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hot or not?

May 22, 2015 by jakel0vespicklerr
totally not my type but we've hung out a few times.
he's mexican, and me already being hispanic, i've just never been into ethnic guys.
but ugh, something about him idk

my friends say he's fug and his roomie is hotter, but idkkkkkk idkkk idkkkk
why am i shallow


You're way hotter tbh
Sent by panda13,May 22, 2015
hes rly flaming but physical wise hes my type...  I love guys with that look :DDD

Not skinny, but also not fat. Ya feel?
Sent by Danger,May 22, 2015
panda13 & He didn't even ask that... LOL.
Sent by Danger,May 22, 2015
looks too flamboyant
Sent by Matthew09,May 22, 2015
He looks really flamboyant but he's really hot tbh
Sent by CharlieBibi,May 22, 2015
he's cute
Sent by bowkane,May 22, 2015

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