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Aug 10, 2010 by itspipez
Survivor Manhattan: The Urban Jungle
1st- Vecepia "SBW" Jones
1st- Bob "Raisin" Barker
3rd- Gi "Va" Na
4th- Maho "Ciri" Gany
5th- Parvati "Oprah" Shallow
6th- Flo "Oris Licker" Whitesupremeseesha
7th- Betty "Going Rogue" White
8th- Lady "Twiggy" S
9th- Its "Queer" Pipez
10th- Alicia "Hermie" Calaway
11th- Shania "Surprised" Twain
12th- Mrs. "Orgasmic" Peaoris
13th- Lady "Shunta" Q

Survivor: Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
1st- Judge "-injects botox-" Judy
2nd- Kelly "Shoes" Cunningham
3rd- Alexx "Victim" Mandra
4th- Oprah "Oo-ooo... ye-e-ah" Winfrey
5th- Colonel "KFC" Mustard
6th- Violet "Boo Berry" Beauregarde
7th- Liz "Platinum" Anya
8th- Gordana "Like lethah" Gehlhausen
9th- Christian "Like hot, like fierce, like celebrity" Siriano
10th- Barack "Terrorist" Obama
11th- Sister "Emphysema" Patterson
12th- Tay "Chawklit Rayne" Zonday
13th- Tyra "More White than Black" Banks
14th- Augustus "Shay in Drag" Gloomp

Survivor: Hogwarts
1st- Luna "Animal Roleplay" Lovegood
2nd- Tracay "Koolaid Hurr"  Glozell
3rd- Samwell "In Da Butt" Norman (2nd)
4th- Tim "I'm Concerned" Gunn
5th- Chris "LBA" Crocker
6th- Nathan "Ima cut you" Couture
7th- Britney "The Most Excited" Haynes (2nd)
8th- Deidra "R U SRS??!?" Shores (2nd)
9th- Veruca "Garbage Disposal" Salt
10th- Sybill "Luvzpinkcups" Trelawney
11th- Courtney "*sits out*" Yates
12th- Susan "Kathy" Hillis
13th- Cirie "Smilin Gangsta" Fields
14th- Samwell "In Da Butt" Norman (1st)
15th- Rachel "STD's Gone Airborne" Reilly
16th- LuAnn "Countess" De Lesseps
17th- Britney "The Most Excited" Haynes (1st)
18th. Deidra "R U SRS??!?" Shores (1st)
19th. Monet "Black?" Stunson
20th. Bret "What's under that bandana?" Michaels
21st- Snooki "Waak da dawg." Polizzi

Comments (immunity) (tribal)
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Random Junk I Like:
!DON'T BE TARDY FOR THE PARTY! ¬¬ ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶ ☺ - Ima cut you - Scandalous - Kool-Aid Hurr - lil j - Go krystal! - Donka Doo Balls - Wrong move, biatch!
[5/17/2010 7:29:16 PM] Pipez: kono, Im finding black girls have orange anuses and GREEN vajayjays with red striping
Sav [10:44:30 PM]- nah id never report u pipez
Sav [10:44:37 PM]- ur too cool :l
Sent by itspipez,May 24, 2012
1. Meow, Meow
2. Please Stop!
3. Thirty. Six. Food. (feat. sokerdude7)
4. Pics of P*ssy (It's Not Real)
5. Gonna Come Now
6. It's Called Douching (feat. DiNoM)
7. Woof, Woof
8. No Fuckin' Blood Comin' Out (feat. Illyriaa)
9. This Really Bytes
10. Jaundice (feat. 2008girl)

Producer: itspipez
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Skype/ Account- itspipez
RL Brother- Turbo
Highest Known Ranking- 103rd
I enrolled in the first ever Survivor game [2nd tribe], and I won the first Survivor individual immunity challenge ever on Tengaged [WOF]. Yep, that's my only claim to fame.
Used to host the mildly popular group game I Love T$ 1-7.

Color Level Achievements:
White (First Day)- March 22nd ['09]
Yellow- April 8th
Orange- May 10th
Light Green- May 24th
Green- June 9th
Blue- June 27th
Purple- July 28th
Red- August 5th
Brown- November 11th
Black- March 5th ['10]
Silver- July 3rd
Gold- July 3rd ['11]
Sky- December 31st ['12]

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