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Sophie Clarke is an underrated winner

Dec 30, 2018 by jacksonjoseph99


SP is one of the very few seasons i havent seen. is it good?
Sent by Galaxies,Dec 30, 2018
Had to plus
Sent by DanielleDonato,Dec 30, 2018
Kiss my lips
Sent by titoburitto,Dec 30, 2018
my goddess
Sent by BluJay112,Dec 30, 2018
a queen <3
Sent by purplebb4,Dec 30, 2018
Galaxies when i first watched it, i thought it was meh. rewatching it was definitely a good decision, the cast itself isn't all that likable, and from a first watch you can kinda tell it would either be sophie or coach winning, but when you take that away and take the season for what it is, it's a quality watch
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Dec 30, 2018
GentlemanG I'd say it's an objectively boring season but if you're a survivor nerd then Sophie's win is super super interesting to watch. But expect the most annoying parts of Ozzy, Cochran and Coach. Sophie's a fantastic winner though it's just a very VERY boring season, even compared to something like Marquesas or Thailand.
Sent by etaco75,Dec 31, 2018
ok etaco75
Sent by GentlemanG,Dec 31, 2018

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