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The Trails season 6 episode 4-Mercy(Midseason Finale)

Jun 1, 2018 by imprincearthur
The Trails Season 6 Episode 3 -Demons

Coolkat as Tanya White
Macda27 As Mac Anderson
indiybomboo as Yvette Kelci
Max7313 as Carter Stevens
Imprincearthur as Michael Mott
Imprincearthur as Klaus Mott

Note: Brandonh1 Character Brandon Williams has been knocked from main cast to guest/Recurring. He has not had a appearance in this season just yet.



Main Street

Carter: Like how do you mean the spell will be tricky.

Tanya: You’ve seen shows like The vampire diaries and the originals right?

Yvette: Yea, Elijah was always dreamy.

Tanya: Well our spell sort of works like theirs a life for a life.

Carter: So someone has to risk their life to take one?

*Klaus would be seen hiding eavesdropping*

Tanya: Correct. Someone must sacrifice their life to take a life but it works differently than the one on television our spell requires a life to be sacrificed to take a life.

Carter: Should we tell my dad?

Yvette:Lets vote all in favor say I.

*All would Say I.*
Michaels House. *30 Minutes later*

Michael: So let me get this straight Someone must sacrifice their life to kill my dad?

Yvette: Right.

Michael: If it keeps my brother alive than fine we will do it.

Tanya: The spell requires some real magic though mine just won't do it.

Carter: Well Dad and Klaus are both werewolves.

Michael: I have no problem doing it temporarily but Klaus will have some problems and issues with doing it.

Tanya: Then i will send Klaus into a short time magic induced coma and extract it that way.

Carter: Where is Uncle Klaus anyhow?

Michael: The news station he wanted to look back at his first job ever.

Yvette: Carter, you and Tanya go to the station to bring Klaus back and i will stay here in case something else happens.

Carter: Alright.
News Station

*Klaus is seen sitting down in his old anchors chair*

Klaus: I Know you two are out there will you just show your faces.

*Tanya and Carter would walk out from the shadows*

Klaus: So wait what are you two doing here?

Carter:  Well we are----

Klaus: Let me stop you right there i know what you all are up to.

Carter: But.

Tanya: hic et ille somnus dolorem eum dormire principalis.

*Klaus would fall to the floor while Carter would pick him up*

Tanya: Damn Carter.

Carter: What?

Tanya: Didn't peg you for someone to be strong.

Carter: Its the werewolf strength inside me.

Tanya: I forgot about that.

Carter: Yea?

Tanya: Yup.
Michaels house.

*Tanya and Carter would walk back through the front door.*

Michael: So was my brother stubborn?

Carter: As always but Tanya knocked him out real quickly.

Michael: Well that's good but for how long.

Tanya: I don't really know. That's the first time i have ever casted that spell.

Michael: So no Estimated time?

Tanya: Maybe about a few hours, so we really must start the spell to subdue your werewolf abilities temporarily .
1 day later in the burnsville cemetery

Carter: So is the spell Complete?

Tanya: It is now we must find a soul willing to sacrifice their life to kill Edward.

Michael: Ill do it.

Carter: Dad, no i won't let you do that i'm sorry.

Michael: Son, I have lived for a long time your life hasn't even reached its peak yet so let me do this.

Carter: Dad, im just now getting to know you.

Michael: There's a thing with being a parent Carter you will soon understand with Philip but this one thing son is that a parent will sacrifice their life for their kids they will jump in front of a bullet, in front of a moving car to save their child's life so you must let me do this.

Carter: I  Love you dad and respect your decision to do this.

Michael: So Tanya?

Tanya: Yes Michael?

Michael: How do i go about Killing myself to help kill my father once and for all.

Tanya: All you have to do is find something that will make you bleed out.

*Michael would go through the graveyard and find a random Knife laying down next to a grave marked with Jordan Polip, Beloved Father and Knife collector*

Michael: Well i guess i can use this.

*Michael would make his way back to the group with the knife in his hand*

Michael: Would this work?

Tanya: That’s perfect but theres also one last thing we have to find a way to lure Edward here.

Michael: I can do that with no problem at all.

*Michael would reveal a brand on his back*

Carter: What on earth is that brand there for dad?

Michael: It’s a mark Edward, Klaus and myself have to establish that we are father and sons and when cut it will alert the other two or other one in this case.

*Michael would take the knife and cut the mark*

*About two seconds later Edward would show up in the cemetery and Klaus would awaken*

Klaus: I wont let your little------

*Klaus would look around*

Klaus: Where are we?

Michael: The Cemetery brother, I must do this.

*Michael would stick the knife to his stomach*

*Klaus would kick his brother in the shin and make him drop the knife*


Michael: Saving you and Mac.

Klaus: I cant let you do that Michael.

*Klaus would cut his Carotid and fall to the ground*

Michael: KLAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Klaus would die*

Tanya: Im sorry Michael.

*Tanya would raise both her arms and say a spell in old latin that would  make Edward fall to his knees incapable of doing anything*

Edward: *Trying to say a dark countercurse*

*Edwards attempt fails*

Carter: Im sorry Grandpa.

*Carter would come behind and cut Edwards stomach*

Edward:*Would heal up quickly*

*Tanya still saying a old latin spell*

*Edward would fall completely to the ground*

Edward: *Yelling* MERCY!!!!!!!!

--------------END EPISODE---------------

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