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so wait

Oct 17, 2020 by jacksonjoseph99
is the Big Brother app worth it?

i don't mind throwing down $5 as long as it's just a little messy and not.... a total shitshow. like does a game immediately start as soon as you join, are there decent competitions, is it like a Sim game where you have to be in the same room as someone or is it more like a frooks where you can just pm people.

lmk tysm


Doesn鈥檛 start immediately. My game took 15 mins to start. You do people but you only get so many dm鈥檚 per day. You can do chores or activities to get bb cash to buy things like immunity for people or dm鈥檚 etc. hoh competitions are mostly trivia.
Sent by homocuspocus,Oct 17, 2020
You dm people *
Sent by homocuspocus,Oct 17, 2020
my game took 5 hours to start, I won first HOH and the person I nommed won POV but it glitched for him and he went home. The next day, the hoh glitched and it nommed 2 random people. Then the app crashed and it's been on maintenance all day so we missed eviction.

There's only 1 HOH and 1 POV comp. the app is garbage lol
Sent by Akeria,Oct 17, 2020
yaaaa idk if its worth it quite yet LOL
Sent by Padfoot,Oct 18, 2020

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