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it's not even a matter of a vanilla cast

1stJun 17, 2019 by jacksonjoseph99
imageit's about representation!!!! there are so many ways to create a diverse reality TV cast and many of the major shows, big brother especially, consistently come up short.

people want to watch and see themselves represented in at least one way, and by only casting a token flamboyant gay, a loud black woman, or other discriminatory archetypes, only perpetuates the stereotype that these people represent an entire group of people that some americans will literally never interact with, and limits the chances of people actually being represented - which is supposed to be one of the show's objectives, considering it's a """"social experiment"""" and all

BB can't even make a damn geographically diverse cast!!!!! america is a literal melting pot of dozens of cultures and different backgrounds and every damn summer we see a homophobic cowboy with a 4 letter name who graduated from Texas A&M, an instagram model who makes a racially insensitive comment week 2, a spiritual girl who gets voted out early for being annoying, etc.

their casting department fucking FLOPS and people absolutely have a right to be upset over it

that being said, who else is on #TeamIsabella with me this summer


hannah montana about to give u a neg 10 on ur blog
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Yasssss glad we’re on the same page!!! #TeamIsabella
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LOL the funny thing about BB is they literally cast people purely to fit these dumb stereotypes like 1 nerd, 1 gay, 1 oldie and they literally use the same formula every year

it wouldn't be a problem if they cast people purely on personality and entertainment
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Actually I respect Jackson because he’s actually logical. Trying speaking with sense if you don’t want a bet. Chibideidara
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Jun 17, 2019
The problem is the locations of casting. Nobody wants to see constant casting from the ridiculous Southern California or New York every season. Those people sadly are stereotypes.

Get some from all four regions
West-Midwest-South and Northeast...
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Jun 17, 2019
No you are transparent as fuck stop trying make yourself look logical and unbiased when we all know your mind is full of white supremacy.

We have had no discussion about this at all, i made a blog that didn't involve whatever the fuck you were talking about i made a blog about how cubans are obsessed with white people and republicans. Sorry if you cant handle any slight conversation about crackers. Hannah_Parks
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I can no longer passively co-sign your 'woke' blogs after watching the new black mirror season and nearly convulsing in disgust from your complacent approval of it, your opinion is cancelled
Sent by mahogany,Jun 17, 2019
Actually this all started because I was defending Ashley because you made a bigoted comment about how it was sad as a minority that he expressed a different view outside your narrow minded victimhood complex. As if every minority has to play victim.
Also it’s not White supremacy to want to see all regions-ages and races represented according. You on the other hand want an all black cast because of your hatred for white people, therefore the racism you accuse me of actually is backfired on you. Only your racism stems from a hatred for White people, time to get a clue you hypocritical clown.
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Jun 17, 2019
Hannah_Parks No... I stated a fact. I aint throw out an opinions based on the fact, i just said it wasnt shocking that he had that opinion because as a specific minority group from a specific region they tend to agree with white people soley because they are white. So no point in arguing because its expected. :) Continue bullshitting with the lies you made up inside your own head over the past 15 minutes.
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The killer is monica
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The killer is monica
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The killer is monica
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we have been getting some pretty diverse winners these past couple years....had the first lesbian win bb20 and first Mexican in bb19 first Black person in Celebrity US 2
Sent by Brad13535,Jun 17, 2019
The killer is monica
Sent by peace123,Jun 17, 2019
team isabella yess
Sent by MarieTori,Jun 18, 2019
I miss the cast from Big Brother 1 to 13
Sent by PaigeScavo,Jun 18, 2019
The killer is monica
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#TeamIsabella MOM
Sent by iYBF,Jun 18, 2019
It's sad bc I feel like the US needs to see diversity the most, and not just in skin colour but even in personality and beliefs
Sent by Anas,Jun 18, 2019
honestly this cast isn't even bad
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“The fifth jury vote goes to... congratulations Isabella, you are the winner of Big Brother 21”
Sent by Insanity,Jun 18, 2019

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