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  1. 2014 was an iconic year
  2. Say my name and everything just stops
  3. No title
  4. The best player won
  5. Hey just vote for me to win
  6. Stars final blog!
  7. Stars FINALS
  8. Stars - Nominated for 5th (Janelle VLOG)
  9. They say I did something bad
  10. Regarding Stars
  11. Hey I missed the AMA's
  12. I stan Taylor Swift and Lily James
  13. BB is really evolving!
  14. The racists are destroying Swaggy and Bay
  15. Still the biggest joke in BB history
  16. Christian gives me Staci vibes
  17. ok Christian can go
  18. If Tyler wins HoH and evicts JC
  19. I'd be fine w/ Tyler or Kaycee winning
  20. Never forget this iconic moment in pop culture
  21. I love the one day of the year
  22. Someone play
  23. Ugh OTT was so good
  24. I cast 50 votes for Haleigh for AFP today
  25. Someone play Dead by Daylight w me
  26. Just voted Haleigh 10x for AFP
  27. Yes BBUS renewed!
  28. Yes a jury segment
  29. BB BrantSteele Results!
  30. PYN for BB BrantSteele
  31. If Kaycee wins
  32. Kaycee is really delivering this season
  33. Veto Winner Spoiler
  34. Damn we need jury segments!!
  35. I've been on gaged for almost 10 yrs
  36. Okay the BB13 finale was so cringe
  37. If Kaycee get's Janelle'd
  38. People are really out here crying
  39. We're getting another female winner


Dec 26, 2017 by joey96
Dec 26, 2017 01:22:21
hope you drop dead



i suddenly stan ev32
Sent by Padfoot,Dec 26, 2017
obey_me  I cant believe ud let him in ur frat thats so anti against bullying
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Dec 26, 2017
morebeastthanyou I'll  discuss it. What happened?
Sent by obey_me,Dec 26, 2017
no clue tbh obey_me
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Dec 26, 2017
obey_me Nothing happened he just mailed it to me idek him 8(
Sent by joey96,Dec 26, 2017
joey96 unfortunately  someone  had his password and  did it
Sent by obey_me,Dec 26, 2017
joey96 I BOUGHT Ev32 and GIFTED him to someone :(
Sent by BlondePussy,Dec 26, 2017
I bought Ev from Bryce cause my mom was born in 1932.
Sent by BlondePussy,Dec 26, 2017

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