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The party I was at was so shit Jun 9, 2018
I changed my friends name to ‘Mum’ and made them ring me because there was an emergency like that’s how badly I wanted to be out of there. I was only there for like an hour.
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ive played orgs with real BB houseguests Jun 9, 2018
if anyone can guess all 4 you win a prize
1) BB12
2) BB8
3) BB14
4) BB3

only 1 is male and that male was the only Pre juror. The 3 females were Jury members
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i wonder if ozzy ever Jun 9, 2018
re watches the shit he said in Micronesia FTC and just wants to die because its the most cringy thing ever
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Website where I can watch Jun 8, 2018
Shameless season 8? It’s not on Netflix
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I love little cultural differences Jun 1, 2018
Like Americans are super offended by the word cunt but here in Australia we’re super offended by school children being slaughtered with automatic weapons
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From sky to tv star May 29, 2018
Thanks for everyone who helped in the charity :)
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