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the sole survivor story blog/game Ep. 2

Oct 5, 2018 by jjvawesomeness0511
-Logan (Hoop) Lhooper902976
-Gunther FireWolf
-Andy Tester
-J.P. Jasoi
-Ellis Passionfruit
-Jack Coppertribe
-Cody  TwoStep
-Caleb Varlto
-Zaion Rianguimaraes
-Caleb (Cal) CalebDaBoss
-Briana Marchesa
-Asiya purplebb4
-Ji JonMcGillis
-Jessica BigBrotherSuperToMe
-Tamii TR1364
-Madi Maddog16
-"Noob" C00LDUDE1000
-Natalie Rylan_Clark_Neal_
-Adelaide Adeleadele
-Charley THEchaneloberlin

Natalie: WTF Happened!!!!! Are you okay???
Tamii:Ah freakin crab just bit me!
Natalie: Is that really why you almost blew my ears out?
Natalie:Lol Ok, this area has like no fish. Let's go into the forst and search for some fruit or something. What is your name anyway? I am natalie.
Tamii: I'm tamii, famii.
Natalie:Ok...Let's go.
Cody: It's so damp in here...And smelly too.
Caleb:Do you think we should go back and see whats up?
Cody: I don't know...that seems kind of dangerous.
Zaion: I can't help it. I am going to go back. We didn't go far anyway.
Zaion turns the opposite direction.
Ji: So what are y'all names? I am Ji. *Flexes a muscle*
Cody: Hi Ji, I'm cody.
Charley: I am charley.
Jack: I am Jack.
Jessica: Let's have an alliance! What's a good alliance game.
Asiya: You do realize we are in danger! In like, of our lives!
Jessica: Idiot, he's just trying to make us paranoid.
Jack: Well where were the medics? Where is the camera crew?
Ellis: I don't know.
Logan notices a strange looking rock.
Logan: I have to piss. Real bad.
Ellis: Same bro. And you are?
Logan: You can call me logan or hoop.
Logan stares at the rock.
Logan: I'll pee on this bush.
Logan looks both ways and snatches what looks to be an idol!
Logan whispers: This grants me immunity this tribal and this tribal only. And even won't die today.
Logan: Well that's great!
Ellis: What is.
Logan: Now i don't have to piss anymore. Haha!
Ellis: Same! I see someone let's catch up.
Andy: Hey, I got lost and lost the map lmao.
Ellis: Not funny! You could've jeapordized us all!
Andy: you want to be an alliance? Final 3?
Ellis: Well, 3 is not enough in a game of like 20
Logan: Let's try to find some others. I found an idol! But it can only grant one person immunity THIS TRIBAL ONLY, i'll just use it on myself.
Andy: No you won't.
Logan: What is that supposed to mean?
Andy grabs an enormous branch and slams it against logan's head. Logan falls unconciously.
Andy grabs the idol and runs off.
Ellis whispers: Maybe *silent shadow* was right. This is not normal survivor. Ellis listens to Logan's heart beat. It is still beating.
Ellis: You're alive! Thank god! There is gotta be something here to get us out of here.
Andy: Hey guys! Hey! Look at what I've found! It is an idol for only this tribal!
Adeleide: That's awesome! Congrats on safety.
Asiya: I think we went the wrong way.
Jessica: Nice
Madi: Hey guys look! It's an X! With a note on it.
Gunther: I'll read it. Haha! I've made you guys nervous! No one's dying! There will be a tribal council. right here right now. Once everyone comes here! The last male and last female here will each recieve an automatic vote. You don't have to vote if you don't want to of course.
JP runs out!
JP: What is up, peeps! I almost died!
Noob: Why did you leave us though!
JP: I don't know. I am really sorry. I also feel terrible for those who aren't here yet.
Briana: This might be a trap. We might be killed!
Then a shadow was seen in the distance
Silent Shadow: Or is it! I found these jokers trying to build a boat! Ha! How futile.
He threw down 5 heavy and long bags.
Cal: What did I miss!
Cal was sweating and stared at the masked man, cal plopped on the ground.
Cal: Uh...
Silent Shadow: Who wants to vote first! You don't have to vote! Vote for one of these people to die! A few people nervously step forward.
They heard bodies wriggling and people trying to speak.
Silent Shadow: You! You were last so you recieve a vote. Whoever wants to vote for Cal as well, feel free!
Cal: Huh!!!
Silent Shadow empties the bags and tears out the tape from their mouths.
Silent Shadow: Any last words.
Zaion is panting crazily: Please, please. He is going to...
Silent Shadow puts back on the tape.
Tamii: I am voting for someone I don't quite know.
Charley: I am voting for someone random.
Adeleide: I just can't vote.
A few people whisper to each other.
Caleb: So this is tribal council?
Silent Shadow: Quiet! The first person eliminated from the sole survivor is natalie! Almost by a unanimous vote!
Natalie: But I didn't know there would be a tribal! I didn't get to vote.
Shadow (Jeff): Would you like a disadvantage or going home!
Natalie: Disadvantage of course!
Gunther: NO!!!!!!!!
Jeff: Your disadvantage is in this bag.
Natalie: Alright.
Natalie opens the bag and hundreds of venomous snakes erupted from the bag and began to devour Natalie. Natalie starts to screams while everyone watches in terror!
Tamii: NO! Natalie! I knew this was a bad idea! You were my only friend.
Jeff: If I were u I would run!
Everybody listened and ran back to camp.
Logan: Uhg! I have a such a trash headache!
Logan dizzily stared at Natalie's lifeless bloody body and ran along with everyone else.



awesome one line im so cool
Sent by TwoStep,Oct 5, 2018
How not cool, having an idol and then it gets stolen from me. At least it was only good this tribal.
Sent by lhooper902976,Oct 5, 2018
Wow 6 lines
Sent by Tester,Oct 5, 2018
You had 3 lines Twostep
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Oct 5, 2018
Sent by Jasoi,Oct 5, 2018
charley is an utr queen i guess
Sent by THEChanelOberlin,Oct 5, 2018
3 lines total so far
Sent by JonMcGillis,Oct 5, 2018
UGH MY CPM5 edit is SCREAMING at losing my only friend AHHHH
Sent by TR1364,Oct 6, 2018

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