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Who watched Real World Explosion

Oct 15, 2020 by jacksonjoseph99
imageI am rewatching for the first time right now and I like... can not conjure a more annoying human being than Jamie. She used to be my favorite when it aired like 6 years ago because she ~wasn't like other girls~ or whatever but the way she inserts herself into shit that never pertains to her every damn episode and STILL tried to come across as a victim is driving me mad.

Also for some reason I feel like there's a narrative that Ashley was racist towards Cory and told him she could buy his family but that ended up being what she said about Jamie, so I support her. ALSO why was Ashley Mitchell typecast as the rich snobby girl when we know damn well her only career is being on MTV reality shows. WHAT'S NOT CLICKING


Watch the real world in Chicago it’s better
With Tony Madison Sylvia
Sent by Matthew09,Oct 15, 2020
Ya fuck you jamie19
Sent by mikec51,Oct 15, 2020
Ya she says she takes care of her family now so idgi LOOL

Maybe she was lying?
Sent by Danger,Oct 15, 2020
Jenny Delich was the moment!!!
Ashley being voted out like survivor, i never expected her to come onto the challenge I was gagged. soooo good
Sent by MarieTori,Oct 15, 2020
matthew09 I've seen about 8 RW seasons including that one but that is next on my rewatch list, a lot of people have it higher than Explosion in their season rankings and I never really remembered caring for it?

danger They for sure just struck casting gold in finding her but already had an OTT crazy girl with Jenny so they just randomly gave her one
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Oct 15, 2020
marietori LOL the fact that jenny and brian are now MARRIED and the only couple from the show to still be together is stunning to me. They seem so toxic. Love Jenny (probably my favorite this season if you exclude Ashley), but her hair in her confessional look makes me lose my mind because she's so pretty & it's such a bad look for her
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Oct 15, 2020
I liked Jenny and Ashley the most that season
Sent by morseka3,Oct 17, 2020

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