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TBGC Episode One -- "Pilot"

Jan 6, 2018 by joey96
Tagging ALL the girls of the season, but will keep it anonymous! Thank you all for participating in this roleplay all week, Analiese and I had so much fun! These episodes are entirely based on the major events and drama that unfolded in this RP, although the episodes may "spice" things up just a tad bit. I am trying to stay 100% true to all of the characters as Analiese and I saw them. I hope you guys enjoy them! Anyways, here is episode one!


Sunny Los Angeles, California. The weather is hot, the people are hotter, and everything was chill. However, seven young, self proclaimed “Bad Girls” are on their way to live their new life for the next three months in a mansion, surrounded by cameras, microphones, and six other personalities. While drama is sure to pop off, these six ladies are also hoping to advance their lives by working out some of their personal deep-rooted issues. Will they achieve their goal and better their lives or will chaos ensue? Entirely based on the roleplay hosted by myself and Analiese, welcome to the Bad Girls Club.

A beautiful mansion sits off on the outskirts of Beverly Hills, CA. A bright pink drop-top rolls through the gates, containing the first bad girl.

“CF: I definitely pride myself on my good looks. They cause a lot of issues for me. I once beat my mom in a mother daughter beauty pageant and she didn’t talk to me for like four months.”

”The Houston Hottie”

“Taylor CF: I’m always down to party. Drinking gets me in a lot of trouble, I’m young and can’t really handle my liquor. I know it’s an issue and I definitely want to work on that while I’m in the house.”

Taylor exits the car and happily struts to the front door of the house. Upon entering, Taylor is in awe of the size and beauty of this house.

Taylor: OH MY GOD!

Taylor runs around the house, exploring every corner and chooses her bed.

“Taylor CF: So I’m the first girl in the house and I’m super excited. I’m ready for the other girls to get here to take shots with me *giggles*”

Taylor, however, does not wait for the other girls. She is in the liquor cabinet and is downing shots of vodka.

Outside, another car pulls up, carrying the next bad girl aboard.

“CF: I’m used to girl hating on me. I mean, if you looked like a blonde Kardashian, I’d probably hate too.”

“The Princess Bitch”

“Kayleigh CF: I am that bitch, I’m the girl who everyone wants to be. I’m pretty I’m sexy and I’m gorgeous. I love girls who don’t hate for no reason and I’m here for a party girl. If anyone hates on me for reason I have no time for it. Fuck with me and I’ll fuck with you no problem. Hate on me.”

Kayleigh enters the house with a wide smile on her face.

Kayleigh: Hello?

Taylor: OMG!!!

Taylor runs into the living room and embraces Kayleigh.

Taylor: Hi! OMG you’re so pretty!!

Kayleigh: Thanks so are you!

“Kayleigh CF: So the first girl I meet is Taylor and when she went to hug me I could smell all of the vodka on her breath. Disgusting.”

Taylor: You should room with me! Upstairs first room on the right.

Kayleigh: Oh. Awesome.

Kayleigh picks her room and gathers back in the kitchen with Taylor.

Taylor: Are you a drinker?

Kayleigh: Not heavy. You?

Taylor: Definitely. I’m like borderline alcoholic *laughs*

“Kayleigh CF: Girl if you’re a borderline alcoholic, you don’t need to be chugging this bottle of vodka right now. Instant reactions, this girl is a hot ass mess.”

Taylor takes another shot.

Taylor: I’m ready to party!!!

Outside, yet another car pulls up, with the third bad girl.
“CF: I’m a sweet girl to an extent. But I love me some drama. I really do.”

“The Femme Fatale”

“Agnese CF: I'm not one to be fucked with. I take NO shit. I won't start a fight, but I will sure as hell finish it. My personal style is avantgarde and new age. I may not look like a bad girl, but I sure as hell am one.”

Agnese enters the house.

Agnese: Is anyone here?

Kayleigh and Taylor run into the living room. Taylor and Agnese embrace, while Kayleigh seems a bit standoffish.

“Kayleigh CF: Is this girl for real? Like, who casted her? She’s UGLY!”

Kayleigh reluctantly hugs Agnese.

Agnese: You guys are hot!

Taylor: Thanks!

Agnese: Where are the rooms?

Taylor: Upstairs.

“Taylor CF: Agnese is ugly but I’m not gonna judge her by her looks I want to get to know her personally before I judge her. I can tell Kayleigh isn’t feeling her from jump.”

The next car pulls up.

“CF: You may look at me and think “Pshh another YouTube nerd”, but then you see me at the club and that’s when the glo-up is real.”

“The Gaming Gun Shooter”

“Kelli CF: I am here to prove that everyone can stand up for themselves, doesn’t matter if you like to go to clubs, shopping, stay at home playing video games. Everyone has a voice and can settle things on their own. I wanna be an inspiration. Growing up in Las Vegas I had a good life but that doesnt mean I am some spoiled girl. I was just fortunate! I also have a boyfriend and I love him and my style is pretty unique and I wanna show that you can be weird but still be yourself and proud of it.”

Kelli runs into the house, where the other three girls still stand in the living room.


Agnese goes in for a hug.

“Kayleigh CF: What is with these girls? Me and Taylor are the only attractive two in the house right now these other two girls are actually fugly!”

Agnese: What’s your name?

Kelli; Kelli, yours?

Agnese: Agnese. Room with me! Let’s go!

Kelli; Okay!

Kelli and Agnese go upstairs, leaving Kayleigh and Taylor behind.

Kayleigh: I hope the other girls are cute *laughs*

Taylor: I mean, yeah.

“Taylor CF: I’m getting the vibe from Kayleigh that she’s very stuck up. I don’t know if that’s true, but only time will tell.”

Upstairs, Agnese and Kelli have settled into their bedroom.

Agnese: So what do you do for a living?

Kelli; I’m a Youtuber, I stream video games, do reviews, all that good shit *laughs*

Agnese: Oh nice!

“Agnese CF: Playing video games for a living? *rolls eyes*”

Outside, the fifth vehicle pulls up to the house and another girl struts out of the car.

“CF: I can get along with girls, as long as they aren’t jealous, but that never seems to happen.”

“The Black Beauty”

“Tracee CF: I’m so happy to be here on BGC - Being from Long Island has definitely given me a small town upbringing but I can hold my own in any big ole city. My goal here on bad girls club is to prove to my momma that I can get along with any girl. Apparently that may be one of my issues. Anywho Tracee is here to stay *smiles*”

Tracee struts to the door and enters.

Tracee: Hello!

Kayleigh & Taylor: Hi!

Agnese and Kelli come back downstairs to greet their new roommate.

“Kayleigh CF: Finally! This girl is tall, thin, has gorgeous curly hair and cute dark skin. She’s hot!”

Tracee: *To Kayleigh and Taylor* You two are so hot!

“Tracee CF: I see two smoking hot girl like myself and then I look over and see a girl with piercings in weird places and another girl who’s kinda chubby and has rainbow hair. The fuck?”

Kayleigh: You can room with us. We’ll show you.

Tracee: Great!

Kayleigh and Taylor lead Tracee to their bedroom.

Tracee: Thank God. I did not want to room with those other girls *laughs*

Kayleigh: They’re hideous, right!? *laughs*

“Taylor CF: I feel bad for Agnese and Kelli being judged so harshly so soon. I definitely want to spend as much time as possible with them tonight.”

A sixth car pulls up. Out steps another bad girl.

“CF: I was bad straight from the womb. I have bitches on the street jacking my swag all the time, like yep ya’ll saw it here first!”

“The Voluptuous Vixen”

“Vixen CF: I’m from Detroit, it’s a rough city I’m not gonna lie. I am a stripper. I feel like in this life you have to do what you have to do to survive. I have a nice body so I show it off for the dollar bills. I’m not ashamed. I moved to Detroit from Compton, so I know people in all the hoods *laughs* like do not fuck with me because this hood girl does not play!”

Vixen walks in the door and sees Agnese and Kelli.

“Vixen CF: I walk in and see two girls who I am clearly way more attractive than and I’m like, “Where are the hotties?”

Vixen: Um..hi.

Kelli: Hi! I’m Kelli nice to meet you.

Vixen: Vixen.

Agnese: What was it?

Vixen: *clears throat* Vixen.

Agnese: Oh. I’m Agnese nice to meet you.

Kayleigh, Taylor, and Tracee come back downstairs to greet the new girl.

Tracee: Hey boo!

Vixen: Hi!

Vixen hugs Kayleigh and Tracee. She goes to hug Taylor, when she realizes that Taylor looks awful familiar.

Vixen: Oh shit. Taylor?

Taylor: Vixen? Oh my-

“Vixen CF: *jaw drops* No this bitch is not in this house with me!

Taylor: I cannot believe you’re here I’m just gonna be honest.

Vixen: Oh girl same.

Vixen continues walking past Taylor and heads upstairs. The air is silenced and it is very awkward. Taylor walks into the kitchen as the other girls follow.

Tracee: What was that all about?

Agnese: Yeah, what’s up?

Taylor takes another shot of vodka.

Taylor: Remember how I said I was from Houston?

Kayleigh: Yeah?

Taylor: I lived near Compton when I was younger and I went to high school my first couple of years out there and I dead ass went to school with that bitch.

Everyone seems shocked that Taylor and Vixen know each other.

Tracee: So did you guys not get along or…?

Taylor: No, I fucked her cousin *laughs*


“Tracee CF: Taylor tells us that she knows Vixen from high school and on top of that, they have pre-existing beef because Taylor fucked Vixen’s cousin. Bitch I am living in a damn soap opera *laughs*

Upstairs, Vixen notices that Taylor’s bag is in the four person room, so she decides to room with Agnese and Kelli instead.

Vixen: This is insane.

Vixen rejoins the girls in the kitchen and the room gets silenced again.

Vixen: You filled them in, I’m assuming?

Taylor: Yeah.

Kelli: So are you guys cool, or?

Vixen: I don’t know! *laughs* I haven’t seen her in like six years.

“Vixen CF: No I ain’t cool with this bitch. She fucked my best cousin and then broke his heart. Bitch you fuck with my family, it’s beef FOREVER.”

Taylor: We’re cool. Will you bitches take a shot with me now?

Agnese: No! We have to wait for the last girl.

Taylor: Shit, I forgot there was still another girl.

Outside, the seventh and final car pulls up, holding the final bad girl.

“CF: I love living life! I love to socialize and have a good time. The Bad Girls Club isn’t ready for me.”

“The Rice Queen”

“Helen CF: I’m a socialite around Chicago. I own my own chinese restaurant and business is booming! My husband and kids were gracious enough to let me go out and do this experience on my own so I’m grateful for that. I’m 28 so I’m expecting to be the oldest girl in the house, but I definitely think I’ll be the one showing these girls a thing or two about how to party.”

Helen enters the house wearing a fabulous red dress.

Helen: Hello???

The girls run into the living room to greet their final room mate.

Helen: Hey you guys!

The mass hugging begins.

“Helen CF: I’m the last girl in the house and just by scanning the room I can tell that I am the oldest one by a few years *laughs*”

Helen: Where are the rooms?

Tracee: Upstairs! You’re in the four bedroom.

Helen: Awesome! Let’s take a shot when I come back down!

The girls cheer and head into the kitchen.

“Taylor CF: Now that everyone is in the house, I’m ready to get the party started. Let’s pour some drinks, make out with each other, anything. I’m ready to go!”

Once all the girls are in the kitchen and the shots have been poured, they are ready to toast to their upcoming adventure.

Vixen: To all the good times and also the bad times that are surely to follow. I’m excited to share this once in a lifetime journey with you all and let the games begin bitches.

They all cheers and take their shots. For some, it’s their first of the night. For Taylor, it’s somewhere around ten.

“Kayleigh CF: I’m eyeballing this Taylor girl and I really want to get along with her because she’s one of the very few girls in the house that I feel is actually on par with me, but she’s already white girl wasted and I know once we go out to the club it’s gonna be a shit show.”

Kayleigh and Vixen head upstairs to the beauty room to freshen up before heading out.

Vixen: So what’s your vibe on the girls?

Kayleigh: I mean I’m gonna be honest the only two girls I’m really feeling are you and Tracee.

Vixen: The black girl?

Kayleigh: Yeah. Like, I want to like Taylor, but she just seems like she’s a mess.

Vixen: Trust me, if she’s anything like she was in high school, we’re gonna have some issues.

Kayleigh: So what exactly happened with that?

Vixen: Umm...I have a cousin Vinny who is the same age as me and he lives out in Compton and we went to school with Taylor. I didn’t really know much of anything about her, but she started hitting Vinny up and they hooked up at a party and he feel like head over heels for this chick and she ended up cheating on him after they had been going out like all school year.

“Kayleigh CF: So Vixen is giving me the background story on Taylor and she sounds like a manipulative, backstabbing, bitch.”

Helen: Ladies! The limo is here!

Tracee: Let’s get it!

The girls pile into the limo and head to the club for drinks, boys, music, dancing, etc.

Once at the club, Kayleigh, Vixen, and Tracee separate from the other girls. Agnese and Kelli seem to be doing their own thing, Taylor is throwing down shots, and Helen is off in a corner somewhere.

Kayleigh: I really feel like I’m gonna fuck with you two the most, you feel me?

Tracee: Oh for sure, I was like they some pretty bitches! I’ma fuck with them!

“Tracee CF: My clique is gonna consist of myself, Kayleigh, and Vixen. We’re the hottest girls in the house and we know how to have fun.”

Tracee: I want to get to know Taylor too, because she’s cute and all, but she’s taken like 30 shots.

Kayleigh: Yeah she’s a mess.

“Vixen CF: Taylor is a hot mess at the club, she’s doing tons of vodka shots, taking body shots off of strangers, grinding on thirsty dudes. She’s exactly the same as she was in high school.”

Meanwhile, Agnese and Kelli are at the bar having their own conversation.

Kelli: I think it’s funny how we’re the two odd looking girls and we’re separated from the other ones.

Agnese: I noticed that too. I’m not to concerned about it.

“Agnese CF: The other girls are giving me and Kelli a bit of the cold shoulder and I feel like it is definitely because we look different than they do. We’re just misunderstood at this point, but it’s only night one.

Agnese: Where’s Helen?

Kelli: I don’t know! She was just here.

Cut to: The limo.

Helen has made her way into the limo and sits along, with her hair tied back, crying. It’s another 30 or so minutes before the other girls stumble back to the limo.

Kelli: Helen! We were looking all over the place for you! What’s wrong?

Helen: Nothing.

“Kelli CF: So we get back to the limo to find Helen has been sitting there for at least an hour crying. Okay, what the fuck?”

Tracee: Why are you crying…

Helen: I just miss my family.

“Helen CF: Being here is definitely a struggle. I have a husband and two kids back home that need their mother. I feel extremely guilty about being here.”
Kelli: It’s gonna be okay! I’m sure you’re family is super supportive.

Helen: They are, but I just feel like I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m 28 years old and I have a family. I shouldn’t be in the Bad Girls Club house.

“Kayleigh CF: Helen is going on about how she misses her family and she feels guilty about being here. Then, bitch go home and we can get someone that’s actually fun to be around.”

Agnese: So what? Are you going home?

Helen: I don’t know.

The limo arrives back at the house and the girls stumble back inside. Agnese and Kelli help Taylor to her room.

Taylor: I’m not ready to go to sleep!

Agnese: Babe you need to relax. It’s time for bed.

“Agnese CF: Taylor is super wasted right now and Kelli and I are trying to help her get to bed peacefully but she is not wanting to cooperate at all.”

Taylor: No! You’re not my mother! I want to go in the jacuzzi what the fuck!

Kelli: We can go in the jacuzzi tomorrow. Lay down.

Taylor: No!

Taylor gets up and pushes Agnese and Kelli off. She stumbles her way down to the kitchen and into the backyard where Kayleigh, Tracee, and Vixen sit by the pool.

Taylor: I want to chill with you guys.

Agnese and Kelli follow.

Agnese: She’s super drunk.

Kayleigh: Clearly.

Taylor: I am not that drunk I didn’t drink any patron and I never get that drunk unless I drink all of the patron the whole bottle.

“Kayleigh CF: This girl claims to not be drunk but she’s slurring her words and stumbling around the backyard like an idiot. Get it together.”

Taylor throws up near the pool. The girls are disgusted.

Tracee: Ewwwwuhhhh that’s so gross dkfhshjgdh. Take her inside.

Agnese: Come with me, sis. Come on.

“Taylor CF: I may have had too much to drink *laughs*”

Agnese and Kelli lead taylor back inside where they see Helen walking down the stairs with her bags in hand.

Kelli: Are you leaving?

Helen: Yes.

Agnese: For real?

Helen nods.

Helen: I just can’t do this. I thought I could, but my family is too important to leave for 3 months.

Agnese: Well the other girls are in the back, You should tell them.

Helen: Okay

“Helen CF: So I decide to cut my stay in the Bad Girls Club house very short, but I just need to be with my family. I’m 28, I have a career. I left too much back in Chicago. My heart is there.

Helen enters the backyard to tell the other girls.

Helen: I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m leaving. Tonight.

Kayleigh: Mmkay.

“Kayleigh CF: Seriously? Why come to the Bad Girls Club just to leave the first night? Super rude!”

“Vixen CF: Bye girl. Wasted a spot that could’ve been taken by another bitch. See ya.”

Helen: We don’t have to hug it out because ya’ll barely know me, but.

Tracee: Nah girl, bring it in!

Tracee hugs Helen while Kayleigh and Vixen begin socializing again.

“Helen CF: While my stay in the Bad Girls Club house was very short, I did learn that I am a family oriented woman and I was exactly where I wanted and needed to be in life. I thought I had wasted my 20s and needed to get the whole party experience over with, but that’s not me and that’s okay. See you later BGC! It was fun while it lasted *laughs*

Helen exits the house and boards a white production van. Nobody comes outside to see her off.

Back in the bedroom, Agnese and Kelli have finally gotten Taylor in her bed.

Agnese: Good night Taylor.

Kelli: There’s water next to your bed for the morning and a waste can. Don’t die on us girl.

Taylor: Nfbsdmc

“Agnese CF: Throughout this whole Taylor debacle, I have gotten to spend time with Kelli and get to know her. She’s a cool girl.”

Agnese and Kelli exit the room.

Kelli: Team work girl.

They high-five. The lights shut off in the bedroom.


The girls are waking up, Helen is gone and no one really cares. At all. Taylor wakes up, covered in slobber and with really bad puke breath.

“Taylor CF: I got insanely drunk last night. I hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself.”

Taylor walks into the beauty room, where Kayleigh and Vixen sit.

Taylor: Hey.

Vixen: Hey girl.

Taylor: I don’t remember shit about last night.

Vixen: You were wasted. On another level.

Taylor: Shit.

Kayleigh: So you don’t remember anything?

Taylor: Nothing.

Kayleigh goes back to doing her hair, ignoring Taylor altogether.

Taylor: I’m gonna go downstairs.

Vixen: Are you gonna shower?

Taylor: In a bit. I need some water.

Taylor begins leaving the room.

Vixen: I mean, there’s water in the shower.

Kayleigh and Vixen laugh.

Taylor: Huh?

Kayleigh: Nothing boo.

“Vixen CF: Taylor is such an easy target. It’s honestly pathetic.”

Taylor goes downstairs where Kelli and Tracee are sitting, eating noodles.

Taylor: Was I crazy last night?

Tracee: Hell yeah girl you threw up beside the pool.

Taylor: Wtf.

Kelli: It’s okay. Agnese and I took care of you. You didn’t really want to cooperate though *laughs*

Taylor: I am so sorry!

“Taylor CF: It seems like I had a rough first night, but all of the girls seem to be cool with the fact that I was a bit sloppy. I said I wanted to come here and work on my drinking problem and that’s what I plan on doing. Starting now.”

Back upstairs, Kayleigh and Vixen are still discussing Taylor’s messiness.

Kayleigh: I’ve never seen someone that sloppy drunk before, honestly.

Vixen: She was being like super aggressive too.

Kayleigh: I know. I can already tell I’m not gonna like her and I’m fine with that. She showed me she has no class absolutely zero respect for her roommates.

Just then, Agnese passes through the beauty room.

Vixen: Awkward *laughs*

Kayleigh: I don’t even care.

Agnese makes her way downstairs to the other 3 girls.

Agnese: Hey, so I was just walking through the beauty room and Kayleigh and Vixen were upstairs talking and Kayleigh said something about not liking you and that you were being super messy and you have no respect.

Taylor: About me?

Agnese: Yes girl.

“Agnese CF: I’m being messy. I want to start some drama to make this house entertaining. Let’s have a litty season girls!”

Taylor: I’m saying something.

Kelli: No, don’t!

Taylor: I have to.

“Taylor CF: It’s one thing to tell me to my face that I fucked up last night, because I did and I own that, but for you to talk shit about me saying that I’m a mess and that I have no respect for anyone in this house, is taking it too far. Kayleigh, I’ve never done anything to you and if you think you’re gonna walk all over me, you’re wrong.”

Taylor makes her way to the beauty room, where Kayleigh and Vixen have began doing their makeup.

Taylor: So, uh, what were you saying about me Kayleigh?

Kayleigh: *annoyed* What?

Taylor: I don’t know I just heard you were saying some shit about me up here so I just wanted to know what it was.

Kayleigh: I mean, I said you were messy last night.

Taylor: Yeah and that I have no respect for anyone in this house, right?

Kayleigh: Agnese and Kelli were trying to help you and you were pushing them away, broke out of your room, threw up everywhere, like you don’t have no respect.

Taylor: It doesn’t matter! I apologized for that shit! Don’t sit up here and talk about me. If you have a problem, say it to my face!

Kayleigh stands up from her chair.

Kayleigh: Okay, listen bitch…

Taylor: Really, you wanna call me a bitch? For what????

Rima - Taylor
Mehgan - Kayleigh



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