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Need a bit more T's till casting game Jul 10, 2009
hey guys i still need some more T could you plz + and comment I will apresiate it thanks. :D
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BB11 Jul 10, 2009
Jessie is back again this season.:( I didn't really like him. Who did you guys want to come back out of the 4? I wanted Jessica to come back. Also what click do you fit in. (In your apinion). I think I would fit in off beats.
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BB11 starts in a few days!!!!!! Jul 6, 2009
I can't wait till big brother starts i thick they should have another all star season. Are u guys excited about BB11?
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I need some T!! Jul 6, 2009
Hey guys I am thinking of returning to Tengaged but I can't do that with 1.1T lol. Could you plz + and comment. Thank you!!!!
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plz enroll to game #7395 Feb 2, 2009
plz enroll
There is 3 people and it has been 8 hours:/
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Team Noel Jan 11, 2009
ok guys noel has been up on the block 6 times and has survived she sould win! The other to maggie and jm did good too but they did not do as much work to stay as noel did.
vote noel!!!
Points: 19 5 comments