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Stars started Nov 15, 2008
Stars sounds like its going to be fun
Can the peolpe in a stars game or knows how to play it plz leave a comment tell me whats its about
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Which is better old or new casting Nov 2, 2008
What do you think is better old or new casting
Old-In old you played for 7 days and someone was eveited every 24 hours except the first day and there was only 10 players
New-In the new one you play for 9 days(4.5 days in real life) and each day someone is evicted every 12 hours. You strt with 20 people
I think new is better because it is easier to stay off the block if your usuily active.
Leave comment below or anser
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Which is better casting, rookies or stars Oct 26, 2008
Out of the 3 games which is better casting rookies or stars.
Casting isn't as fun as rookies but it can be easer to stay off the block.
Rookies there is a HOH and a POVand makes the game alot more interesting.
Stars sounds like it is going to be fun. I haven't heard alot about it but I know you play for 8 days. A day goes by every 12 hours and makes a total of 16 days.
I think Rookies is better
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Lets make this game more appropriate Sep 19, 2008
ok guys I really like this game but some people are puting bad stuff on the site lets just try and make it more appropriate and friendlier
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who did you want to win BB10 Sep 18, 2008
who did you guys want to win big brother I wanted Bryon to win at first but after that I wanted Keasha to win
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safe for a day Aug 31, 2008
i never got nominated its exciting for me because its my first time playing
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