Big Brother and online Hunger games.

tell me something i dont know

Jun 10, 2020 by jadennator1


I got asked out by a girl on my visit to a deaf school
Sent by DanielleDonato,Jun 10, 2020
selena gomez often eats whole lemons
Sent by Tommeh208,Jun 10, 2020
comic sans is so Disgusting that even the creator of the font only used it once 馃槏 as he should
Sent by joshgillespie,Jun 10, 2020
usain bolt literally has scoliosis 馃Υ
Sent by joshgillespie,Jun 10, 2020
did you know cigarette lighters were invented before matches?
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 11, 2020

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