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  1. does anyone else
  2. Every king has their throne.
  3. The best BB winner/player is Jun Song
  4. where is the michelle meyer full avi
  5. it's not even a matter of a vanilla cast
  6. black mirror #edgyopinion
  7. Stream "Number One Fan" by MUNA!
  8. i love my [REDACTED],
  9. It's honestly kind of nice
  10. It's interesting.
  11. 3 Words, 20 letters; say it and i'm yours.
  12. Sandra is in my top 10 of all time
  13. genuine question
  14. At first, I felt bad for ianfitz0012.
  15. At first, I felt bad for Julia Carter.
  16. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  17. The winner of Survivor: All Winners
  18. Do you guys think
  19. Ahmed Ahmed Walker
  21. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  22. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  23. where are my VEEP watchers at
  24. only real britney jean fans know
  25. pyn
  26. wwafa, wdwg? - album ranking
  27. All i have to say
  28. tengaged, i need advice
  29. I don't know the drama,
  30. This is for family.
  31. re-watching i love money 2
  32. i was on the right side of history
  33. i sleep very well at night
  34. is TG rly laggy for anyone else
  35. who's your favorite forgotten pre-merger
  36. the jonas song was good
  37. complaining that they're in a premade is fine
  38. oh, HELL no.
  39. OMGGG

Sophie Clarke is an underrated winner

Dec 30, 2018 by jacksonjoseph99


SP is one of the very few seasons i havent seen. is it good?
Sent by Galaxies,Dec 30, 2018
Had to plus
Sent by DanielleDonato,Dec 30, 2018
Kiss my lips
Sent by titoburitto,Dec 30, 2018
my goddess
Sent by BluJay112,Dec 30, 2018
a queen <3
Sent by purplebb4,Dec 30, 2018
Galaxies when i first watched it, i thought it was meh. rewatching it was definitely a good decision, the cast itself isn't all that likable, and from a first watch you can kinda tell it would either be sophie or coach winning, but when you take that away and take the season for what it is, it's a quality watch
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Dec 30, 2018
GentlemanG I'd say it's an objectively boring season but if you're a survivor nerd then Sophie's win is super super interesting to watch. But expect the most annoying parts of Ozzy, Cochran and Coach. Sophie's a fantastic winner though it's just a very VERY boring season, even compared to something like Marquesas or Thailand.
Sent by etaco75,Dec 31, 2018
ok etaco75
Sent by GentlemanG,Dec 31, 2018

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