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What do you think ladies?

Dec 24, 2017 by joey96
Amidst rumors of Taylor and Katy ending their feud, Taylor was seen in Miami with Future a few days ago filming the music video for End Game. The same day, Katy had posted a pic on Instagram of her in Miami. A few pictures leaked from the set of the video and a blonde woman with the exact same blonde haircut as Katy was seen standing behind Taylor and another one of just her sitting down ( ). What do ya'll think? Is Taylor ab to drop a music video that will have Swifties and KatyCats shook everywhere? Stay tuned!!!


I've been predicting this for a while now. #zzzz super predictable. There was no reason for such a petty passive aggressive feud to be such a big deal in the first place.
Sent by Timster,Dec 24, 2017
Timster Honestly agreed. And tbh I feel as if most of the feud hasn't been between Taylor and Katy themselves, but the fan bases. Sure diss tracks were in play, but Bad Blood was only purely speculated to be about Katy. I'm hoping these two are finally putting it to rest
Sent by joey96,Dec 24, 2017

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