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bored + drinking

2ndMar 24, 2020 by jenzie
PYN for a complete honest opinion ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช

#TrollingPenguin obvz my bff. if we aren't up to our trickster bitch fooleries we're complaining about the lack of D were getting during this quarantine. abortion clinics are closed though so we can't risk it. MY DAY 1 <33

#danyyboy67 i wish i knew more about you but i just don't. are you the guy that blogs RIP Kobe every 4th day? sorry if i'm wrong

#Ashleybabyx3 a classy bitch who knows their worth and loves a fun, luxurious life. i see you posting those snaps with the ocean view hun. keep doing you. next time pls crop ur mans sack out of the vid tho :P

#xCelestex the true clean virgin of tengaged. not in a rude way at all. i just feel like if tengaged was a rap song you'd be the censored version. you're very classy and always out of drama. i respect a sweetheart like you bc i'm the total mess opposite

#mathboy9 a misunderstood legend. whenever i read your comments and blogs i realize how woke you really are

#EliotWhi the TBC was worried sick about you after that night you ran off with Snow White (if you know what i mean) you're a funny guy and i hope you can get out of that dark path because you have a bright future!

#mbarnish1 unfortunately, i really don't know much about you. are you a newer user?? i'm old af so i'm sorry :(

#brandonpinzu we go further back than lebrons hairline hun. from the drama with dorothy (may her macbook rest in pieces) to me singing rumor has it on call for you and believing i was actually good. you're a gem <3

#Ari_ a super sweet tengaged icon that i'll always have nothing but respect for! TY for being nice around here. not many people are

#Scononduders you're like a PG version of DragonSlayer4u. quality guy tbh, do you know him? your blogs make me piss my pants everytime. especially the 4 comments that come flooding in right after it. besides all that you're a really nice and down to earth guy. i'd crack open a white claw with you but add more vodka in it bc that's a pussy drink

#Vlad21 i remember you always flirting with all the TG girls on here and even slid in #RoboZoe's pm's asking for a picture of her rack. i'm sure you changed now though even if we don't hear much of you :)

PureEssence oh boy. we had our fair share of drama and honestly looking back i don't even think an apology could fix the wrongs i've done but i'm glad we moved past it. i was just in a dark time in my life and i wasn't thinking rationally but selfishly. you're a sweetheart with a dope personality and the cutest style. i have fun on calls with you and playing those fuckery games and i'm glad we can always have a good time without holding on to the petty past

Druhhbby2 miss DRUHH queen! a legend that knows how to drop it low and put these bitches in their places. glad we reconnected and it's always a fun time having you on call. keep working these men and get your coin mama

titoburitto okay easily one of my favorite people ever. just seeing you typing a message already makes me piss my pants from excitement. i think we're the perfect trolling team and we both have the same sense of humor (these other bitches could never get it) i'm sure we get on alot of peoples nerves but i wouldn't change a thing about it. LUVS U HUN <3

Kelly2722 you've always been nothing but kind! i see you on here always spreading positivity instead of your legs which is rare but you're a good sport for that

BengalBoy one of the people on here that i've been friends with the longest. we see you out here snatching everyones e-girl but you constantly stay snatching my wig by how funny you are. never change and ty for telling me to do sit ups because i've been getting love handles

Chic whenever i'm cleaning my room i have your album playing and it motivates me to wiggle my ass as i dust my furniture. a beauty queen with amazing style

melindaMrskk we never spoke much but i think you're a nice person and pretty quiet on here :)

Akeria we never got off on the best start but this year especially i was shocked at how persistent you were on attacking me and stating false claims but looking back i can't really blame you because you are the company you keep. ever since you distanced yourself from the negative i see you have an actual personality and you're in way less drama. i respect you and i'm glad we can move forward

The_Kid unfortunately, i'm not quite familiar with you but i think you're the dude in all those gifs people post??

HaliFord seriously such a sweetheart. always was a fan and i admire how you can get along with literally everyone

Eilish when i think of you, i think of power and money. be sure not to mess with King Eilish or he might just hack you for the fun of it. in all seriousness you're super cool and loyal to the ones you consider true friends :)

Maxi1234 the king of instagram poses and style. one of the most down to earth people on this site. glad you're still around <3

lemonface the true tengaged queen of all time. *emmaleigh haters come to bash me* always a cool collective attitude that pays no attention to geeks that come her way. truly admirable with the best sense of humor. i sound really lesbian now.

Harry1210 you're pretty quiet on here but overall cool. i think you just got TV star?? don't h8 me if i'm wrong

smallchild99 ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE ON HERE HANDS DOWN. i can always count on you to gas me up when i'm feeling like a zit faced slob. i appreciate the support and i always got your back!

Carriexoxo24xo always liked you and found you hella funny. especially that same blog you post about me everyday that leave people CONFUSED AF. as it does to me. keep being you!

MarieTori you're a decent human when you aren't bashing me for my gap teeth or cross eyes. talking alot of shit for someone with negative lips. KIDDING. you're actually hilarious and i have a fun ass time whenever we're on calls together

astone929 you're absolutely hilarious. i remember you mostly by catfishing #Druhhbby into thinking you were a white male. no need to hate who you are, you're awesome! don't hate me for that bc it was an iconic tengaged moment...

Survivor8 one of the true tengaged OG's i'm glad is still around. you're super easy to get along with and down to earth. please stay safe out there and stock up on pink whitneys and white claws

zachbbs i think you're super sweet and cool. i hope you recover from the sickness and you come out stronger than ever. YOU GOT THIS HUN <3 (i swear i'll feel stupid af if it wasn't you who blogged they were sick, i'm drunk so forgive me and i'll fix this)

koolness234 you always stand for what you believe in regardless if your opinion isn't in the majority and i admire that. you have such a strong and sassy personality and i hate that we didn't get along back in the day because we lowkey are somewhat alike!!

DaddyDev king of sleighing the frooks and the ring master of alliances. i love that you're loyal to your day 1's even though you might 'misclick' if it means you'll get that final HOH. overall you're funny af and glad we can talk more <3

turkeylover i seen you around alot but don't know much about you except that you love turkey. i dig that ontop of a fresh rye bread and some mustard

PrincessTeePee a true queen! i think you're one of the most sweetest people here. always drama free but the claws come out when someone messes with you. always a pleasure seeing you around <3

KatarinaDuCouteau i'm so mad we didn't get along back in the day bc ur actually so cool and i love your opinion on things (yes i be lurking on blog comments) you're down to earth and you know STYLE queen

anthousai we never spoke much but i know you're one of tengageds worshipped women. anytime i refresh the blogs page i see a man thirsting over you. make it into a business and get that coin sis!

C00LDUDE1000 a fellow tengager that keeps this site alive! great energy keep being you woke king

Allison my fart master <3 if you aren't hitting up the local glory hole you're feeding the homeless and playing fetch with the dog park and ruining your white air forces in shit. so glad to have you as a true friend and i hope you get everything good in life <3

ElectraViv MY RIDE OR DIE.. MY TRICKSTER BITCH IN CRIME.. we trick in a box these bitches with ZERO remorse. honestly the most loyal person i know and i cherish every moment we had eachothers backs or even shared a laugh *a tear rolls down my porcelain cheek down to my lip as i taste the saltiness* wish you were more active these days bc i love you AND ALWAYS WILL!! and that's on PERIOD ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

maturo despite our past i can finally say i'm over it and i'm happy we can move on. you're actually really funny and loyal to those you stand by. i'm glad you evolved from maturo to matured! *rare pokemon*


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titty <3333
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๐Ÿ˜Š Iโ€™m gonna have to look into this dragonslayer4u fella.
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You're the sweetheart! And I've always been a fan of you too <3 Hope you're doing well & staying safe :)
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ok sweets
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LMFAO luv u queen
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lol aw thx jenzie ur an icon

even with the peg leg and gap tooth
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i'll drink your pussy
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