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  2. Finished Worlds Apart
  3. Lauren: *almost dies*
  4. Did the actual veto meeting happen?
  5. 3:09 AM ET Dane pooped his pants in the have not..
  6. I cant believe
  7. Successful 800th charity
  8. Guys: Lets make a guys alliance and make the..
  9. You can feel free to bet
  11. 2 more for my charity
  12. Someone join my crook 800th charity
  13. 800th game
  14. why cant hoh play in veto?
  15. awful beginning of BBCAN
  16. Is it really gonna be 14 people
  17. Is the EOE twist really till F4?
  18. You go Tamar
  19. Is CBB in one hour?
  20. Ugh (CBB)
  21. Yas
  22. Lolo for Veto
  23. UGH
  24. Damn Tamar won
  26. Yas Tamar
  27. Safety competition
  28. Fuego is shit
  29. If Tom doesnt go in DE
  30. Ugh RIP NEM
  31. Tom gonna use veto on Natalie
  32. I have 5 tg friends
  33. Ricky has pretty much given up and wants to be..
  34. Lolo is now last unnommed houseguest
  35. Lol i cant (CBB)
  36. Whoa idk if it was smart of Tamar to win HoH
  37. Ok wtf
  38. Tonight is gonna be so much drama
  39. i have a feeling
  40. This must be the most paranoid cast ever

downloading charmed new ep

Oct 15, 2018 by joe1110
so excited, im sure the reboot haters are exaggerating #charmed


I am a huge Charmed fan so I am excited too but OMG at the rating :o
Sent by Vanili,Oct 15, 2018
all reboots are hated by default vanili
Sent by joe1110,Oct 15, 2018
Is the original good? Wouldn’t have ever guessed it’s your type of show
Sent by Anas,Oct 15, 2018
omg anas it was my childhood show its so iconic im rewatching it now too
Sent by joe1110,Oct 15, 2018
the episode was literally good I promise you people are exaggerating
Sent by HaliFord,Oct 15, 2018
It was a bit meh for me but I'm gonna try stick with it
Sent by Jouix,Oct 15, 2018
that trailer looked cheesy as fuck
Sent by BengalBoy,Oct 15, 2018

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