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The Sole Survivor Blog Story/Game Ep.1

Oct 4, 2018 by jjvawesomeness0511
-Logan (Hoop) Lhooper902976
-Gunther FireWolf
-Andy Tester
-J.P. Jasoi
-Ellis Passionfruit
-Jack Coppertribe
-Cody  TwoStep
-Caleb Varlto
-Zaion Rianguimaraes
-Caleb (Cal) CalebDaBoss
-Briana Marchesa
-Asiya purplebb4
-Ji JonMcGillis
-Jessica BigBrotherSuperToMe
-Tamii TR1364
-Madi Maddog16
-"Noob" C00LDUDE1000
-Natalie Rylan_Clark_Neal_
-Adelaide Adeleadele
-Charley THEchaneloberlin
remember, this is not really a game. this is a blog story. nothing is as it seems. Non-predetermined deaths are randomized.

*An enormous crusise-ship like boat docks onto the beach where the season will start*
Everyone stands on an enormous mat and notices a dark-haired young guy with a grey hoodie-shirt. Everyone looks at eachother nervously.

Unknown Man: Due to personal reasons, Probst will be unable to host this season. I will be your knew host.
Cody: SO what can we call you.
Unknown Man: You may call me Jeff as well.
Unknown Man:You may notice this enormous mat you are standing on...
Half of everyone nods.
Jeff Host: This is your tribe. All of you will be one tribe. And now that I am your new host. Things will be a LOT different.
Adeleide: Wow.
Jack: Wow dang.
Jessica: This does not seem right...
Jeff Host: So everyone here are your buffs. *Passes white buffs&
Zaion: This is interesting.
Jeff Host:Everyone head to camp.
An enormous storm erupts.
Cal: It seems to be hailing!
Tamii: OH GOD!
The waves thrash the boat around.
A very loud scream erupts.
Madi:What was that!!!!
In the distance a male figure thrashes attempting to stay above the water.
Jack:Somebody help me!
Asiya:Somebody help him! He is drowning.
Caleb begins to have a panic attack.
Tamii thinks twice, while sweat drips down her forehead along with the rain. And tammy dives! Tamii grabs Jack and grabs him. Jack is unconscious.
Logan: I'll help!
Logan dives and lifts up Jack.
Ji: They are close to the boat lift them in!
Ji and Ellis grab onto Logan's hands and they are lifted on the boat. They reach shore.
Briana: What the hell just happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J.P.: He is unconscience. MEDIC?
The rain and thunderstorms echo over JP's voice.
Natalie: He is in critical condition! Where is the medic!
Gunther: WTF! anyone know CPR?
Charley *with tears*: No! He could die!
Caleb pushes Charley and starts pushing Jack's chest.
Caleb: I need some help!
Noob and Andy come to help and push down on Jack's chest.
Noob: I think it is working!
Jack hacks out a ton of water.
Jack: Jesus Christ what happened!
Asiya: I don't know! But something seems fishy.
Everyone quietly stands around Jack telling him what happened.
Jack: If I almost drowned. Where were the medics??
Andy: WE DON'T KNOW? What is going on?
Zaion: Look it's a note!
Zaion points to a scroll hidden in the sand.
Zaion: Lemme read it...Dear contestants...You've fallen into my trap...this isn't survivor. This is sole survivor. You're job is to escape the island, but remember...there will always be someone to kill you..
Adelaide:WTF is this joke!
Briana screams.
Zaion shivers.
Zaion: But you must follow my rules or you will die like the rest of them, please proceed to the place located on the map. Last person there dies. Also, you can kill eachother. That's totally allowed! I've snuck two of my minions in your cast, and they will be trying to kill you all the time. How fun! People turning on eachother! You better start running! Toodles! signed the Silent Shadow.
Jessica:Not funny at all.
Cal and JP stared at eachother and dash into the forest.
Ji: Those idiots didn't even notice the map.
Adelaide:Wait. Isn't the silent shadow...
Caleb:That child murdered! All over the news! He is most wanted!
Tamii:Oh God!
Andy:I can't do this!
Andy snatches the map and dashes.
Zaion: What do we do now!
Natalie:Imma go find some food.
Tamii;No! I will come with you.
Natalie: Okay!
Those two leave and abandon the others.
Charley: Well now what?
Caleb: Let's team up perhaps and go to the place on the map!
Asiya: Agreed! I have superb memory! I think I know the right place! Let's go!
Noob:What about the others?
Everyone is in silence.
Cody: Let's just go.
Everyone nods in agreement and head to the forest together following Asiya.
Once they reached the forest, they heard a female's blood-curdling scream from the other direction!

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Dang I got the fewest lines but hey first and last line
Sent by TwoStep,Oct 4, 2018
Love my iconic ness :*
Sent by purplebb4,Oct 4, 2018
twostep we tied sksksk
Sent by JonMcGillis,Oct 4, 2018
Lmao sorry, I'll give you guys more lines next ep. JonMcGillis TwoStep
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Oct 4, 2018
Just like me, saving someone from drowning. I've actually have done that in real life so pretty fitting
Sent by lhooper902976,Oct 4, 2018
LOVE MY OTTP5 edit! Me sweating and choosing to dive and save Jack is helping my hero edit! 馃槈
Sent by TR1364,Oct 5, 2018
3 lines lol
Sent by Tester,Oct 5, 2018

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