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The trails season 6 episode 5-A new person

Jul 13, 2018 by imprincearthur
Note: On my other series Two young hearts season 4 will be finished at the end of this season of the trails.

Coolkat as Tanya White
Macda27 As Mac Anderson
indiybomboo as Yvette Kelci
Max7313 as Carter Stevens
Imprincearthur as Michael Mott
Imprincearthur as Klaus Mott

Note: Brandonh1 Character Brandon Williams has been knocked from main cast to guest/Recurring. He has not had a appearance in this season just yet.


The Trails Season 6 Episode 5-”Newbie”

Previously ob the trails: Edward was caught and was ultimately defeated
Michael’s House

*The doorbell would ring*

Michael: Hello?
Cody: Hello Father

Michael: Cody, Is that you?

Cody: I told you id come looking fir you when         i needed answers

Michael: Come in, Come in.

*Cody would walk in and Michael would close the door*

Michael: *Looks at codu*
Let me get a good look at you

*Michael would grab Cody and     hug im tight*

Cody: Dqad, Your suffocating me.

*Michael would release*

Michael: Im sorry Cody, Its just been a long time since i last saw you.

Cody: I know dad, i have missed you a lot.

Michael: I have tried to visit but your mom would never let me get close to you.

Cody: I know dad and i wanted to apologize for that i always wanted to get to know you.

*Michael would start to cry and Carter would walk in the door*

Carter: Hey Dad. * He would spoit Cody*

Michael: *wiping his tears* Hey bud, What’s up?

Carter: Maybe thats a question that can go both ways?

Michael: LOng story.

Carter: Shortened Version?

Michael: Best way to explain it to you is that Cody here is your younger brother.

Carter: brother?

Michael: This is that one thing i told you about.

Carter: You never told me about Cody.

Cody: Did i come at a bad time?

Michael: Not at all son, Please sit down.

Carter; Nice to meet you Cody,

Cody: Likewise.

Carter: I need some air.
*Carter would leave*
Burnsville Hospital

Doctor: Mr. Anderson.

Mac: Hello Doctor how bad is it?

Doctor: Your previous injuries have some how miracously cured.

Tanya: Theres nothing like medical Miracles huh doctor?

Doctor: I do want to keep you for one more night for observation and then you are defintely free to go.

Mac: Fine with me.

*Carter and Yvette would walk in as the Doctor leaves the room*

Carter: How youfeeling there bud?

Mac: Great, Getting discharged tomorrow if everything goes right.

Yvette: That’s great Mac.

Carterr: Well, i also have some nes for everybody to hear.

*Everybody looks puzzled*

Carter: MY little brother just showed up at my dads place.

Yvette: You never told me you had a little brother.

Carter: That’s the thing i never knew myself either.
Michael’s House.

Michael: So tell me cody what have i missed.

Cody: Not much other than my mother throwing me in jail.

Michael: Jail? What did your mother pull this time around and over what?

Cody: What else but money.

Michael: If i may, That is all your mother ever wanted from me she said i could see you but there were two stipulations.

Cody: Stipulations?

Michael: Yes, either i paid her money every time i wanted to see you or I had to leave my wife Celine may she rest in peace.

Cody: I always wanted to get to know her..

Michael: She wanted to get to know you also Cody.

Cody: So if i may ask how did she die?

Michael: She was killed by Marie Laveau.

Cody: As in the voodoo priestiess?

Michael: YEs, You know abot her?

Cody: ONly what i was taught in school.

Michael: So how is your mom doing anyhow?

Cody: Dont’t know and frankly i dont care.

Michael: That bad?

Cody:Dad i could possibly face time for these charges that are aganist me.

Mihael: What type of charges.

Cody: I have two felony Charges.

Michael: Ok, that leaves still a vast majority of charges out there in the world.

Cody: Well one is drug parapanelia and the other is poession of Marijuana,

Michael: You mean that witch of a woman possibly screwed you?

Cody: Yes dad and i have no place to go now.

Michael: Well since Carter got married and had baby phillip a room is open here for you if you would like.

Cody: I dont’t want to intrude.

Michael: You wont be intruding.

Michael: Remember what i told you one time.


Michael: Cody, Can i tell you something?

Cody:* Shyish* Y-yes.

Michael: My home is always open to you when and if you need someone.
*End fashback*

Cody: I remember thaat faintly but yes i remember.

Michael: So when is your court date?

Cody: Next Wednesday.

Michael: We shall be ready.

Cody: Thanks Dad.

With Cody joinng the picture will Michael forget about Carter:

Will Cody serve time for his crimes?:

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