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  1. I cast 50 votes for Haleigh for AFP today
  2. Someone play Dead by Daylight w me
  3. Just voted Haleigh 10x for AFP
  4. Yes BBUS renewed!
  5. Yes a jury segment
  6. BB BrantSteele Results!
  7. PYN for BB BrantSteele
  8. If Kaycee wins
  9. Kaycee is really delivering this season
  10. Veto Winner Spoiler
  11. Damn we need jury segments!!
  12. I've been on gaged for almost 10 yrs
  13. Okay the BB13 finale was so cringe
  14. If Kaycee get's Janelle'd
  15. People are really out here crying
  16. We're getting another female winner
  18. Who cares if Brett exposes L6?
  19. Angela is the best BB villain ever
  21. I'm living for either blindside
  22. If Brett wins veto
  23. JC finally on the block
  25. Haleigh getting the loudest cheer of the season
  26. I wish BB would stop
  27. Tyler played the best prejury game
  28. Everybody screamed
  29. Why do people like Brett?
  30. They really dedicated the whole episode
  31. Honestly we stan Nicole Franzel
  32. Tyler just said
  33. BB16
  34. Let them try and track down the second possible..
  35. Ugh Haleigh getting 7th
  36. Kaycee wins BB20
  37. Can't believe Angela
  38. Why do casuals
  39. Any group games casting?
  40. Never Forget

Tell Me You Love Me -- CLOSED

Nov 5, 2017 by joey96
Well having a shop was something I'd never done on Gaged before in my 9 years here and it was fun! I wanted to use my shop to gift a few people, but mostly to post for the public for a very cheap rate. Shout out to anyone who let me use some of their designs this week and I hope everyone who bought/received one of them is feeling very chic right now.

Stay tuned. Reputation.



FUCK you
Sent by 2388,Nov 5, 2017
ty for the public post :)
Sent by GoodKaren,Nov 5, 2017
Love you!
Sent by pizzawithcookirs,Nov 5, 2017
Sent by varlto,Nov 5, 2017
thx for being iconic
Sent by j0hnnyb0i,Nov 5, 2017
yasss icon ily!
Sent by ronnie336,Nov 5, 2017

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