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  1. Cant believe I just got 2nd in hunger
  3. Come rookies 58 posts with meee
  4. Why shops are so expensive this week
  5. I love when people neg u
  6. I'm dead
  7. Stars Suport
  8. me getting that 1st stars win
  9. Just watched the latest ANTM episode
  10. From 777 Karmas to 888
  11. Sometimes I shock even myself
  12. In your opinion which is the best sign ?
  13. Me reaching that 800k
  14. WHAT LOL
  15. I feel such a good girl
  16. I find it funny
  17. I hate people
  18. OMG got my first gift!!!
  19. I had to change my skype
  20. I feel so weird getting so close
  21. Stars Suport
  22. Karma: 777
  23. Who wants to join me
  24. Do you guys also
  25. I almost have a Beard omg (PIC)
  27. Last night was SO fun
  28. Just watched Peter's evicton on BBCAN1
  29. When not even the Brazillian people
  30. I was making some counts
  31. My sugar daddy
  32. Good morning guys <3
  33. I'm so sad
  34. Whos the most pathetic person
  35. After I think 3 years almost
  36. So I was talking to my friends
  37. I get lied to even at frooks
  38. Omg congrats
  39. Guys I just remembered now
  40. Lets play survivor together <3

I find it funny

11thFeb 7, 2018 by joaovictor
that people call me fake, but in reality I just try to be nice to everyone. Thats how I am in real life as well, I mean, my friends complain sometimes that I hug them too much, but thats just how I act. Sorry if u r used to treat everyone bad or be treated like shit, but I dont do that. I rather be called fake than be a rude person.

Now I know how Natalie must feel on her shows ):


It's better to be a kind soul than a mean spirit!

Keep up showing the love sweetheart xx
Sent by Brookie0126,Feb 7, 2018
You're fake if you're not a total A-hole to everyone whom you meet. If you don't actively try to make others feel like crap, you're not "real."
Sent by Loopspeare,Feb 7, 2018
love you joão
Sent by BluJay112,Feb 7, 2018
aww ur a nice guy ily
Sent by karim,Feb 8, 2018
the king has spoken
Sent by maturo,Feb 8, 2018
joaovictor you're not fake at all, just an all around nice guy, top respect mate
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 8, 2018
OMG so relatable
Sent by titoburitto,Feb 8, 2018
hahaha maturo <3

bengalboy thanks, u r very sweet as well <3

RIGHT!!!! @titoburritto
Sent by joaovictor,Feb 8, 2018

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