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Mad Mad house Mar 18, 2012
Hello, tengaged. I've started a new group and I need people to apply. There is a 20 T$ prize for the winner. I need players and judges please.
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Please help me move on.
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Duel Tips? Mar 4, 2012
If anyone can help me in anyway, please do.
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Rant Oct 2, 2011
Alright there is something that I need to get off my chest. This game has a lot of people with bad morals here. I know that there are much more good people here, but they are all in the harder games, so when I'm trying to get monet to join it, I have to go through all those people who think they have to lie and backstab to become someone here instead of trying to be social and likeable. When I started playing, this game focused on being social, in face there where multipal times where I was elimated just because I wasn't social. Bravo to those white levels who don't feel like they need to compermise their morals just to get more day. I know I'm only and orange level, but there are only a small, and I mean small, amout of times where I had to turn on some people, but I felt horable after I did.

I fell better now
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Sticking to slow games Sep 18, 2011
I think I'll do better at those
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Please join frookies Sep 10, 2011
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