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Dec 28, 2018 by jacksonjoseph99
imageApparently some time around day 8 (right before the third tribal council), Lauren O'Connell made some controversial remarks regarding a fellow African-American tribe mate (idk the tribes yet so it's either Keith or Julia) resulting the castaway to walk off alone and cry. This caused another female castaway (many are speculating Aurora) to get into a HEATED altercation with Lauren - apparently almost turning physical, producers had to step in to break the two up...

Then, in a Brandon Hantz/Jeff Varner fashion, the tribe didn't even have to walk up to vote at tribal and they all unanimously voted out Lauren for causing all the controversy.

At first I thought this was kind of bullshit, but I did some #research and found that Lauren is a VERY outspoken conservative on social media, and often shares Tomi Lahren videos on Facebook (you can check it out for yourself, if you want). Lauren doesn't follow Julia, Keith, or Aurora on social media, but I also don't think any of them follow each other aside from the returnees, as those have previously been announced.

I'm curious to see if the edit tries to shy away from the drama, or if they'll legit expose this girl and highkey ruin her life - which I'm fine with if she's racist as the spoiler says...

So SRY if this bitch was your favorite, but at least we might get some good tv out of this


WOW. #TeamAurora
Sent by Lemjam6,Dec 28, 2018
WOW. #TeamAurora
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whats her social media
Sent by Gardenia,Dec 28, 2018

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