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⭐️ALEX150498 WINNER⭐️Tengaged Big Stars The Finale!⭐️

4thJul 9, 2022 by jason_2_12
Alex150498 WINNER
LindsayMiaw 2nd
Tryphena 3rd

Welcome to the Tengaged Big Stars Finale!
Id first and foremost just like to thank everyone who applied to play - all 44 of you! I didn’t know if this was going to flop or be a success and I think it’s been mostly successful! Also thanks to the whole cast most of you participated regularly in each round which I understand is difficult every 12 hours! Bbdamian Vanili MikeRoRo Gagaluv Danio Vasquis WannaBeeFriends Sam_Hamwich Amnesia_ BigBrotherDonny BrianGonzalez _Finesse Robbie626 Systrix Yawnha Lucas_RFS Cadden and our 4th placed player; Joee323

So your final 3 players are: Alex150498 Tryphena LindsayMiaw

The winner will receive 1000T$ of gifts or a shop* (the rules to that are in my original blog).

The finalists’ journeys!

⭐️Alex150498⭐️ represents 2012; a long serving member of Tengaged; 10 years! Alex has had a tough game in the sense it was clear people did see Alex as a threat but also a lot of the cast didn’t want to be responsible for Alex’s departure, a good social and tactical game seen Alex through. Alex went the furthest unnommed all the way to round 15, the only time they were nominated.

⭐️Tryphena⭐️ represents 2015; and was eventually the only player not to face a poll to enter the game! However, by no means does that mean she had an easy ride once the game started! Tryphena was the first finalist nominated; in round 4, they were then nominated by the public in round 12 but that was it! Just 2 times nominated which is pretty good going since they were only nominated once by the cast and that was very early on; this shows that the cast were threatened but her social gameplay turned her fortunes around!

⭐️LindsayMiaw⭐️ represents 2021; our newest player to Tengaged, but the inexperience compared to the other players was definitely not obvious, Lindsay played a good game and has completed smashed all the polls they’ve faced. Lindsay survived a double eliminated in round 7 - in a 3 way poll which is pretty impressive, round 11, round 15 and round 16, 4 times nominated but slayed every poll.

Goodluck all 3 of you! You’ve all been a pleasure to host💙


What a amazing final 3
Sent by kingjames13,Jul 9, 2022
U go favs ❤🥰
Sent by Vasquis,Jul 9, 2022
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Jul 9, 2022
great finalists
Sent by Simpizzle,Jul 9, 2022
Great Finalist!
Sent by MrRobzilla,Jul 9, 2022
does this mean I win the public giveaway
Sent by Simpizzle,Jul 9, 2022
Sent by Vessas,Jul 10, 2022

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