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  1. omg amazing ep and editing
  2. ugh fuck off country people
  3. The Voice Top 8 Performances My Ranking
  4. cryin why cant i find new the voice ep
  5. Its pretty worrysome
  6. why is no one joining my supertribe
  7. Spot the liar (joe1110 4-3 votes OUT)
  8. Why do british people here
  9. Oh Gabby </3
  10. am i the only one not pissed
  11. The Voice Top 10 Performances My Ranking
  12. DvsG odds of winning f8 rank
  13. join froks ppl
  14. What I don't understand is how can Jeff
  15. Carlson: Sarah Grace moves on
  16. The Voice Top 11 Performances My Ranking
  17. Is next ep a double elimination?
  18. I shouldn't be worried
  19. who on tengaged
  20. what season should I watch next out of these?
  21. The Voice Top 13 Performances Ranking
  22. new challenges > old challenges
  23. So I finished Kaoh Rong
  24. An even more iconic scenario
  25. omg i love an iconic ep of survivor
  26. ok im sure i was ranked 355th or something few..
  27. +3 for frookies
  28. what season should I watch next out of these?
  29. Can an american explain
  30. Go out and vote
  31. wow an actual filling frookies
  32. anyone wanna fill that frooks with me?
  33. Did Kelly really gave Sandy up?
  34. omg that ep
  35. downloading charmed new ep
  36. I cant @ producers
  37. y r only 4 people trending
  38. Sad
  39. Enough of the riddles, the ruckus, the rhymes
  40. Fastings is actually the most played tg game

at what season

Jan 6, 2018 by joe1110
did #survivor start having 3 finalists?


Cook Islands
Sent by Novamax243,Jan 6, 2018
lmao me thats the one im watching novamax243
Sent by joe1110,Jan 6, 2018
It was also the first season to start at 12 for jury. The first juror and the rest of the tribal were shocked to find that out
Sent by NewNightmare7,Jan 6, 2018

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