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3rdJun 2, 2018 by jessloveee
I know its probably lame af, but for some reason I want to write a lil something about my FIRST time playing HG. I joined on a fluke when my friends from the rookies I'm playing said they wanted to join HG, spikedcurley and Piizza. I've never played before and actually had NO SWEET CLUE on what to do!!!!

I was honestly so dang confused for the first half of the game, asking Greg ( SpikedCurley) a million and one questions. I could NOT have done this game without him whatsoever. Thank you sososososo much again Greg! I am SO glad we are friends and that you taught me all you know about hg! It was A LOT more fun then I thought.

And on the other hand, it was a lot more fucking stressful than I thought as well. I stayed up late, talked to so many people about the game, basically had everyone on my side except for a couple people, especially at the end of the game (Looking at you Point)

I actually TRIED SO HARD to get far. I would have never thought that I would get as far as to get 5TH PLACE in my FIRST time playing. I had a lot of people tell me thats pretty amazing.
I would have loved to get final 4, and even go for the win, but with the people that were left in the game, and Point trying to kill me (I mean I dont blame him cause IM SUCH A THREAT) I knew that I was getting 7th, 6th or 5th.

I had 3 kills overall, although I don't really count one of them because It was Greg and he let me kill him <3
Crayadian was shot dead by jessloveee
NotNicky333 was shot dead by jessloveee
spikedcurley was killed in a fight with jessloveee

I also wanna give a huge shout out to two people OUTSIDE of the game who were watching me play, helping me out, cheering me on and always saying how proud they were of me:
<3 You two fucking rock.

And now all of my thanks goes to the people I played with in this game, and who helped me out on the way (who I haven't already tagged):
LeonaLewis (you said nice things you get tagged<3)
EyooMarcus (you tried lol, next time man)
_Finesse (Wish we talked more, you stayed longer!! You were always helpful)
Alanb1 (wish you stayed longer lol)
Papibadd (Congrats on winning!)



good result :)
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Congrats :) I got 9th my first go by playing safe
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Queen of Hunger!
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Queen <3
Sent by LeonaLewis,Jun 2, 2018
slayed !
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awwwwwwwww i wanna play more games with you !
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Hehe :)
Super glad I could help jess ^_^
You slayed hard
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Good job and #WeLoveGreg
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you did great! and no you rock!!
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Great job for your first game!
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You suck. jessloveee
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good job :)
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Thirdchild you got your account back? Ps. Better then u bitch
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jessloveee hi bich
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