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Hells kitchen season 2 Premiere.(Episode 1)

Oct 24, 2018 by imprincearthur
Narrator: Last year was tengaged's first ever hell's kitchen and now it is back for a jam packed second season of twists, turns, and plenty of hell. This season Chef Ramsay has brought back seven of last seasons best chefs and the opposing team is top in the fields of music, movies, and television.

*Chef Ramsay would walk out*

Chef: Welcome to Hell's Kitchen everyone.

*The crowd would applaud him*

Chef: Let's meet the first seven members of the season or aka the RED team.

Lev- Levonini
Mac- Macda27
Jeremey- Wuau
Carly- Carlyjordan14
Jenna- JennaValentina
Maicolx- Maicolx3
High- HIghnoon

*The crowd claps for every member*

Mac(Confessional): Great, Jeremy returned, Is it the same Jeremy from last season or a different one?

Jeremy(Confessional): I will be the same evil jeremy as last season.

Chef: LEt's officially meet the blue team.
Celine Dion
Ellen Pompeo
Jesse Spencer
Ryan Eggold
Leonardo Dicaprio
Reese Witherspoon

Chef: Now we have the teams, Its time for hell to begin.

*Inside Hell's kitchen*

Chef: Welcome back season 1.

All: Nice to be back.

Chef: And welcome singers, actors/actresses.

*They all would shake their head*.

Lev(Confessional): They don't know what they are getting into here.

Chef: Today's challenge is the signature dish challenge. You all will be scored on a 5 point system, Season one if any of you get a one i dont know why you even returned to grace these kitchens again.

Chef: You all have 45 minutes to grace me with a signature dish.

*The time would start and finish*
Chef: To help me judge you all let's welcome back Dana Cohen to the red team  and Chef Milly to the blue team. They have decided to return as my sous chefs this season.

Chef: Alright Lev your first.

Lev- I have made for you a Italian style Enchilada dish.

*They would taste*
Chef: 3 stars
Dana:2 Stars
Milly: 2 Stars
Total: 7/15 Stars

Chef: Carly, your next.

Carly: I have made for you a lobster tail risotto.

Chef: 4 Stars.
Dana: 4 Stars.
Milly: 2 Stars.
Total: 10/15 stars.

Red team total: 17/30

Chef: Next up is Last season's runner up is Jeremy.
Score: 15/15

*The rest of the red team would compete.
Red team average: 75/105

*The blue team would compete*

Blue team average: 76/105

Chef: CONGRATULATIONS BLUE TEAM you have beaten out the returning members and will NOT have to put anyone up for elimination.

Lev- Excuse me chef?

Chef: What is it?

Lev- Do we not have a dinner service tonight?

Chef- If you would have let me finish talking.

lev- Sorry chef.

Chef- Red team you must nominate two people for elimination right now.

*The red team would deliberate.*

Chef- Jeremy, first nominee and why?

Jeremy- our first nominee is Maicolx chef, He scored a possible score of 5 out of 15 possible points.

Chef- Second nominee and why.

Jeremy- Second nominee is myself chef.


Jeremy- They feel threatened by me.

Chef- Okay, Maicolx and Jeremy step down.

*They both would step down and explain why they deserve to stay in hell's kitchen.*

Chef- My decision is Maicolx.
*He would step down to chef*

Chef- Take off your jacket young man. You are leaving hell's kitchen.

Reason: Maicolx showed strong abilities last season but his signature dish was crap so he had to go.



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