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  1. Julie Chen <3
  2. Just finished Survivor Amazon
  3. Ugh 7pm already
  4. once again people i need more suggestions
  5. whats the best survivor season out of these?
  6. Ok i gotta ask again
  7. R they targeting Sam or JC?
  9. I'm Julie Chen Moonves
  10. Which is a better sitcom
  11. Yas (Greys Anatomy)
  12. but duel was bad so it had to be replaced
  13. if they cancelled BB
  14. Ang Kay and Ty r so stupid
  15. I will dance alone
  16. Gosh was Scotties speech that offensive?
  17. Whats the stupidest thing you have done
  18. Is Haleigh the target?
  19. can they pls start going after jc?
  20. Is Scottie still gettint evicted?
  21. so whos the target?
  22. Is 10:30pm (hoh time)
  23. can they start the hoh comp soon?
  24. Its not Faysal
  25. this season turned out to be
  26. Whos getting evicted
  27. R Tyler and Angela officially in a showmance?
  28. idk whos trolling the feeds
  29. Was anyone mean to Scottie in their
  30. how long do they need to read rules
  31. r u kidding me
  32. Im sorry but
  33. Imagine being a prolifer
  34. Remember when
  35. Sam says she will get Faysal to nom Haleigh
  36. I didnt think
  37. Survivor Fans help me pls
  38. *forms prayer circle for Scottie*
  39. It was so clear
  40. So Faysal is actually gonna nom

ugh so bored

Jan 12, 2018 by joe1110
r there any fun game sites i could try? I miss OMGPOP

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