy ate by a lesbian. The fact that Vixen thinks this is a joke after I’ve told her repeatedly that it isn’t just shows what type of person she is.”

Kayleigh: Okay well when you can have a mature conversation about this, I’ll be downstairs.

Kayleigh abruptly leaves the room, leaving Vixen a bit dumbfounded.

Kayleigh has now gathered with Tracee in the living room to discuss the hook up

Kayleigh: If we had just made out it wouldn’t be a big deal, but if we did some shit you need to tell me. I was too drunk to really remember. Do you understand where I’m coming from?

Tracee: Oh for sure. It is a bit sus.

Kayleigh: I feel like Vixen doesn’t care about my best interests when she has said that she’s my friend and I don’t fuck with that fake shit.

Vixen: Who’s fake, though?

Kayleigh and Tracee turn to see Vixen standing in the entrance to the living room. Several of the other girls are seen peering in behind her.

Kayleigh: Okay Vixen, did we fuck or did we not?

Vixen: I ate you out, yes.

Kayleigh: Okay well you should have told me that upstairs instead of making this into one big joke at my expense!

Vixen: Well how was I supposed to know you were gonna get so worked up over it? It’s not a big deal.

Kayleigh: It is to me and you should have respected that.

“Vixen CF: Kayleigh is overreacting to this whole thing. I’m over it, it’s tired. Let it go, sis.”

Vixen: Well i apologize if I offended you or made you feel uncomfortable, but the way you are acting right now has me feeling like you’re a bit homophobic.

Kayleigh: Homophobic?! Bitch I just don’t want to be having sex on national TV! Guy or girl, what the fuck?

“Kayleigh CF: This bitch did not just call me homophobic. She has another thing coming if she thinks she’s gonna disrespect me like that.”

Kayleigh: You need to take your ass into the other room. I’m not dealing with it. Period.

Vixen: You don’t have to be a bitch about it.

Kayleigh: You just called me homophobic and I am gonna be a bitch about it. So what? Bye!

Vixen: Ugh. Whatever.

Vixen leaves the room and Kelli enters.

Kelli: Is it that serious ya’ll?

Kayleigh: Kelli she was being disrespectful. It is a big deal to me and she should have just respected that.

Kelli: I understand, but we can just stop all the arguing now?

“Kelli CF: I want to be the peacemaker as much as possible, but it’s hard living in a house with a bunch of temperamental bitches.”

Kayleigh: Kelli take your ass on somewhere. This has nothing to do with you.

Tracee laughs. Kelli glares and leaves.

Cut to: Later on that evening.

Agnese, Kayleigh, Tracee, and Vixen are sitting around the kitchen table, discussing what’s to come.

Agnese: I’m ready for the new girl to get here.

Tracee: Me too girl. What we gonna do when she gets here?

Agnese: What do you mean?

Tracee: I’m feeling evil *laughs*

Kayleigh: Oh I agree. I definitely need to release some tension on this new bitch *laughs*

Vixen glares at Kayleigh.

Vixen: So what do you suggest?

Kayleigh: I don’t know. A prank or something.

Agnese: Ya’ll are on your own for that one. I’m not fucking with somebody I don’t even know.

Kayleigh: I’m sure her picture will be up tomorrow. I’ll think of something before then.

Cut to: The next day.


Taylor is standing in front of the pictures and is looking at the spot where Helen’s used to be. Now, there is another.

“Taylor CF: I see the picture of the new girl is up! She’s pretty and I can’t wait for the other girls to see.”

Taylor: The new girl’s picture is up!!

Moments later, the room is filled with the other girls.

Kayleigh: She’s not pretty yo.

Tracee: *cackles*

Agnese: She’s cute!

Kelli: Pretty girl!

Vixen: Hmm…

“Tracee CF: I hope this new girl is ready because Kayleigh and I are planning a huge prank on this bitch. Hope she can handle it.”

A bit late, in the backyard…

Kayleigh: So I have an idea.

Tracee: Spill the tea bitch.

Kayleigh: I think we should just throw some shit on this bitch. Eggs, flour, that type of stuff.

Tracee: You’re evil bitch.

Kayleigh: She might swing. So we should change before she gets here.

Tracee: I ain’t worried. I dare a bitch to try and snatch Tracee. It’d be a muhfuckin’ wrap!

Kelli overhears this conversation.

“Kelli CF: If there’s one thing I won’t tolerate, it’s bullying. The prank Kayleigh and Tracee are planning on the new girl is bullying at it’s finest and I definitely know that it’s my time to speak up.”

Kelli: I don’t think you guys should do that. That’s not being a bad girl. That’s being mean and a bully.

Kayleigh: Kelli mind your business! Why you keep getting into shit that has nothing to do with you?

Kelli: She’s a human being! I’m just saying I don’t think this is right!

Kayleigh: Okay well, we’ll take that into consideration.

Tracee: Thought about it and….still doing i! *laughs*

Kelli: You know Tracee, I thought you would be a hell of a lot cooler than this. Guess I was wrong.

Tracee: Guess so.

Kelli begins walking away.

Kelli: I live with a bunch of bullies.

Tracee: Bullies?? We coulda been bullied your ass, Kelli! We coulda been bullied your ass, bitch!

“Tracee CF: Kelli needs to stop throwing out the word bully. Boo Tracee ain’t never bully anyone. It’s a harmless prank. Get over it.”

Kelli goes back inside where Taylor and Agnese sit.

Taylor: What was that all about?

Kelli: I told them not to do mean shit to the new girl and they went off on me. It’s ridiculous.

Agnese: Don’t worry about it girl.

“Taylor CF: I definitely think Kayleigh and Tracee are the mean girls of the house. They’re very immature and it’s embarrassing to watch.”

Later that night…
The limo pulls up to the front of the mansion, containing Helen’s replacement.

“CF: You’re either with me or against me. So if you wanna mess with me I will cuss your little princess asses up back into your mom’s womb.”

“The Egg Beater”

“Either you love me or hate me. There is no in between. If you fuck with me, I’m very sneaky and I’ll fuck with you back 10x harder. I know these bitches are gonna be jealous of me because I’ll look so much better than they do. I know it.”

Inside the house, the girls are peeking through the window.

Agnese: The new bitch is here!

“Kayleigh CF: So the new girl just arrived, which means it’s time for Tracee and I to get ready for battle. We have our fighting clothes on just in case and our eggs are at the ready.”

Kayleigh and Tracee take their positions in the kitchen. Most of the other girls scurry upstairs.

Aria enters the house.

Aria: I’m here bitches!!!!!! Hello???

“Aria CF: The new girl is here! Like, where are all of these hoes?”

Aria: I know these bum bitches did not go out without me.

Aria makes her way into the kitchen where Kayleigh and Tracee await. As soon as she enters, she is pelted with eggs and flour.

Aria: The FUCK???

As Kayleigh and Tracee continue throwing shit at Aria, Aria does the unexpected. She begins to twerk.

“Tracee CF: So we throwing eggs and flour on this bitch and instead of swinging on us, this bitch starts twerkin??!?”

Tracee: Bitch take your twerking ass upstairs *cackles*

Aria: I still look fucking fabulous!!!

Aria makes her way upstairs, where the rest of the girls are.

Aria: Hi girls!

Agnese: Oh shit!

Taylor: Damn ma they got you good.

Aria: Oh it’s nothing sweetie. Trust me.

“Aria CF: If eggs and flour is all these girls got, they got a lot of work ahead of them.”

Aria: Can someone show me to my room?

Kelli: Yeah I’ll show you.

Kelli takes Aria to the 3 person bedroom where her and Agnese stay.

Kelli: You should get cleaned up before you settle in girl.

Aria: Those two dumb bitches who do they think they are?

Kelli: They’re a bunch of bullies. Don’t worry about it.

Aria: Do they room in here?

Kelli: No they’re in the other room. Kayleigh and Tracee.

Aria: Well those bitches are getting fucked with. End of story.

“Kelli CF: Aria is a little firecracker. Kayleigh and Tracee got loud with me earlier today so I’m gonna help Aria get back at them since they wanna act like children.”

Downstairs, Kayleigh and Tracee are washing flour off of their arms.

Kayleigh: We did all that and nothing?

Tracee: Nothing bitch. Not a damn thing.

“Kayleigh CF: The new girl has already proved that she’s a weak ass bitch. I’m not wasting anymore time on this hoe. Tracee and I decide to go out and grab something to eat.”

Kayleigh and Tracee leave the house in one of the jeeps.

After showering and settling in, Aria decides it’s time to get back at Kayleigh and Tracee.

Agnese: I wonder what she’s gonna do?

Taylor: Who knows.

“Taylor CF: I’m down for this new girl right now. I know she’s planning on getting the two wenches back and I’m just waiting for the show.”

Aria: Game on bitches.

Aria enters the kitchen and grabs ketchup from the fridge. She makes her way back upstairs and into the 4 person bedroom. She then begins squirting ketchup all over Kayleigh’s sheets and her clothes. The other girls watch from the doorway.

“Vixen CF: Two days ago, I would have had Kayleigh and Tracee’s backs, but after the whole hook up incident. I don’t have loyalties to anyone in this house.”

Taylor: Ew my room is gonna smell like ketchup now.

Aria: Sorry girl.

Aria then makes her way to the beauty room and grabs random handfuls of their makeup and throws it out the window.

Aria: These hoes really didn’t know who they were fucking with!

“Aria CF: And then! I had a brain blast!”

Aria: Yo I already put ketchup all over that one bitches bed so who’s gonna help me carry the other one’s to the pool?

Agnese: *laughs* Bitch no you’re not!

Aria: Oh I am.

Kelli: I will.

“Kelli CF: I decide to help Aria take Tracee’s bed to the pool. Let me just stoop down to their level for just a second.”

Aria and Kelli go back to the bedroom and grab Tracee’s mattress. They throw it downstairs, and then take it to the pool out back and throw it in.

Aria: That’s what hating ass bitches get! Don’t fuck with Aria!

Her and Kelli high five as they head back inside.

“Aria CF: I know some drama is gonna pop off when Kayleigh and Tracee get home so at this point I’m just watching and waiting.”

A little while later, the jeep pulls back up to the house. Kayleigh and Tracee exit the car carrying their leftover food into the house and up to their bedroom.

Tracee: Where the fuck is my bed!?

Kayleigh: KETCHUP on my BED??? And my clothes?????

Agnese enters the room.

Kayleigh: The new girl?

Agnese: Yeah. I think she snatched some of your guys’s makeup too.

Tracee: Well who else was involved cuz that little ass bitch ain’t strong enough to take my mattress anywhere.

Agnese: I’m not snitching. But it wasn’t me.

“Agnese CF: If Kelli is gonna be ballsy enough to help throw out Tracee’s mattress, then she is gonna have to own up to it at some point.”

Kayleigh ties her hair up and goes into the other bedroom where Aria, Kelli, Taylor, and Vixen sit.

Kayleigh: You and me bitch. We got problems. I didn’t ruin any of your shit. Egg and flour is washable my shit is gonna stain.

Tracee: And who helped her move my mattress? And where is it?

Aria: In the pool sweetie.

Tracee: Who else was involved?

Kayleigh: Ya’ll punk ass bitches! Own what you do! Who did it? Who did it????

Kayleigh gets in Kelli’s face.

Kayleigh: Why aren’t you saying anything you FAT BITCH!!

Taylor: Don’t get in her face!

Tracee: She was real mouthy earlier though!

Kelli: No it’s fine. I did it! And I helped throw some of your makeup out.

“Kelli CF: I’m not gonna be a pussy. I’ll own up to what I did. I’m not scared of anyone.”

Kayleigh: So who wants it? Bitch I will break all of your shit!

Kayleigh clears a nightstand of all of it’s belongings.

Aria stands up.

Aria: Don’t come in here acting big and bad bitch just because you’re salty!

Kayleigh: Don’t be in my face. You don’t want it hoe.

Aria: Or what, bitch. You’re gonna hit me?

Kayleigh: If you wanna go there.


Jela - Kayleigh
Jenna - Aria

After security separates the fight, Kayleigh is pulled into the hallway.




“Aria CF: Kayleigh may have hit me a few times, but it’s clear that I got to her way more than she got to me. I will be running this house shortly *laughs*.”

Kayleigh is pulled into the other bedroom with a producer.

Producer: I need you to pack a bag. You’re gonna go stay in a hotel for the night.

Kayleigh: Okay.

“Kayleigh CF: So I have to go stay in a hotel for the night. I hope Aria doesn’t think this is over. And Kelli, when I get back, you’ll get yours too. Beware bitch.”

Kayleigh exits the house, hops in the production van, and rides to her hotel.





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