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SHOP Design Mania - The Group Game!

Mar 20, 2009 by imxrated93
Join this group to be part of the Game! >

Like we all have got to know that Shops will open in June, I thought to make a group for few designs to be available in the start only!
Here how it goes :

80 different people will be selected! 20 people will compete after every 2 weeks!

20 people will be announced on Sundays and then they will have Monday to Thursday to design for avatars like clothes, hats, glasses etc. After that everyone of them will mail me by Friday so if they complete early than Thursday then can send me their designs :) First vote will be on Saturday and 10 will be out and then rest 10 will have Sunday and Monday to get voted for best design. Like this 4 final design will win!

So after 2 months the game will get 4 winners whose designs will have a final vote and the winner and runner up will get chance to be in the first limited auction of their designs in June!

If you like this idea then we can try it and be successful! <3
Thanks :)
- 'X'


Sent by crazyj11,Mar 20, 2009
Sent by rippyroo,Mar 20, 2009
Such a good idea... when someone gets kicked off, do you say alveterzane and give the person a kiss on each cheek?
Sent by Emmaleigh,Mar 20, 2009
Sent by nataliecorbin,Mar 20, 2009
good idea...but the designers should be kept secret so there is no favoritism when the public vote on a design.
Sent by Vessa,Mar 20, 2009
Yes I'm trying to on that but I think the anonymous designs can be when Shops starts, it can't happen on Group  but I hope there can be a way it can happen and people vote on the Design!
Sent by imxrated93,Mar 20, 2009
Sent by Maggie,Mar 20, 2009
Sent by phanne,Mar 20, 2009
sounds like a good idea! Id love to vote , but my design skills aren't the best :)
Sent by Alegeeter,Mar 20, 2009
love it!
Sent by Richpaca,Mar 20, 2009
Sent by Jenny_c,Mar 20, 2009
Sent by girlracer265,Mar 20, 2009
this is to hard sorry,.
Sent by Laqueefsha,Mar 20, 2009
+4! Good idea! I joined
Sent by sam_cutie567,Mar 21, 2009
Cool :D
Sent by Mincy9101,Mar 21, 2009
I see un eed 80 ppl to join so ill join but i aint a good designer btw hun <3
Sent by Laqueefsha,Mar 21, 2009
Sent by cool,Mar 21, 2009

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