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Jul 10, 2009 by islandman22
Jessie is back again this season.:( I didn't really like him. Who did you guys want to come back out of the 4? I wanted Jessica to come back. Also what click do you fit in. (In your apinion). I think I would fit in off beats.


I was so mad when jessie came back in. Honestly I thought there could have been better choices. Possibly Renny, or Dick. But I think I would fit in probably with the Off-beats too x)
Sent by chasface,Jul 10, 2009
I also wanted Jessica to come in.  Jessie bothers me REALLY badly.  He looks like he's on some bad steroids.  Also, I fit in the Brains :D
Sent by HatsukiSohma,Jul 10, 2009

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