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  1. is tengaged like dead yet?
  2. i've been thinking about trying another group..
  3. hello? does anybody remember me?
  4. good ways to get karma quickly?
  5. hi
  6. Guess my new job?
  7. ask me a yes or no question that requires my..
  10. that should hold em alwight
  11. pyn if u wanna compete
  12. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 8
  13. post ur name to compete!
  14. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 7
  15. let's see how dead this site is!
  16. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 6
  17. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 5
  18. pyn
  19. post ur name in this blog
  20. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 4
  21. vote plz overwatch playaz
  22. post ur actual name if ya wanna play
  23. i had white castle yesterday
  24. somebody plz joiin
  25. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 3
  26. overwatch fans pls vote
  27. plx post your name
  28. vote please
  29. pyn ur name
  30. Double Blog Stars PYN
  31. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 2
  32. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 1
  33. anyone interested?
  35. am i nice or mean
  36. those who are too porr or unlucky to afford stars!
  37. Double Blog Stars PYN
  38. how many people log into tengaged daily?
  40. i found out that three kids in my high school

Current bb20 rankings

Aug 11, 2018 by jjvawesomeness0511

-I honestly don't know if I like or don't like Tyler. Same with Angela. They both bother me, but they are still interesting and good gameplayers.

-Scottie is such a irrelevant floater that thinks he knows a lot about the game.

-Rockstar I really liked but after the first 3 evictions I began to hate her but now I like her again.

-I used to love Sam until we barely heard from her after her HoH. I still LOVE her personality.

-There is nothing to really hate about Faisal, it's just I don't like him period.

-JC has an awesome and hilarious personality so yeah.

-Brett is VERY annoying, but I still love his gameplay and speeches definately.

Note: I'm one episode behind, but I know who won the HoH and the nominees and hacker.

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