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PYN for an honest opinion

5thMay 22, 2020 by jadennator1
imagefrom someone in the SHAKs Sheep chat.

the members: mradamman12 arris ashszoke natepresnell jacksonjoseph99 jasonxtreme jdog gigi10 totstrashy tofutime icebeast

mikec51: Mike, you're a really nice guy and I have fond memories of us. During a time when Tengaged was dead you were one of the users that made Tengaged worthwhile. I wish I kept in touch with you more but I'm glad you're back again! Hopefully, I'll see ya in a game one of these days!
Lemonface - I haven't really talked to you but I do hate your username, why would you want lemons as your face? I could die by coming into contact with you. You're worse than the coronavirus, I can't believe you would do me like this. JK in all seriousness you actually seem really cool and I hope we can play a game together sometime because I feel like we have similar personalities and your blog comments always make me laugh
lexeyjane - She’s all right I guess . Doesn’t stand out in any ways though. Nice girl.
trust - stupid chembot IDIOT and joined survivor with ugly violets and not me, whatever! brenia likes you tho.
washed_ravioli - to be honest this is the first time ive seen you on tg. interesting username tho, what made u choose it?
willie_ - Bill is a good friend of mine with a big heart and a good sense of humor.
danyyboy67: I love your music taste, shoutout to a Toronto homeboy. It's crazy because you're in 100 frookies but I've yet to see you in one of mine. I can tell you're pretty competitive with games and stuff -- Kawhi would be proud. Also, listen to Gunna's new album.
tennisplayer963 - Ok Tim is such a sweet pal. Tidy bit too religious , if you ask me, but I like him. He’s loyal, always nice and always positive . A good fiend
bamold1999 - you can be VERY psychotic and expect people to do A LOT for you but at the same time you are willing to do a lot for your friends and people that you are loyal to. Outside of games you’re cool and I like you
pinkiepie512 - A GEM! an amazing ally and a very fun person who cares so much about her friends; you are always super positive and that's sooo nice to be around. ty for sheeping me in caroline islands and starting our friendship 💛
music Honestly he’s one of my favorite old school tengagers. I like his quirky sense of humour and his taste in quite literally ... music. I miss playing games with him more often , but always up for anything. He’s a suka.
KingGeek QUEEN OF 2020 I love you, you're so funny and I miss playing games with you, I haven't talked to you in a few years so hopefully we can reconnect. Your blogs and pics are so iconic, keep slaying
Darbe: Top guy, you might be a lil upset at me for not tagproing with you at this very moment, but __________Snow loves you. I'm glad we got closer after I came back from Quarantine and I find calling you a lot of fun. You are very likable and loyal to ur friends which I respect. Jon Snow would respect it as well. Best Game of Thrones character period. TOODLES!
dash - uh ive never interacted with him but hes always really annoying on the blogs page.
- there was a missunderstanding  and another user sent in their opinion of you and its much nicer so ill include both
Dash. is a hoe and that’s it on that. Period. Okay honesty tho he’s super funny and always up for a good banter, so have nothing bad to say about him.
Vermills3737 I love that red nosed king tbh. He’s a good ally in frookies and would definitely recommend frooking with him! Jk he’s a nice pal, and easy to talk to as well .


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ok u cant even see the members but yolo
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ok u cant even see the members but yolo
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sure mee pls
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me but only if my opinion is from gigi10
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ok u cant even see the members but yolo
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Me at blurry ass pic
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what on earth is this image LMFAOOO
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Okay sure
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im too irrel for these ppl but i'll try!
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im too irrel for these ppl but i'll try!
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im too irrel for these ppl but i'll try!
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iconic chat
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