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ive been feeling anxious all day

Jun 11, 2020 by jadennator1
like i feel that im going to throw up at any moment and my hands are super shaky

do yall think i will feel better if i make myself throw up??????


Possibly yes but maybe try some meditation to see if it helps calm you down.
Sent by Chic,Jun 11, 2020
well why are u feeling anxious
Sent by FighterMan,Jun 11, 2020
did u eat something that is not ok? D:
Sent by BrunoMiguel,Jun 11, 2020
could be, but it would probably be better to just take a nap (if you can ofc)
Sent by Bix123,Jun 11, 2020
yea, i do it all the time its normal
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Jun 11, 2020
chic  bix123 im working rn so i cant :/

fighterman no clue its just one of those random times

brunomiguel nope:/
Sent by jadennator1,Jun 11, 2020
DRINK water also you definitely need some rest -- TELL UR BOSS how u feelin to get the day off I feel like he's gotta understand
Sent by JasonXtreme,Jun 11, 2020
have some sugar to get a sugar rush chief ur blood level is probs low/ur dehydrated so itll give u a boost for a bit

flat coke probably the best
Sent by PrinceVans,Jun 11, 2020
jasonxtreme literally dont have a boss me and my parents and sadly they needed my help
Sent by jadennator1,Jun 11, 2020
omg I totally forgot about that jadennator1 feel better =[
Sent by JasonXtreme,Jun 11, 2020

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