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  1. who are we stanning on survivor 39
  2. LMFAO i'm a monthly ranker
  3. how is this season of the challenge
  5. HOLD ON
  6. But I know from talking to her...
  8. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  9. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  10. does anyone else
  11. Every king has their throne.
  12. The best BB winner/player is Jun Song
  13. where is the michelle meyer full avi
  14. it's not even a matter of a vanilla cast
  15. black mirror #edgyopinion
  16. Stream "Number One Fan" by MUNA!
  17. i love my [REDACTED],
  18. It's honestly kind of nice
  19. It's interesting.
  20. 3 Words, 20 letters; say it and i'm yours.
  21. genuine question
  22. At first, I felt bad for ianfitz0012.
  23. At first, I felt bad for Julia Carter.
  24. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  25. The winner of Survivor: All Winners
  26. Do you guys think
  27. Ahmed Ahmed Walker
  29. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  30. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  31. where are my VEEP watchers at
  32. only real britney jean fans know
  33. pyn
  34. wwafa, wdwg? - album ranking
  35. All i have to say
  36. tengaged, i need advice
  37. I don't know the drama,
  38. This is for family.
  39. re-watching i love money 2
  40. i was on the right side of history

It's honestly kind of nice

May 30, 2019 by jacksonjoseph99
imagethat most of the Lauren/Wentworth stans live in a red state, because all of their rights will be taken away by 2024, while us liberal JULIE ROSENBERG stans will live happily ever after


im a republican
Sent by purplebb4,May 30, 2019
did you just make survivor about politics? weird flex but ok
Sent by DaddyDev,May 30, 2019
daddydev wake up.
Sent by TotsTrashy,May 30, 2019
Victoria Baamonde here snatching the fan favorites like Wentworth
Sent by Jinxh,May 30, 2019
hey.... :)
Sent by levonini,May 30, 2019
Michelle Schubert: communist
Sent by BluJay112,May 30, 2019

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