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Survivor Heroes vs Villains Rumoured Cast List

Aug 30, 2009 by jamesbuc
Well. Ive got myself a supposed cast list for Survivor 20. Aka: Heroes vs Villains.

Well. Ill try and fit the 20 people into the two tribes and give some thoughts.

Colby (Australia/AllStars) - A good guy who needs to actually make decisions based on winning, not decisions based on friendship (Taking Tina into the F2 for instance). May make jury but I doubt he'll hit the F2/3 as he isnt cut-throat enough.

Danielle (Exile) - Who was she again? Oh yeah she got 2nd didnt she. Meh. I dont see her appeal. She may however slide into the Jury.

Courtney (China) - Again another 'Why' person. I didnt think she was overtly memorable in China other than being a pawn in Todd's game. One person who may get booted early as she aint that strong both strategically or physically.

James (China/FvF) - AGAIN? :/ Hes nice but I can think of others who deserve a position more than him. People will keep him around till they think it getting close to the merge, then they will boot him over at the Jury stage.

J.T (Tocantins) - Didnt he recently win? XD Uh... I actually from the Tocantins season would have preferred Erin or Sierra but a solid pick I guess. In the jury with a nice chance at F2/3.

Rupert (Pearl/AllStars) - *yawn*. Its my island my life my blahblahblahblah, I got bored of his yelling quick in Pearl, annoying also by his refusal to accept gameplay which also lead into him voting for Amber in All-Stars to win because Rob back-stabbed him. Lame. I predict though that he will go Pre-Jury because this is all-stars but with actively backstabby players.

Sandra (Pearl) - Wait WHAT? Not Lil or Burton or Fairplay but the other Pearl Islands player is SANDRA? Laaame. Shes possibly the most least-deserving winner ever right next to Vercepia and Bob. However she is not strong and should her team lose, shes likely a first ouster.

Stephanie (Paula/Guatamala) - Hrmm... Im not sure how she'll do this time but people should note her beating her whole tribe in Paula and F2 rankings in Guatamala as some BIG signs. She should make a good Jury spot.

Sugar (Gabon) - Was out for fame on Gabon. Probably doing the same this time around. Pre-Jury boot.

Tom (Paulu) - Nice guy with a smart head oh his shoulders. Should make Jury, possibly could also make F2/3.

Amanda (China/FvF) - Expert play in China/FvF should completely hinder her as people will know shes killer material and they will likely boot her early. Pre-Jury fodder unless the evil witches alliance arises once again.

Candice (Cook) - Despite being an okay player, I think shes not in a good position because of the lack of any possible pre-made alliances. She could try and cling onto the witches but I think even if she does shes likely in for the Jury.

Coach (Tocantins) - Cocky, Arrogant and idiotic. The one tool at his disposal though is Tyson which should help him but ultimately I think the mix of ego and bullshit will hand him a Jury spot.

Jerri (Australia/AllStars) - Snappy and bitchy. However shes also a tough chick who I think could very easily make the Jury.

Ken (Gabon) - Unlike Gabon hes not in a team full of failures to easily point at so unless he finds a great target. Hes doomed.

Natalie (FvF) YAAAY! Natalie! I think again she'll do pretty well and will make the jury. I think she even may hit the F2/3.

Pavarti (Cook/FvF) on the other hand is Pavarti though. Should she bring back the witches alliance she'll be good till they have to boot each other. Its that point she'll be the first to leave. Jury.

Randy (Gabon) - I dont think Mr Yelly and Mr Angry is long for the game. Hes entertaining but also weak compared to some of the others and has little strategic sense. Pre-Jury.

Rob (Marquesas/AllStars) - Very strategy and clever. He'll likely make the Jury but then will be cut as a threat to win.

Tyson (Tocantins) - Hahaha... He'll make close to jury but he JUST wont make it. His ego will make sure of that.

So. With that im predicting first at this VERY early stage. (I mean we dont even know if the list is right)
Jury: Colby, Danielle, James, Stephanie, Candice, Coach, Jerri, Pavarti, Rob
Final Three: JT, Tom, Natalie


no ozzie?
Sent by punx193,Aug 30, 2009
I loved Sandra! lol. She was feisty. I loved when she hid all of the camp supplies.
Sent by Chris99x,Aug 30, 2009
Apparently no Ozzy Luth... Lush... Whatever XD
Sent by jamesbuc,Aug 30, 2009
Colby - He's boring. I've never been a fan.
Danielle - I barely even remember this girl!
Courtney - Loved her, but she won't last.
James - Blah.
J.T. - I liked him I guess.
Rupert - Always hated him. And he allied himself with Jenna in AllStars! Ew!
Sandra - Loved her.
Stephenie - She's tough, but kinda arrogant.
Sugar - I loved her, but I don't see her lasting.
Tom - He's strong, but a previous winner AND a leader...won't last lol.

Amanda - Ugh. We don't need to see her again.
Candice - Why is she even back?
Coach - Entertaining but I'd rather not see him lol.
Jerri - I love her, lol. Her attitude will make or break her.
Ken - Funny, but I doubt he'll last.
Natalie - I'm glad she's back. One of the few good fan players in FvsF.
Parvati - AGAIN!? Oh god.
Randy - Haha. Doomed. Losah!
Rob - His reputation will probably hinder him.
Tyson - I have no idea how he'll do. Arrogant.
Sent by Chris99x,Aug 30, 2009
"Sandra, Shes possibly the most boring winner ever."

Dude are you serious? You gotta be kidding me! Hells no shes not! she did a lot in her season and she started arguments and shit! she made the season a little bit more interesting to watch!
Sent by WillyEx,Aug 30, 2009
^ I agree lol

Though now I'm actually doubting this a little due to the lack of any Samoa contestants participating. Rupert/Amanda/James all did All-Stars directly following their first Survivor appearance, and with Samoa now advertising the "biggest villain ever" you'd think at least one of those people would have made it to All Stars.
Sent by Chris99x,Aug 30, 2009
Good point there. If theres anyone who I really doubt is a real contestant its going to be either Sandra or Pavarti
Sent by jamesbuc,Aug 30, 2009
I wanted Cherie or Taj!!
Sent by Alegeeter,Dec 28, 2009
omg parvati :D
Sent by smi9127,Dec 28, 2009
Russel should be in villains...
Sent by wang,Dec 28, 2009
I think Candice and Courtney are switched....Candice wasnt a villian at all lmao and Courtney is such a bitch i love her.
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Dec 28, 2009
Rob (Marquesas/AllStars) - Very strategy and clever. He'll likely make the Jury but then will be cut as a threat to win.

I FUCKING LOVE ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by b0oty,Dec 29, 2009
Where is ELIZA :(
Sent by Pattrick,Dec 29, 2009
how can u not like sandra, shees 1 of the best female players ever 2 play the game, and i predict she will make f5 again this season...
yeh good point pat, wheres eliza? but would love 2 see russ, penner or cesternino back aswel
Sent by russellh4prez,Dec 29, 2009
no samoa:(
Sent by dreambabe01,Dec 29, 2009
what about Russell H from last season
Sent by Henton,Jan 22, 2010
love how you say sandras probably first ouster yet she wins the entire season

i hate her but apparently others dont feel the same way
Sent by black0ut247,Oct 13, 2010
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