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  1. Joseph Barber the Second
  2. pyn a dog breed
  3. 1 more pls apply
  4. comment a dog breed here
  5. one more spot.
  6. 2 MORE.
  7. i need more dog breeds
  8. I NEED 3 MORE
  9. comment a doggo breed
  10. APPLY
  11. comment a doggo breed
  12. i need four more
  13. plzzzz aply
  14. FO MO YALL
  15. 4/5 MORE
  16. pyn for a random word
  17. jeez
  18. apply por favor mi senor
  19. pyn a food
  20. pls aplliiiii
  21. pyn for a cookie
  22. applications close
  23. pyn
  24. pyn
  25. pyn
  26. apply reeeeeeee
  27. pyn
  28. so my bb group game has been postponed
  29. group game?
  30. for every +15
  31. for every +15
  32. pyn
  33. pyn
  34. just apply
  35. i'd appreciate if you applied
  36. pls applii
  37. hotel?
  38. someone cool!
  39. nobody's joining
  40. new bb group game pls check out


Oct 29, 2018 by jjvawesomeness0511
FOR AN ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT IN MY GRADEBOOK. I DID GREAT ON MY ASSIGNMENT. my teacher is such an idiot. She is old, white and grades me poorly on everything i do. For example, if i forgot to do a single citation in an essay she takes off like 5 points. if i don't include my name or date accidentally I lose 20 points! I have an A in the majority of my subjects, a high B in Bio, and a D in english. A 61. She is throwing way too much at us. I have to write a compare and contrast essay of short stories we've read and finalize it, by TOMORROW. Then there is an exam that same day. Time to study for a terrible grade, bye!

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