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2ndNov 14, 2020 by jacksonjoseph99
and I will tell you my favorite & least favorite person on your front page with a brief explanation

oh wow babes im on mobile give me some time

ratchett - my favorite is barn, he's always been really nice/loyal to me, least favorite is shell, she had beef with my tribe at the beginning of ~quarantine~ and we smoothed things over but idrk half of your front page and im friends w the other half

memphis_grizzlies - my favorite is pinkiepie, she has this really amazing aura like idk i am such a pessimist and i usually get annoyed by like.... naturally happy people as sad as that sounds but she is so down to earth and lovely, my least favorite is ras, we've never gotten along really and i'm pretty sure he spread rumors about a pedo ring or something that didn't exist & totally delegtimized the real victims of predatory behavior

dash - favorite is ian, we talk almost daily, i shit on him sometimes but he has great taste, a good moral compass, and a very funny sense of humor, least favorite is tolis honestly we have never interacted but he does not give my TSC songs the good comments they deserve

washed_ravioli - favorite is ratchett, we have never been super close but we have a really nice rapport in and out of games, for sure someone i like... root for in life even without being exclusive besties, i'm hot and cold with a LOT of your front page (especially over the past month !) but im pretty sure dbonee blogged a pretty awful blog being like "im not like other republican girlies i voted for Jo❤️" like no babes

delete2544 - lots of gems here - i'll give a shoutout to insanity, we've become unexpectedly close over the past month and i really enjoy our interactions, but i am likely closest with scott overall here, i dont dislike anyone here but kelly2722 does pyn for an honest opinion and is always like "*Idk you XD" when we have had friendly interactions on multiple occasions so that's kinda rude but no beef

christian_ - holy gamebot... ahmed is a boring choice but we do talk daily, i have never heard of bambinoswag in my life

survivorfan37 - i am on this front page & like so are some people i talk to daily but imagine not choosing viv as your favorite. i dont think jus21 pointed me in tsc this week so he can go

3pi14159 - fromawindow is like the only person i've met in a frooks in the past 5 years and like actually enjoyed, idk hes just very nice to me, i think the_kid like blindly defended people accusing bryan jones of faking his grandmothers death and i dont even think eilish likes me but that's not..... acceptable

kinggeek - ben and i randomly talk every day and he prob cares about me more than anyone on here so we love that king, idk whose multi owner but miss del rey can go, anti mask looking ass

brookie_cookie - i would probably take a bullet for little miss brightongal, weve known each other for years and we never stay in consistent contact but when we catch up we're right back where we started, idk who jenika is

crissy15 - honestly? my favorite is... babiicakes. LMAO like her chat was so funny and her existence in general is just so good, if zachbbs is lawyeranne then him i heard be blogged some weird shit the other day on that account

peterya - im trying not to repeat people uhhh i love zay overall, i will say he lied to me during the course of that streak which i kinda didnt fuck w but as a whole its still all love, you have 2 proven pedophiles on your front page so honestly you can pick one :)


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Do my second page instead
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uh oh
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i got that justin bieber please believe it
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oo me
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Me ya fag!
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Ooo me
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me, also hugs
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Dont bother to do my pyn, just came her to say eat shit.
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The way you said “I’ll give y’all a sample”
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But also thanks for the shoutout ily
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