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  35. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
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wwafa, wdwg? - album ranking

Mar 31, 2019 by jacksonjoseph99
overall, i found this album to be such a good surprise and after a few listens there are really only a few songs that i find to be lackluster (not ranking !!!!!!!! or goodbye)

12) 8 - this song sounds like a tik tok and is the only song on the album that i think is literally terrible.

11) All The Good Girls Go To Hell - i see a lot of people liking this song, i just think the sound is pretty generic and the lyrics of the chorus is the only part of the song i really enjoy - the verses/breakdown sound like a generic new era p!atd song (i really hate the little breakdown thing and how boring it is i can't explain it)

10) Listen Before I Go - ok everything from here up i enjoy; this is a beautiful melody that i can totally see scoring one of my future depressive episodes but it kind of gets lost in the rest of the album... i don't think it's necessarily boring it's just one i would skip over and i feel like literally anyone could have released this

9) When The Party's Over - yeah just a really pretty song but again it's one that i feel like really anyone could release, i love the chorus and the CALL ME BACK vocal effect in the second verse, i listen to it but it's not something that really catches my ear

8) Xanny -  i think a lot of people really love the chorus of this song but i feel the opposite and love the melody of the verses and the calm/melanie martinez vibes but think the chorus (as cool as it sounds) really detracts from the rest of the song. 

7) Bury A Friend - i'm the first to admit that i used to really not be into this song and i also think the music video is way too gimmicky as cool as it is, BUT this song has grown on me and i think that even though it's one of the lyrically weaker tracks, it's very distinctly billie and the production is too good to ignore

6) ILOMILO - dude!!!! the verses are so cool and the hook is so nice and pleasant i could care less that she goes BABABABBA BEBEBEBBE it just sounds so calming and the production is a nice, minimalist shift from a majority of the other tracks

5) My Strange Addiction - ok the office references are kinda cringe but they also work. the pre-chorus is the best lyrics on the album and the transition into the chorus is just so cool, i could totally see this being a single, but i ultimately think the top 4 songs are just better in a certain sense

4) You Should See Me In A Crown - this fucking beat is seriously unreal, i hate the video but i always pop off and it's super catchy and very much on brand for her, not too much to say b/c it's been out forever but yeah

3) I Love You - the lyrics :( the harmonies :( the guitar :( her ASMR artistry really popped off with this whisper shite but i love it and yeah it's nothing groundbreaking but it doesn't need to be and it's such a good shift for her

2) Wish You Were Gay - i've seen this in the middle/lower tiers in other rankings but i've been obsessed with this song since it came out and was honestly the first one to make me take this era seriously; the countdown lyrics are kinda cringey but it works so well and the drop into the chorus is so powerful but not aggressive like some of her other songs and i'm a slut for songs with personal meanings with mid/upbeat tempos covering the message and this checks that box for me

1) Bad Guy - IF A TRANSFORMER WERE TO ENTER A GAY CLUB IT WOULD BE GOING OFF TO THIS SONG, that may not make sense to you but it does to me. this is seriously one of my favorite songs of the year and it's the first visual done since the don't smile at me era that i actually genuinely liked and the production is just unreal and that ending caught me OFF GUARD I DIDNT EXPECT IT but i love it so much. the harmonies are also really underrated and the "bruises on both my knees for you" lyric is so simple but just stood out so hard to me

overall like 4/5, if you liked this album check out her brother's (FINNEAS) work, it's a bit more lite-poppy but really good production and lyrical content

tagging people that i know like billie/the album
eilish littlemix top20fan33 CakelikeEvv


ilomilo too low but good ranking
Sent by CakelikeEvv,Mar 31, 2019
some good opinions.
Sent by Eilish,Mar 31, 2019
ilomilo is too low and so is listen before i go but otherwise good
Sent by GiGi10,Mar 31, 2019

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