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is it safe

5thMar 23, 2020 by jenzie
to order packages during this time?

i'd lysol the package and keep it outside for a few hours, but is it a possibility that UPS, FedEx & Canada Post stop working and my delivery will be postponed??


i mean it is a possibility but fuck it lol
Sent by joaquint561,Mar 23, 2020
Use gloves to open it sis
Sent by Matthew09,Mar 23, 2020
What I鈥檓 doing is washing everything I order because it could easily have corona on it.
Sent by Chic,Mar 23, 2020
I think it鈥檚 fine
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 23, 2020
idk it is possible they're delayed but i think you might be ok - also delay would depend on if it's an international package or not
Sent by Kindred7,Mar 23, 2020
they are all still working jenzie

i ordered recently
Sent by Guigi,Mar 23, 2020
I received an amazon shipment from China and you better believe I ain鈥檛 touching that bad boy for 9 days (that鈥檚 how long they say it can stay on a surface).
Sent by Scononduders,Mar 23, 2020
the way more dangerous person is the one who set it on your doorstep imo scononduders

i'd just take it out and wash ur hands after
Sent by PoohSnap,Mar 23, 2020
I agree about the driver poohsnap. It鈥檚 in a parcel locker though and I鈥檓 in no hurry for it so I might as well wait.  Only 3 days left.
Sent by Scononduders,Mar 23, 2020
I work for UPS and we're not closing
Sent by RoseMaria,Mar 23, 2020
I received a package today by Canada Post and my mom was the one who grabbed it from the mailman, she disinfected it with wet tissues and soap before giving it to me. @_@
Sent by Etienne,Mar 23, 2020
I received a package and opened it on the spots cuz I like to live on the edge #NoRagrets
Sent by Piddu,Mar 23, 2020
I am fucking dead!!! "Lysol the packages" 馃槀馃ぃ
Sent by sprado91,Mar 23, 2020

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