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  1. whats a good tactic to keep your stats up
  2. some of you need to realise
  3. OKRA
  4. got a 6 hour train ride tomorrow
  5. dont shit on other peoples music tastes
  6. do americans actually say
  7. should i buzz my hair?
  8. lofi hip hop music
  9. :-(
  10. are there any other joels on tg
  11. if you say frick(ing)
  12. no design will ever beat my toga

do americans actually say

Mar 8, 2018 by jjjoel
"aces" "deuces" "wack" "gnarly" "rad"
nd shit like that
& why do u say dope all the time


I say deuces as a joke sometimes
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 8, 2018
But the rest of these are whack as fuck
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 8, 2018
Survivor8 i added more are u happy yet
Sent by jjjoel,Mar 8, 2018
Yeah bro these are gnarly
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 8, 2018
Never seen someone say aces.
I have seen deuces, wack, and rad.
Gnarly is a stereotypical surfer.
Sent by Marktint_1,Mar 8, 2018

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