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Coming Out Blog

May 17, 2018 by jjvawesomeness0511
Listen this is very tough for me, but it is 2018 and I have been thinking about a ton. I-I (I'm sorry) I personally do not feel like male or female. I am sorry for all this, but I hope you accept me and if you don't I will just end up killing myself. *sniffles* i think I'm a can opener. All my life i have felt in the wrong body, and now I realize that I was born a can opener, but in a wrong body.Anything can happen and I know deep in my soul that I am a can opener, and forever wished to be referred to use canopenerem canopeneray canopenereir and several others. It's really hard for me to live without being a can opener, but I am happy I got this off my skin. Thank you guys. I HOPE ALL CAN OPENERS RESPECT MY DECISION and I appreciate you all, tengaged for your acceptance as every day I transition more and more into a can opener.


i accept u mate
Sent by BengalBoy,May 17, 2018

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